The Sword of Ages
Returns! (Sold Out)

I bought a Sword of Ages back when they were first offered last year. I wanted to talk about it here at IAT, but the swords sold out fast and I figured I’d wait until they were back in stock to show it off. That day is today: the Sword of Ages (& a few Dread Axes of Darkness) will return today at 1pm EST.

The Sword of Ages is a joint effort by Poe Ghostal & SpyMonkey Creations and quickly became one of my favorite SpyMonkey pieces. I have it showcased here with He-Man, but the sword works with any 6″-7″ figure – and can amusingly work with a few four-inchers as well.

The Sword of Ages is made out of the same sturdy plastic as SMC’s past releases and is priced at $7. Poe will also have a few of his first exclusive, the Dread Axe of Darkness. I should’ve snapped a featured picture of it as well, but you can see the black axe on the back wall of the store above.

The Swords & Axes are available now at Poe Ghostal’s Points of Acquisition.

2 thoughts on “The Sword of Ages
Returns! (Sold Out)

  1. Out of curiosity, the yellow He-Man axe & shield, are those custom reproductions, or some wacky con exclusive?

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