18 thoughts on “Wonder Festival Winter 2011
*UPDATE* New Pics Added

  1. man, that medicos page makes me happy, but i hope there’s more kinnikuman photos coming! not the jojo stuff looks bad! i must say, i admittedly only own one of those series of figs, but MAN is that thing well done. he poses fantastically, and looks great, the paint aps are gorgeous, and change in different light which is just money… and the scale is excellent. and the best part is, he doesn’t feel delicate!! if the jojo stuff is half this well made, they’re excellent figs!

    1. That’s all they had for Kinnikuman this time.

      With so many manufacturers making Kinnikuman products (Bandai, TakaraTomy, Romando, Inspire, etc.), Medicos appears to be focusing more on JoJo. This doesn’t mean they’re quitting Kinnikuman, just that JoJo has higher priority.

    1. Big, with big play value.

      His foot opens up and a car shoots out, chest opens up revealing some weapons (?, sorry, I’m not too familiar with Big-O, I’ll familiarise myself later this month), his arms have a pile-driver sort of gimmick, his head lights up using an LED, each of the fingers are fully articulated…

    1. I was going to see if we could get some people to send international entries for the next round. However, the Kaiyodo executives are expecting an increase in domestic entries and don’t think they’re equipped to take this international.

  2. Uuuuuummmmm, hell yes on the RoboCop Revoltech figure!!! Let’s hope they roll out an Ed-209 and (finally) a RoboCop 2!!! Hell, I’d love to have a Clarence Bodiker and some of the RoboCop 2 “fails” too. And the jumpack from RoboCop 3 and an Emilio mutant and…………

    1. That RoboCop is a Figma from Max Factory.

      As with any other product, if this one sells, there’s always the possibility of the next being manufactured.

  3. and CAIN!!!!! i want cain, both in drug lord mode and robo-cain!! who doesn’t want a creepy ass tom noonan fig in their collection? he becomes the default child molester in the display! keep him away from pitt’s timmy!

    1. Hey DR, if you really want a Tommy Noonan, there’s always Reaper from Last Action Hero! =)

      But yeah, I pretty much want every chracter from the first 2 movies.

  4. Wow, that page of Kappas is crazy. O_O; Is that a company or a guy or a studio or something? What’s going on there?… It’s like an art exhibit…

    1. The Kappas are a joint effort between Kaiyodo and the Shimanto township for the promotion of Shimanto through the use of the legendary Kappa. Kappa were though to live throughout Japan (every region seems to have they’re own stories) but they all make their homes in or near prestine water. Kochi prefecture advertises the Shimanto river as the last uncontaminated stream in Japan.

      The collaboration between Kaiyodo and Shimanto is a three year deal. The pictures are of the award winners for the first two years and 2011 will be the third and final year of the Kappa figure making contest.

  5. Kamaty Moon was there.

    Unfortunately, with Kaiyodo’s policies concerning early entry becoming strict this year, time was limited and people were abundant, making it a little difficult to take all of the pictures that I had hoped for.

  6. Great pics! Can anyone tell me about those 3-4 stylized medieval knight figures on the misc. vendor page (i.e. the company, scale, source material, etc.)? They’ve got this awesome Knightmare from Soul Calibur vibe.

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