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Ask Mattel March 15th
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DCClassics.Com Review:
Azbat / Azrael Batman

Bane Week continues with a look at “Azrael Batman” – at least that’s what Mattel calls him on the box. In the comics, he’s simply the second Batman, referred to by fans as “Azbat”. I don’t really care what he’s called, he’s a cool figure and it’s particularly fitting that he’s included as a character needed to build Bane.

Vault Review: DC Direct’s
Batman Reborn: Azrael

When Jean-Paul Valley was killed off back in 2003, I thought the mantle of Azrael had died with him. How little faith I had in the cyclical nature of comics. Not only was I wrong about there being a new Azrael, but I was equally surprised by the decision of DC Direct to cast his image in plastic.