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Nautkeloi & Medphyll

With the Green Lanterns and their standard issue uniforms, it’s really going to come down to how well they’re painted. The paint on the body turned out mostly well, but Mattel switched to molding the shoulders in black and painting them green. As a result, there’s some chipping on the top of the shoulder joint. Previous GL shoulders were done oppositely – molded green with black painted on the underside – and I would rather Mattel do it that way. The ring is painted with a metallic paint and looks really sharp.

On the heads, Nautkeloi turned out better with sharp lines all around while Medphyll had some nice paint on his “hair”, but the lines on his mask weren’t as sharp as the rest of the figure.

Articulation is what we’ve come to expect. Ball-joints at the head and shoulders, swivels at the bicep, wrists, and waist, hinges at knees, elbows, and ankles, the Mattel hips, and the ab-crunch. Medphyll has decent range on his neck articulation, but Nautkeloi is understandably locked in his helmet with limited movement.

Overall, I still can’t quite wrap my head around why Mattel does these combo figures. For MOC collectors, they package the figures both ways (which is pretty cool), but if you want to display both you just end up with extra pieces when you buy two. It seems like it would save Mattel money to just make them separate figures.

With Nautkeloi & Medphyll, they’re not as cool as the Yellow & Red Lantern combo figures since they feature swappable heads only. They don’t need different hands, but, as you can see, I had some fun swapping these guys around into different characters. I know I’m making comic inaccurate “monstrosities”, but it’s probably the most fun I’ve had with this wave and it’d be cooler if I could swap out the hands too.

Anyway, Medphyll & Nautkeloi are two relevant characters that are needed for anyone who wants a serious Green Lantern shelf, but there’s nothing really hot about these two. Still, I’m enjoying my Nautkeloi figure and when/if I finally run across a second case of GLC2, I’m not opposed to grabbing an extra to display Medphyll with my Corps. I’m just not in a rush to do so.

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20 thoughts on “DCClassics.Com Review:
Nautkeloi & Medphyll

  1. An idea!

    Use one of your 40 extra Hal Jordans for the body of Fish Fella since he doesn’t need the fancy alien feet!

  2. Yep, I’m planning to slap Naut’s head on the metallic Hal from the two-pack with Sinestro. I ended up buying four Low/Maash bodies to have each character plus a few customs I made. However, thanks to the GL 5pk I have a spare GL body and I’m not crazy about “Creepy Eyes” Hal so he’ll be sacrificied for a retro-Sci-Fi version of Nauty.

    Great comics, ND!

  3. One of my favorite GL Corps stories was when Medphyll was nearly killed by *yellow snow*!

  4. Actually, both Medphyll & Nautkeloi have been drawn with bifurcated feet and regular feet.

    1. I knew that Medphyll had had regular feet at times, but I couldn’t find Nautkeloi with them. I went through all the trades and showcases I have with his appearances and google some others.

      I don’t doubt that you’re right though, a character who appears so infrequently over such a long period is bound to get drawn a bunch of different ways, I just couldn’t find it.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m hoping to find Sapphire locally since I don’t want to pay shipping for just one figure. Armless Stel mocks me though…

      1. at least you can find them down there! I have to drive into StL county to find some at TRU, and they’re pegwarming w1 everywhere sans Kyle. I was hoping to find a couple extra Kyles to swap his head around, but it looks like I’m SOL and lucky to have ordered the case from BBTS.

        I’ve taken a couple extra heads and swapped them onto GL bodies, starting with J’onn and Jemm. altho I think J’onn might look better on the 5pk John body as opposed to the “standard” GL uniform. (also, Ultra-Humanite makes a great looking larger GL! LOL)

        I’d like to get a couple extra Sapphires, too, but *IF* they ever hit retail around here (unlikely, see above), they’ll probably be the first ones gone, too, like Kyle. I’m thinking of getting a case of w2 from BBTS, as well. maybe a few extra SS just in case?

        1. So far it was only Walmart here. Our TRU is similar maxed out and they aren’t selling anything at $18. I haven’t even been by TRU for about a month now, but Vault gives me the udpates. I had the case on order at BBTS, but picked them up locally and cancelled the pre-order. I assumed Walmart would make these easy for me like they generally do, but the other Walmart with space never even got one case! Ugh.

          I have a terrible aversion to modding figures unless I have duplicates – It’s stupid, I know – but some of your swaps sound fantastic.

          1. yeah, I wanted at least one extra Kyle for his STAS/JLU costume, but no luck, so far.

  5. Awesome review! And easy fix to not having to buy an extra figure is putting your Nautkeloi head on a spare Hal Jordan body. If you’re like me, you’ve got at least five extra Hal Jordan’s lying around. I used the grey templed figure from the 5 pack. All you have to do is heat the head, pop it off, and the Nautkeloi head will fit right on the peg. That way, he’ll also have more accurate feet.

    1. Grey templed Hal is my go to Hal because I prefer him as that older, wiser character, but I might go that route. That reminds me, I forgot to mention that these two could have conceivably been in the black shouldered early GL costume too.

      If I ran across a cheap Abin 2pk, that’d fix things right up!

  6. Hey guys. So I know this is a very late post but I just read this for the very first time. Way back in 1985 a little book called Who’s Who in the DC Universe came out and in those 26 volumes or issues there is one volume that shows different about Nautkeloi in volume IX dated November 85 pages 26 & 27 there is a two page splash on the Green Lantern Corp. Ther are 20 plus members pictured and it clearly shows Medphyl and Nauk fairly close and they are both sporting the same exact feet, (BIFURCATED) just like RICKCORONEL said But just like another member here also said these guys dont get drawn very often so when someone does decide to do so they may not know the whole history of that character and just draw them in a plain Humanoid form. Just though I share.

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