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Vault Review: Revoltech Santa Jack Skellington (Sci-Fi #017)

You can’t have a Santa Claus without his personal effects. So Jack comes with a Santa hat and long shaggy beard. The beard fits very snugly around Jack’s face and is attached to the hat. You can easily remove the beard from the hat, but it makes keeping the hat on his head much more difficult. Jack also comes with a sack of goodies which is slightly blue on the bottom from being dragged through the snow. Lastly, there’s a small white present wrapped in a black bow that he can terrify all the good boys and girls with.

Santa Jack also comes with a new base, which he can be attached to for easier posing. It’s very festive with its layered snow and decorated Christmas tree. I really like the textured stones in the wall also. There’s even a miniature snowman that you can place wherever.

I’ve saved the best for last, and what certainly cinched the deal for me. Santa Jack comes with his ghost dog Zero (Woo Hoo!). With as good as the original figure is, it bothered me that he didn’t come with his dog. Well, I should have realized they had a plan.

Zero is perfect. Even though I put him in the accessory category, he really deserves to be considered another figure because that’s how much work and detail they put into him. His whole body has been molded in a translucent blue and frosted over with white. This gives him wonderful ghostly glow that is difficult to capture in pictures, but looks awesome in person.

What makes this figure even more fantastic is that he’s articulated. His head is on a revolver joint, while each ear is a swivel/hinge and his mouth is a regular hinge. This gives him a huge array of expressions for posing. Speaking of posing, Zero can be attached to either the original Jack’s or Santa Jack’s base with a tube that also has two revolver joints.

Plus, he comes with his own accessory. A small curved rib bone that Jack pulls out of his own chest during the movie and throws for Zero to catch.

Like any other Revoltech, you’ll be paying about $30 for Santa Jack. If it was just the Jack figure with a base, I wouldn’t say it was worth it. But, with the inclusion of the different heads/hands plus the Zero figure that can’t be improved on, I think this definitely ends up being worth the money.

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4 comments to Vault Review: Revoltech Santa Jack Skellington (Sci-Fi #017)

  • manekochan

    You forgot to mention that you already broke Zero’s stand. 🙂 Nice job on the pics. ^_^

    • AdventureVault

      Oops, forgot about that. The long clear stand pipe snapped on me while trying to put it in the base. I should have been a little more careful with it. So if you buy this set, you’ll want to be gentle with this piece in particular.

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Nice, I’m a big NBX fan, and bought everything the 4H did on their NECA line.

    So I’m not hurting for Jack figures, but these do look great, the expressions are awesome.