Vault Review: Lego Minifigures
– Series 3 (+ Decoder)

It’s Christmas time, and you know what that means: Lego Minifigures Series 3 (#8803)! Just in time to be the perfect stocking stuffers, this 3rd release has a little something for everyone. But this time around it’s going to be a little more difficult to find the specific ones you want.

Like Lego Minifigures Series 1 and 2, Series three adds sixteen more characters and unique elements to your bricked out universe. In this wave the barcodes have been removed from the package, making finding the specific one’s you want a little more difficult. The good news is that Lego has still included a sorting system, it’s just a bit more difficult to decipher than the barcode system. We’ve provided a cheat sheet for this new system at the end of this article, but I’m also going to give you some tips on what to feel for in the bag to make things a little easier.

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Unless otherwise noted, the figures below all have new heads, torsos, and legs.

#1 Fisherman
This old man wiles away his days sitting on the dock, watching the large ships pass as he casts his line. Keeping himself dry and warm in his knit hat and orange overalls, he’s ready to wait all day for the big one. The Fisherman has a brand new beard that’s made out of a soft, rubbery plastic which I bet we’ll see on a Santa Clause someday. He’s also got a new fishing pole with a line you can attach his catch to. Decoding Tip: Feel for the fish or the rope to the fishing pole.
#2 Pilot
The Pilot fearlessly heads into the unknown for adventure. Prepared for anything, he’s got his aviator’s jacket, goggles, and a parachute in case things get dire. But he’s not worried, because when you’ve got a mustache that voluminous, danger flees from its sight. The Pilot makes a perfect addition to the Explorer from Series 2. I can already hear them plotting their next expedition. Decoding Tip: Feel for the parachute and goggles. The goggles will have an indented side, unlike the banana.
#3 Chief
The Indian Chief is a happy guy with his new large headdress and brown version of the Spartan’s spear. He’s probably happy because this headdress actually has hair in the back and doesn’t make him look bald. Plus he goes perfect with the Tribal Hunter from the first series. Too bad I couldn’t find mine. My Chief will just have to keep himself content by stalking the local cowboys. Decoding Tip: The headdress is very large and easy to feel.
#4 Samurai
The Samurai warrior is a noble fighter from an ancient time. Unlike the cowardly Ninja, the Samurai live by codes of conduct and rules of engagement. Wrapped in a printed ceremonial robe, the Samurai keeps his armor and katana close and in a respected place for when battle is needed. Decoding Tip: Feel for the sword or armor, which can be squished slightly by squeezing.
#5 Snowboarder
This snowboarding girl races down the mountain with her brand new board. Molded in a dark blue with hot pink and light blue snowflakes printed on it, her board easily matches her outfit and helmet. So watch out skier from series two, because this girls tearing up the powder and leaving anyone behind her stuck in the slush. Decoding Tip: The snowboard is easy to feel with both ends curving upward.
#6 Cyborg
The Cyborg is my second favorite figure from this series. Not only has his entire right side been altered with superior technology, but he’s also wearing the Blacktron uniform. That’s right, Blacktron has survived! One of the most feared groups in the galaxy is back with their own new ray guns and enhanced cybernetic warriors. Can the new Space Police handle this techno threat? Decoding Tip: The only unique part to feel for is his robot hand.
#7 Sumo Wrestler
The Sumo Wrestler may not look much bigger than a normal minifigure, but he still pack a wallop when he’s pushing his opponent off the mat. This is the first time we’ve gotten the fat naked yellow chest piece for a Lego minifigure. Also, you can tell the Sumo Wrestler isn’t happy. It’s probably because he only got a bronze trophy and not the gold one the Karate Master from series two received. Decoding Tip: The trophy is small and a little difficult to feel, but you can also try for the knob on his hairpiece./td>

#8 Mummy
The Mummy makes the newest addition to the group of horror figures in the series. Now the Vampire from series two and the Zombie from series one have someone to talk with. This Mummy is different from a normal mummy though. First, his skin is green. Second, his bandages are ice cream white. I guess even if you’re undead, it doesn’t mean you have to be dirty. The Mummy also comes with his pet scorpion. Or is it the scorpion that killed him? Decoding Tip: Feel for the scorpion.
#9 Elf
The Elf is my favorite minifigure in this series. The Lego Fantasy series was near perfect with its undead skeletons, evil trolls, and hearty dwarfs, but it was always missing elves. But now these noble forestmen can defend the Kingdom with their brand new longbows and large shields emblazoned with a stag. Plus, an all new hairpiece with pointy ears sets them apart from their human brethren. Decoding Tip: Feel for the longbow’s unique shape.
#10 Tennis Player
With her skirt and polo shirt, this Tennis Player is ready to kick some brick. She’s got a confident look on her face and you can tell she’s about to literally serve a defeat with her brand new racket. So you’d better get two of her, or she’ll be launching balls at all your other minifigures without remorse until she gets a partner. The look on her face is also great for mixing with other figures on this list for a confident Pilot, Baseball Player, or even Indian Chief. Decoding Tip: Feel for the racket.

21 thoughts on “Vault Review: Lego Minifigures
– Series 3 (+ Decoder)

  1. Ah, dammit. The hunt begins again.

    I must admit though, these little guys have brought some fun back into collecting, even being more blindbagged. There’s something about these, like the glory days of card collecting.

    On a thank you note, when series 2 came out, I used IAT’s minifigure guide to help two moms and their sons find the two figures they wanted. It was a fun moment in assisting tomorrow’s generation of collectors, and I thought you guys deserved props for that.

    1. Wow, thanks Orion! It’s great hearing that we’ve not only helped collectors, but also parents and kids.

  2. I have found a few of these and didn’t even realize there was still a way to figure it out! I, too, have used your past decoders with much success. I’m glad you guys ferreted Lego’s sneaky new system.

    Your pics look great this time around. I only laughed at one or two, but they look more fantastic than normal! New camera perhaps?

    1. Thanks Riley. Which one’s did you like? I’ve had a new camera for a bit now. I think I’m just learning to be a better photographer little by little 😛

  3. My TRU is charging $5.00 for two with this series. Both series 1 and 2 were $3.00 and $3.50 respectively. I am loving the Wood Elf but still need the Samurai

    1. Our TRU only charged $2 for the first wave and $2.50 for the second. I hope the prices don’t get too much higher. It’ll be hard justifying buying a whole bunch.

  4. Crom, I don’t even have any of the first series… and I love them all so much 🙁

    Anyone willing to trade my customizing services for a bunch of these little guys?

  5. Anyone have any suggestions no where to find these… places, and or stores?

    Finally just 3 weeks ago I found series 2 for the first time at TRU. They were charging $3.99 for them which seemed just to high. I bought them anyhow. Then I found them on for $1.99 and bought some more.

    Where do stores like Target usually keep these, in the Lego aisle? The TRU I went to had them behind the customer service counter which made it hard to use the decoder.

    1. Toys R Us has been pretty reliable for me. Target carried series 2 in their Halloween section. I’m not sure if they’ll be putting series 3 in the Christmas section though.

  6. I just noticed that the Elf looks like Spike! XD With pointy ears…

    My favorite is the tennis player. I love making her a pilot and having her and the hula girl as a pilot go on adventures.
    Go Team Adventure!

  7. I miraculously found 2 TRUs with Series 3, and like 20 packs in each box!…for $4.00 each! WHAT THE &#$!? There’s also a limit of 5 per customer.

    Shamefully, I bought one thinking it was an Elf, but it was just a Sumo Wrestler (my fault, there were extra dings on the package, I got confused) I bought a Snowboarder for my sister though, gonna make a keychain out of it to go with her Hit-Girl one.

    And is everyone pretty much hoarding Elves? 🙁 The Snowboarder was the only one I found at both stores that I actually wanted.

  8. I don’t know. The elf is popular with me, but I only have two.

    That really sucks that they are limiting your purchase, especially since it’s not a TRU rule but what the Manager decides. I think if they’re going to limit purchases they should at least raise the limit to 16. That way you can at least get most of them if not all.

  9. Does anyone have a spare Series 2 Surfer, or Series 2 Disco Stu? (preferably still in package, but either way) Let me know and how much you want for them.

    I have all of Series 1 and all of Series 2 except those 2. I am buying them and leaving them in their packages to give to my son when he gets old enough as little gifts here and there down the road.

  10. Do you not consider the Witch from Series Two a member of the “Monster” Mini-Figure Sub-Series? She could chat it up with the Zombie, Vampire, and new Mummy, too…

  11. \o/ I finally managed to get them all! Thank you for the codes! Unfortunately not all of them were same in Europe, but a little bit improvisation and I got them all now. TIP: did you notice, that there are often two of the same kind next to each other in the box!? -> I actually collected one complete serie for selling later 🙂

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