Giant Man Series
Marvel Legends Black Panther Review

The articulation is what we’ve come to expect, though it’s not quite to the same standard. There are ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, and inverted ankles; double hinges at the knees & elbows; swivels at the biceps, waist, and thighs; and the ab crunch. The missing standard is that the range isn’t there on all the joints. The hips are shorted like normal, but so is the neck on this figure. And worse still is the shoulders. Due to limited range, we’re just simply not going to be able to put his arms down to his sides. Icky.

In addition to the Giant-Man leg, T’Challa includes an unmasked head. It’s tough to ignore! I’ll need to see more of the actor, but I like the face sculpt and think it’s pretty accurate. The paint on mine is well done too so it just looks great overall. My natural inclination is to keep the masked head on, but the figure looks great with either head and makes it a tougher call than we’re normally used to having.

Overall, Black Panther is a fun figure. I’d like a little more range on the joints – he’s an acrobat characters, so I want him to move like the recent Spidey figures and he doesn’t quite. The sculpt is rock solid though with decent paint and a great unsmasked head accessory. I think he’s easily the star of the wave and if he’s as cool in the movie as everyone says… well, this might be a pretty in demand figure when all is said and done. I’m sure happy to have him already. Bring on Falcon, Hasbro!

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5 thoughts on “Giant Man Series
Marvel Legends Black Panther Review

  1. This figure is awesome! Definitely one of the coolest I’ve seen in quite some time from Marvel Legends! I’m still looking for one so my hunt is still ongoing.

    And I totally understand the babysitting conundrum! No more just darting off t the theater for us (although we tend to plan ahead for big event movies like TFA, BVS, and Civil War).

  2. Y-you haven’t seen Civil War yet????

    I hear you about Marvel Legends not matching the articulation to the character. The new wave women bucks, beginning with Black Cat and her “thunder thighs” and extending to the spider-girls–my grandpa can kick higher than they can (which is saying a lot because he’s been dead for years).

  3. Have yet to even see this wave in my area. Seen film, knew of character so an easy buy as missed the RR wave (saw once though and snagged a Wrecker)

    As always my fav go to reviewer and a great set of shots.

  4. Ah yes, the joy of missing films because of a small child. We saw a dodgy cam of Civil War in the end just so we knew what happened. It was great until the guy started rustling his sweets – I’m assuming it was Robert Downey Junior as opposed to the guy sitting in front of the camera with the big hair and teaspoon-sized bladder, but I could be wrong.

    I’ve basically removed ‘going to the cinema’ from my list of hobbies now 🙁

    That said, thank you for another great review – I’ve tended to gravitate towards yours as we seem to share similar thoughts about figures as opposed to some of the review sites that would be considered better in a technical sense.

    Either way,

    Take care,


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