Friday Five: Links
You Need to Know About

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Five Links You Need to Know About. During the week, we see all sorts of cool or exciting things and we share those links here with our readers every Friday…

  • Custom Nerf Guns –
    There’s always something interesting to read on MWCToys, we check the site regularly and this week had a great review of Man-At-Arms and a QMX Teal’c animaquette (the review will make any Stargate fan want it, be warned). But last Friday, Michael Crawford did a feature on a custom item that had never even crossed my mind before – Custom Nerf Guns. If you read that and thought it might be silly, follow the link and you’ll find out how neat they are. They’re the custom product of Ryan Siller and trust me when I tell you the man knows how to turn a neon yellow Nerf Gun into a convincing prop / role play item.

  • WonderFest 2009 – Technically, we provided this link to you on Tuesday along with Tokyo VR Studio’s coverage , but that link has gotten so much bigger, we have to give it to you again.’s WonderFest coverage has swelled to 14 pages of images! And if you see something that you’re not sure what it is, swing into the Go Figure Forums and ask around. Tek or Dorkey will be more than happy to clue you in.
  • JLU: Finishing the Show 2010 – ActionFigureInsider.Com
    For full disclosure, I don’t really buy JLU figures anymore. I’ve moved on to DCUC and I’m happy in that size and scale, but occasionally I do buy some JLU. After SDCC, I’m looking forward to Firestorm, Plastic Man, and the Doom Patrol. But all those characters I want? They have something in common – they weren’t ever on the show. I’m glad to be getting them, but I know there are a lot of fans out there who are worried they won’t be getting some show-featured characters. Every line has some missing figures, and Chip Cataldo has posted this blog asking Mattel to look at JLU, while the line is still pushing forward, and take 15 characters from the show and give them plastic form. You may not be buying JLU, but any toy collector can feel for fans of a line with unfinished teams or missing figures.
  • Hasbro Toy Shop Coupon Codes – Raving Toy Maniac
    Hasbro Toy Shop put up their SDCC exclusives this week and many of them are still available. So if you’re looking for some SDCC goodies, swing by and grab them before you’re too late. But, before you go, check out this handy resource the folks at RTM put up for us – including some HTS coupon codes that will help take the edge off of shipping fees.
  • Show and Tell – The Official Ghostbusters Training Manual –
    You might have noticed that I like things that are different. I like to do different things here at ItsAllTrue and I like seeing different things on other websites. One of the cooler things I got to see this week was on Poe’s Show and Tell. This week featured a Ghostbusters Training Manual right out of my childhood. Poe goes into a little detail about the book itself and features some images of the interior work. I got a kick out of looking at it and remembering something that I had completely forgotten.
  • There’s our five for the last week of July! Please check ’em out and let us know what you think! And if you have a link that you think should be showcased, drop us a line at

    8 thoughts on “Friday Five: Links
    You Need to Know About

    1. Yes!! Chip is right!! They must make STAS Toyman!!

      My boyfriend wants a Nerf Gun, but that’s pricey!

    2. You could rob a bank with those Nerf Guns, and you might have to, to be able to afford one.

    3. They really need to do the JLU figures in that link. It’s been 15 years without a Toyman…

    4. I had that instruction manual. Finding it with the stickers unused is awesome.

    5. those custom nerf guns are cool… but that’s not a splurge i would ever make. cool to look at though.

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