Vault Video Review:
LEGO Ninjago

We’re doing something a little bit different today. Since The LEGO Group’s Ninjago is a game based theme, I felt the best way to present it would be with IAT’s very first video review. So check out the ancient art of Spinjitzu in action and tell us what you think about our first step into filmed reviews.

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18 thoughts on “Vault Video Review:
LEGO Ninjago

  1. so… the first foray into video reviews… not bad. watching maneko kick your butt w/ the spinjitsu moves was fun… but some of the stuff seemed kind of weird… like why was your cat drug into the review? that seemed kind of unecessary to have to see your cat’s pink eye during a lego review. just something to consider for the next one, no pets. 😉

    1. She really wanted to be in the review. Or at least that’s what I’m assuming since she kept jumping up in front of the camera. 😛

  2. Did you write the script for this yourself? It really sounded like it was a Noisy review come to life with the asides.

    Anyway, pretty cool for a first attempt. I agree with dayraven about your cat though. That was just awkward and out of place in an otherwise good review.

  3. I don’t understand? You bring cheesy Kung Fu movies then show the poster for Big Trouble in Little China, are you implying something? I’m not a big fan of these figure games. The cost to add a senseless set of parts that only work with the game play ruin it for me. Fortunately the figures and other sets have been weak enough that I’m not missing the figures – yet

    1. lol, Big Trouble in Little China is serious business.

      I don’t think it’s only for the game. There’s some pretty good play value in amassing a horde of skeletons and having the ninjas bowl them over with their Spinjitzu powers. You could almost call it an action feature.

  4. I say…

    -Zoom out of your face more next time (being too close makes your head look fat and round)
    -Surprised your skin isn’t all glossy, did you put on any make-up? (make up is awesome lol)
    -Focus the camera more on the figures and set, you don’t have to be in the scene when talking about the set.
    -Good video editing, going to wacky Sensei when saying how wise he is was funny

    Overall, that was pretty cool, MUCH better than 90% of the other video reviews out there. The extra info and humor is appreciated.

    1. Thanks Doc

      I didn’t use any makeup this time, but I’ll keep it in mind for future videos 😛

  5. Personally I’m all for cat cameos in reviews. That being said I’m a little sad you made no direct reference to Skeleton Warriors.

    1. I did actually mention them in my original draft, but it got cut during the editing.

  6. ok.. forgive my silly correction… but I swear the correct pronunciation of the brand is Nin-JAgo… seriously.. I work in a toy store and between the lego reps and the various kids’ eye-rolling correction of their poor clueless parents, I can promise that that’s how you say it… why they didn’t just hyphenate it, as I did, is beyond me… but there you go.. great review otherwise

    1. Thanks Jedi. It’s no problem, you’re totally right. I should have put more emphasis on the “JA” when I pronounced Ninjago.

  7. Jedicreeper…I didn’t even notice Vault was saying Ninja-go until you mentioned it. I had to go back to see if that is the case. And yes, I assumed it is supposed to be Nin-Jago as well. (and you would know considering where you work)

    Vault….I actually really enjoyed this video review. I hope you guys do more. First off, I am shocked at the anti-cat movement on here. To me, the cat part, as well as the end clip about the Skeleton boots was what made this review fun and light. That is the kind of thing that would make me be more inclined to watch another review. There are many video toy reviews out there that are so boring and to the point….that is what made what you did enjoyable. I say nice work. Plus, the video editing was very good….nice job getting the Ninjago video clips in there as well as other reference pictures. Personally, I think you nailed it. I was having my son play with the Ninjago display at Target the other day (where you can spin the guys like crazy), anyhow, I thought it was cool….but had no idea what the entire point of the game/series was about. So you covered all of that without me having to read into in. Very good.


    1. The cat kinda bugged me because it had nothing to do with the review. If the cat had eaten a minifig or attacked the spinners, okay, then we’ve got something we can use xD

      I suggest replacing the cat with a ferret ;D

      1. You know, looking back at it I actually had a couple scenes where she interrupted our game by walking onto the board. I should have kept one of those in.

    2. Thank you Dwal. I was going for informative yet fun, so I’m glad that most of you liked it (give or take a cat).

      I’m already thinking about what to do for my next video review, but I haven’t decided yet. They take quite a bit of work. Much more than a regular article, so I don’t know how often they’ll pop up. But I don’t think this will be the last.

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