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Vault Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection: Adm. Ackbar

Ackbar’s articulation is surprisingly good for a guy who’s mostly seen sitting in a moving chair. His head is on a ball joint and has really great range of movement. His shoulders, elbows, and knees are all swivel-hinges. His waist, forearms, and thighs are swivels. I was a little surprised to find he didn’t have ankle joints, but that doesn’t really take away from his range of movement.

Ackbar comes with a couple accessories. First is his futuristic wand thing, like the one the original figure came with. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Return of the Jedi, but I can’t seem to remember when he used it in the movie. The second accessory he comes with is kind of odd. It’s the panel that sits in front of Ackbar when he’s in his chair. I don’t mind that he came with this, but it looks a little odd since it was actually attached to the chair and now he’s just carrying it around.

It would have been interesting if they actually gave Ackbar his chair as an accessory. He doesn’t really need a gun, like the Power of the Force figure came with, and we see him in his chair more than anything else. I actually wouldn’t have minded paying a little more for it. Then my Ackbar could hover around my shelf, giving commands and stating the obvious to my other figures.

I’m really happy with this Ackbar figure. With his great sculpt and coloring, he’s the most accurate version of the character to be made in plastic. Plus he’s articulated well enough to look natural while sitting down. Hasbro continues to blow me away with The Vintage Collection line. The first two waves were good, but this third wave is damned near perfect. It’s going to be really tough to keep from buying a lot of these. And I can tell you right now, if this quality continues, this will be one of the best toy lines ever.

Wave 3 of the Vintage Collection hasn’t totally hit shelves yet. Target seems to be the only store putting them out at the moment, and even then it’s very sparse with not every store doing it. So, keep an eye out at your local Targets, and hopefully Toys R Us and Wal-Mart will pick up the slack soon. The figures in the Vintage Collection will cost you a little more than the other Star Wars lines, running around $10. Luckily, it’s almost Christmas and you may find some good sales get the price a little lower. But even at ten dollars, these figures are well worth it in my opinion.

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6 comments to Vault Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection: Adm. Ackbar

  • Lovable-Bill

    My Wal-Mart had them and all the Star Wars figures were on sale for $6 so I snagged him (Ackbar) and almost all the bounty hunters. They were only missing IG-88 and Zuckuss.

    I don’t normally buy Star Wars figures, but like you, the vintage line has really had me hooked.

    • AdventureVault

      That’s good, I’m glad more places than just Target are putting them out.

      This line has got the right amount of everything to make it near perfect and super hard to resist, lol.

  • RageTreb

    I believe the wand thing he has is a remote control used to page through the different holograms he shows the Rebels while explaining their battle strategy. So basically a futuristic Power Point.

  • Gildeft

    Ackbar looks just excellent! I didnt know that Ackbar likes carrots xD