Absorbing Man Week!
Marvel Legends Beetle
Non Review

“Oh no! You’re not going anywhere, handsome!” – Beetle.

This is a Beetle non-Review. I owned the Beetle for a couple days, purchased to assemble the Absorbing Man, and then sent her on her merry way to another collector that, in theory, would appreciate her better.
I’m not sure why I didn’t really have an interest in her. The figure was good and matched up with the comic look particularly well. The newly sculpted lower torso and head were well done – though that lower torso has me thinking more about a classic Wasp than keeping Beetle. She had a little trouble standing with the weight of the wings, but it could be done. I didn’t like the splayed out hands on either her or the recent Wasp release though. The paint was good. Overall, she was a fine figure.

It could just be that I don’t really feel a connection to the character. I like her look and that she was a Cap/Bucky villain. And that her Dad is Tombstone (where’s that figure!) But I don’t feel much of a conncetion to any Beetle really, at least the Non-Blue ones. My favorite Beetle figure was probably the massive Buzzing Beetle that appeared in the Spider-Man Classics line. I never saw it in the comics, but it was a fun figure. Yeah, so my lack of knowledge or affection for any Beetle is probably just at play here. Hasbro totally should make a classic one after making so many later versions, but I don’t know if I’d really want that either. Maybe he’s just not the purple & green Spidey villain I really want Hasbro to make…

6 thoughts on “Absorbing Man Week!
Marvel Legends Beetle
Non Review

  1. Glad I’m not the only one hoping for a retro/FA Wasp using this torso. First thing I did was grab a Wasp and swap heads to see how Janet’s would look for a FA repaint.

    Failing that, a Gwen head + this body = Pixie.

    I have no clue who this Beetle is, but someone told me the red/silver Beetle from a few waves back was female? no clue if they are the same character or not?

    I was surprised to see this wave, as one of my two TRUs got in at least three cases of Rhino, then this showed up the following week (and got chewed out for “cleaning out” the wave by grabbing her, Gwen, and Speedy out of the case! LOL), and now the Red Onslaught wave (which I grabbed the ladies, but found Serpent Society dude and both CapWolfs still there the other day).

    1. The red and silver Beetle wasn’t female or this Beetle. He’s the Ultimate universe version of Beetle, pretty much all we know about him is that he’s a man and works for Dr. Doom so I don’t know where people are getting this idea that he’s female.

  2. Upon reading Superior foes I wish continued the series but will hunt the trade down. On to the fig. Well as said upon reading She Beetle grew on me and glad to see and yes I can see some reuse in this a classic (or even random thru the years Wasp suit, Pixie I do see too, have to dig out but think an old Cap tale after the Capwolf story had a nice mix of villians and saw a few female flyers never saw before. Also would Tiger Lily work with these wings? Falcon, Diamondback and Cap went undercover as Mother Night, Darkwing and Crossbones if can help. Hmm Diamondback nah different torso.

  3. I looked up the character, and she sounded pretty cool, but MAN that is a boring design. Most of the Beetle designs seem to get more and more armored, while this one looks like she bought her costume by getting a green morph suit from Halloween USA, walking out of the store, seeing a lingerie shop across the street, and calling it a night.

  4. I really think this figure compliments the other “Superior Foes” including Boomerang and Speed Demon. Now hoping for at least a new Shocker Marvel Legends and this will be a good group to display.

    And I agree…they really do need a Tombstone action figure.

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