Costume Consensus:
MOTU Classics Ram Man

In Costume Consensus, we poll our readers about which costumes they’d prefer to buy when their favorite characters are finally turned into action figures.  Instead of costume design, this time we’re focusing on the many color choices presented over the years by Masters of the Universe character Ram Man.

We usually avoid MOTU characters in our Costume Consensus articles.  The Classics line seems pretty intent on getting to as many costume variations as possible, so there’s really no point in voting if all the candidates are going to get elected anyway.

But while perusing through my MOTU files I discovered something that I never knew.  Even though the basic design to Ram Man’s costume has stayed the same over the years, his color palette has changed various times.  Who knew he was so stylish?

I’m not really sure how many times he’s changed colors over the years, but I decided to pick five of the ones that stood out to me most.  Even the Classics line, with its best intentions, probably won’t produce five different colored Ram Men.  But I can see them getting to at least two.  So you may vote for two of your favorites.

1.  The Original Masters of the Universe toy line.  The original Ram Man figure had a very similar color scheme to the Filmation cartoon.  Bright red and green colors were offset by his silver armor and black boots.  It’s probably his most basic scheme, but is it too simple?

2. Our first variant comes from what was most likely a mistake.  If you take a gander at the cardback of the original Ram Man figure you’ll notice in entirely different colors from the toy you just opened.  Now, I never had Ram Man as a kid, but I can tell you that probably would have bothered me a bit.  There would always be that nagging suspicion in my mind that somewhere out there was a Ram Man figure with a gaudy orange and gold design.  (Seriously, there’s nothing I like more than a gaudy toy design.  The gold and orange 200X Skeletor is one of my favorite figures!)

3.  Ram Man’s next color choice is from his mini-comics appearances.  We’re back to his silver helmet and shoulder pads, but now there are some gold clasps and a belt to counter it.  His tunic has been dulled down to a dark brown while his springy legs are magenta.  I kinda like it.  It’s a bit more realistic, like something you’d see on a real fantasy planet.

4. The MO2K Ram Man figure.  This figure’s got the same basic color structure as the original toy except in darker hues.  Although I think I like the silver they used on this one more.  It’s a more realistic color for armor and not as blindingly shiny.

5.  The MO2K Cartoon Ram Man.  We get an interesting mix with this figure.  The reds and greens have gone back to being brighter, but his boots are now gray.  His armor is also much darker now and looks more like iron than silver.  Then there are the shoulder pads, where Ramy likes to display his bling.  Randor must be paying well for Ram Man to be able to afford gold armor.

9 thoughts on “Costume Consensus:
MOTU Classics Ram Man

  1. I thought it was more of a brassy color than golden (MYP Ram Man)
    Personally I don’t see that much of palette differences between Vintage toy and 200X Toy V1… (v2 has the MYP accurate colors) Sure the 200X has a more dull palette, but so did the entire line compared to vintage MOTU…

  2. The 4H will kill it on the sculpt, so I fear not the simple color scheme. It’s definitely the right way to go.

  3. i went mini-comics personally, in large part because i think that’s the best overall look for him, from the standpoint of “how a dude might walk around.” not that the green’s impossible (ebonhorn’s got to be hating this contest), but it kind of clashes for those of us who can see all the colors.

    then again, maybe this is a fun way to add some character to ram man, maybe to him, he thinks he’s only wearing silver armor over a brown outfit because he’s color blind.

  4. Meh, I care not about the colors, I just hope they sculpt the head as part of the helmet.

    Knowing that the rest of his head isn’t the exact same shape as his helmet will scar me for life.

    It’d be like Tyrion Lannister suddenly revealing that he’d been walking on his knees for his entire life.

  5. Lol @ Braystreet. You mean you didn’t know? Tyrion has been walking around on his…nevermind. 😛

    However they do it, I hope they make him posable. The sringing action feature will be a plus for me but ultimately not necessary, especially if it interferes with Ram Man’s articulation.

  6. Vintage for me, because we all know if they do finally make the figure it’ll be some odd melding, blending.

    I keep wondering if there could be a way to give him his springy action yet keep the articulation. Not that they will even TRY to make him springy, but just as a thought exercise.

    I think the key would be that torso and the long hem of his tunic (buskin? jerkin? )

  7. I chose the mini-comic version. I find the colour combination oddly interesting.

    Personally, I believe they will go with a mixture of 1 and 4. The red, green and flesh tone from the vintage figure combined with the belt and armour colour from the MO2K Ram Man figure. Either that or take the MO2K Cartoon Ram Man colours and brighten them up.

  8. Its gotta be the card-back! I have been waiting for that colour scheme since 1983!!

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