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Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter
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Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter
Interview with October Toys!


Ggripptogg & Ggrapptikk
Grunts Review


Glyaxia Returns
to Glyos Tonight!

Weaponeers of Monkaa: The
Golden Age Now Available!

New Glyos & OMFG!
Figures Drop Tonight!

Vault Review: ToyFinity’s
Regular & Jumbo Mordles


Vault Review:
SMC Lifespring Empyreus


ToyFinity Presents:
Return of the Mordles!

Outer Space Men Cyclops
Review (Infinity Edition)

While I’ve been busy rushing my way through 2013 (April? Really?) one thing that’s fallen by the wayside is our Glyos & OSM coverage. While I still owe them a review for two of the 4H Cosmic Creator figures (Sorry, guys!), the 4H were kind

Weaponeers of Monkaa Review
(40 Pics! New Figures Drop Today!)

As we mentioned last week, Spy Monkey Creations is debuting a new line of action figures called the Weaponeers of Monkaa! The folks over at SMC were kind enough to send along some review samples and with the drop scheduled for 12pm PDT today, now’s probably a

Vault Review: Outer Space Men
Infinity 2.0 Waves 1 & 2 (21 pics)


My last review of the week is the 2.0 Infinity Edition of the first two waves of OSM. These are a reissue of the four figures that started the line. You may not notice it right away, but there are some subtle changes that

Glyos System Week:
Glyan Review (12 Pics)

When my first Glyan arrived a year ago, he quickly became one of my favorite Glyos figures. I waited on the review hoping to pick up some older Glyans I’d missed. Then I held off waiting on new ones. Well, I’m up to more than two dozen

OMFG Series 1 Revisited
(New Colors Review)

Back in February, I reviewed OMFG Series 1 from October toys. The initial release saw some great colorways including the basic flesh, Kickstarter black, and site exclusives in light blue, royal blue, yellow, & green. In the months since, a few more colors have popped up. Let’s

Vault Review: Glyos Core Block,
Wedge, & Switch Pin (14 Pics!)


One of the things I really admire about Matt Doughty, aside from his amazing eye for design, is his willingness to take risks. His latest push of the envelope is the Core Block, Wedge, and Switch Pin. Three deceptively simple creations

Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators
Four Horsemen Ed. Wave One

Today, well tonight now, I’m taking a look at the figures in the Outer Space Men Four Horsemen Cosmic Creators Wave One, Megamorpho & Neonautilus. I know it sounds like a lot of proper nouns all strung together, so let’s focus on the key words: cool toys,

TGB Customs x Onell Design
Granthan Head

We’ve got more than a few things we want to cover this week, so keep an eye out for these “bumper” reviews for smaller items! Yesterday I said my Armorvor was mostly rocking the “backpack” head for a mech look, but my Armorvor’s also been spending a

Hades Glyos Drop
Set for Tonight!

If you missed out on the Venjorun Armorvor during the July drop, mark your calendar for tomorrow night! Onell Design has scheduled their latest drop for Wed, Sept 5th. The Hades Force drop will feature many of the Glyos’ regulars in cool black with aqua green accents,

Glyos System Week: Venjorun
Armorvor Review (24 Pics!)

The July Glyos drop had a surprise if you were there when it began. A new mold had been added to the roster, an Armorvor. It sold out quickly, but two new colorways will be available in this week’s drop, so I thought it’d be a good

Spy Monkey Armory Series
1.5 Review (& Drop Details)

This week has been so crazy that I lost track what day it was! I did remember to mark the calendar today though! Spy Monkey Creations is dropping three new colorways this afternoon at 12pm PST. I’ve got a quick review, links to better reviews, and all

Onell Design’s Glyos Rig
Runner (EMD) Review (12 Pics)

I’m still off (hopefully) enjoying the northern Midwest, but it’s Thursday and time for a 7th Market review! It seems like I’ve always got a variety of 7th Market stuff to post about these days, but I thought we’d spend another week on Onell Design’s EMD drop.

Onell Design’s Heavy Armored
Rig (EMD) Review (18 Pics!)

I’m still working my way through Onell Design’s January drop and vinyl was a really big component of that sale, so let’s wander in that direction today. I’m going to take a look at the Heavy Armored Rig (Experimental Mechanics Division) along with some extra parts via

Onell Design’s Glyos System:
Gobon Review (25+ Pics)


For today’s Glyos Thursday feature, I’m going back a bit and taking a look at one of the first Glyos figures I ever purchased, the Gobon! A favorite of both me and my wife, the Gobon was also one of the first Glyos figures that I happily

Onell Design’s Glyos System:
Volkriun Rig Review (20+ Pics)

For the next few weeks, Thursdays are the province of Onell Design’s Glyos! This week, I’m taking a look at a slightly older item I recently acquired: the Volkriun Rig. I missed this figure during the craziness of SDCC, but I was fortunate enough to snag one

Onell Design’s Glyos:
Phaseon Revolutionary Review


It’s Thursday and that means it’s time once again to delve into the wonderful world of Glyos. I’ve been trying to think of a clever name for this feature – Glyosday? ThursGlyos? Glyrsday? Hmm… maybe it doesn’t need one? I’m just gonna save that for later. Let’s

Outer Space Men Review
Xodiac: Gylaxia Command SE


We’re kicking off a new tradition today. For the next few weeks (at least), Thursdays belong to Glyos! One, cause they’re awesome and two, because of all the lines I buy, I’m most behind on Glyos reviews. Let’s kick things off with the Outer Space Men Xodiac:

Glyos Rig & Armodoc Review
+ New Glyos Launch Tonight!


When we got back from our New Year’s vacation, my wife and I found a small mountain of boxes waiting for us – toys that had arrived while we were away. Among them, there was an Armodoc & a Rig from Onell Design. With my review backlog cleared up, I’m happy to finally be able to take a look at these two toys (just in time for the next drop!)

Glyos Henshin Wave
First Look – 22 Pics!


Onell Design is serving up a giant helping of Glyos tonight! The figures will be available in some new clear colors (that match some of the OSM exclusives), but, more importantly, the axis joints will finally make their debut. We’ve played with the new joints and we can tell you they’re every bit as awesome as you think.