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Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter
Fully Funded!

Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter
Interview with October Toys!


Ggripptogg & Ggrapptikk
Grunts Review


Glyaxia Returns
to Glyos Tonight!

Weaponeers of Monkaa: The
Golden Age Now Available!

New Glyos & OMFG!
Figures Drop Tonight!

Vault Review: ToyFinity’s
Regular & Jumbo Mordles


Vault Review:
SMC Lifespring Empyreus


ToyFinity Presents:
Return of the Mordles!

Outer Space Men Cyclops
Review (Infinity Edition)

Weaponeers of Monkaa Review
(40 Pics! New Figures Drop Today!)

Vault Review: Outer Space Men
Infinity 2.0 Waves 1 & 2 (21 pics)


Glyos System Week:
Glyan Review (12 Pics)

OMFG Series 1 Revisited
(New Colors Review)

Vault Review: Glyos Core Block,
Wedge, & Switch Pin (14 Pics!)


Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators
Four Horsemen Ed. Wave One

TGB Customs x Onell Design
Granthan Head

Hades Glyos Drop
Set for Tonight!

Glyos System Week: Venjorun
Armorvor Review (24 Pics!)

Spy Monkey Armory Series
1.5 Review (& Drop Details)

Onell Design’s Glyos Rig
Runner (EMD) Review (12 Pics)

Onell Design’s Heavy Armored
Rig (EMD) Review (18 Pics!)

Onell Design’s Glyos System:
Gobon Review (25+ Pics)


Onell Design’s Glyos System:
Volkriun Rig Review (20+ Pics)

Onell Design’s Glyos:
Phaseon Revolutionary Review


Outer Space Men Review
Xodiac: Gylaxia Command SE