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Faceless One has a much more detailed paint application than I expected.  The prototype pictures weren’t of the best quality when it came to the tiny details, so I was in for a nice surprise when I saw that he has tiny metallic rivets along certain seams of his armor.  I also liked that his belt is a metallic purple that really stands out from the matte purple of his fabric parts.  I’m also really happy that Mattel listened to the fans and painted the inside of his collar black instead of leaving it purple.  The darkness does a great job of making his head look disembodied, giving the figure a much more creepy and menacing look.

The Faceless One’s articulation is the same as the majority of the MOTU figures, but I am going to have to pick on Mattel a bit.  Like I said, I’m really happy his legs aren’t limited by his loin cloth, so kudos on that.  But, we get the dreaded return of Marzo’s left hand.  I actually like the hand itself.  I’m glad they made one that could hold small items.  My problem is with its articulation.  Again, Toy Guru’s repeatedly said they will give swivel/hinge wrist articulation to the characters that it makes sense on.  Well I don’t know how many of you have tried to display Marzo without his amulet, but it looks damned awkward.  Now this uncomfortable looking pose is repeated with The Faceless One.

The Faceless One comes with two accessories: his Havoc Staff and the Ram Stone.  I’m really glad we got another one of those mysterious Eternian artifacts with the Ram Stone.  It makes the most sense for Faceless to come with it, but I’d like to see more of this with future characters.  Sure everyone needs a weapon, but do they all need two weapons?  Artifacts like the Ram Stone or the Reliquary bring more history and variety to the MOTU-verse than another sword or blaster.

It also makes sense that The Faceless One would also come with the Havoc Staff, since it was his originally.  What I was really happy to see is that they gave it a new deco.  The added translucent red on the ram’s skull really gives it a great glowing fiery look.  It wasn’t ever a look I was expecting to get, but I’m really happy that we did.  Now, if I could just get one in 200X colors.

Faceless One is a perfect example of what I love about MOTU Classics.  He’s a 200X character that gets a damned good figure, when he probably wouldn’t have even gotten a toy in the 200X line.  And even though I don’t really care about the character, his figure has this really terrific design and is fun to play around with.  He also does a really good job of diversifying my MOTU shelf.  Now, amongst all the brightly colored and fur thonged characters is this dark and mysterious figure.


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  1. Great review! Upon looking at the “Are you a wizard” pic I immediately burst out laughing.

  2. That “clutching” hand for the ram stone screams “KALI MA” when it is empty…maybe he and Marzo just need some burning heart accessories? 😀

  3. two thoughts:

    1) the last pic, about borrowing the havoc staff… excellence. the one about all the guys being dead… excellence. but the one w/ marzo armor and the fo armor on scare glo? friggin brilliance!! me likeys.

    2) you should snag a photo or bow holding marzo’s gem or the ram stone… i suspect his archery hands would work for holding the items, and would prove that they HAVE the hands needed for holdin’ and posin’ already in the parts bank. i could be wrong, i’m on vaca or i’d try it myself, but give it a whirl and let me know, k?

  4. I know Power Ranger fans give Bandai America a lot of crap for “not making sense,” but I think Mattel is a strong dark horse contender in that race.

    Just look at DCUC Green Arrow and MOTUC Bow. “Look! Balljoint wrists! On characters whose main weapon requires them to keep their wrists as straight as humanly possible! Good for us!

    “What’s that? Ball wrists on characters like He-Man or She-Ra so they can raise their swords above their head in their trademark “I have the power!” pose?


    How does THAT make sense? Silly fanboys!”

    1. Speaking of Bandai America not making sense, I just got word that they’ve banned online e-tailers from sending their Thundercats toys overseas. All I freakin’ want is a Ssslithe, and they won’t let my usual U.S. connections send me one, EVEN IF I PAY FOR IT. Bandai America: Shooting themselves in the foot with potential customers and refusing good money.

      Heck, even Mattel ships overseas! Oh, wait, there’s that Monday Madness blind-box bargain deal they’re not shipping beyond the States.

      Never mind.

  5. Sweet review with great pics, as always. Looking forward to getting this guy (cross fingers), and from what you say of his armour & cape rig, making a soft-goods cape for him sounds easier than I thought it’d be!

  6. Actually, I think Marzo and Faceless have totally different clutching hands – if you look at them, I’m pretty sure each was sculpted to hold a particular artifact.

    I really like this figure. I ended up liking Faceless’ head more than I thought I would, to the point that I display him equally with and without the cloak.

    I don’t know what it is about Keldor, but once you pose him in a pic with any MOTUC female that smile goes from vile to dirty. Find him a barrel of rum to post one leg on, and you have a whole spectrum of fitting, yet unsavory behavior.

    1. It’s not just the ladies. Walking past my shelf the other day, I realised I inadvertently had Keldor checking out Bow’s ass.

      Eagerly awaiting my Faceless One. I know almost nothing about him, but he’s purple and black with a floaty head! Cool. I received my Catra in exactly ten days, so I’m hoping UK shipping’s picking up speed again and he’ll arrive this weekend…

  7. Between Grizzlor’s face and The Faceless One’s ‘face’ I have a feeling in the pits of my soul that they’re just stealing the sculpts from horror movies from the 1980’s that only I have seen.

    Great review, thanks. I loved the pictures.

    I can’t help but see figures like this and think how it is a perfect example of the flaws that repaint-remold-renew lines like DCUC and MOTU bring to the table. If he was a figure from Hasbro or any other reputable company, and a whole new figure, his armor would be incorporated into the actual sculpt as opposed to handled by accessories, this would mean that instead of looking like a Power Rangers villain, they could put stronger details into the armor, and design the articulation to incorporate it as opposed to the way that the armor was designed to incorporate the articulation.

  8. Another funny review, wish he actually had a real face & since he was part of the Council of Elders and from Eternia past-should have a Powers of Grayskull logo!

  9. First off, really good review.

    I’m a fan of the character and I love this figure. I still don’t understand how the 4H sculpted him a face when he’s the “Faceless One”, but at least it’s not as bad in person.

    I also agree that he could have totally come with a second head. Not every figure needs one, but he certainly did. Mattel needs to quit being cheap when it comes to the second heads.

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