Ant-Man Toy Week!
Funko Mystery Mini Bobbleheads!

“Sorry I’m late, I was saving the world. You know how it is.” – Ant-Man, Marvel’s Ant-Man. (Cause even the movie’s gotta make fun of itself…)

My fascination with Ant-Man toys came about accidentally. I didn’t realize how into I’d get – until the Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man box arrived. The box, whose contents I should probably go over at some point, was full of Ant-Man goodies. The two that jumped out at me right away where the Funko Mystery Minis. I’ve got a few of the Minis, mostly from the Sci-Fi series. I was trying hard to get Rocketeer, and completely struck out, but I did get a lot of cool ones from classic movies like Alien, Predator, E.T., Tron, etc. They were a lot of fun and when I saw the Ant-Man box had two in them, they were the first thing I opened!

The Ant-Man Mystery Minis set include four figures: Ant-Man, Yellow Jacket, Unmasked Ant-Man, & what is being called “Blackout” Ant-Man, though I’m not sure the context or the story for that last one (though the LEGO set might spoil it). They’re produced equally so no one is rarer than another, but the only way to get the Mystery Minis is via the Collector Corps Box (past boxes are still available for new subscriptions) & through second hand outlets. For me, I received the basic Ant-Man & Unmasked Ant-Man in my subscription box and then picked up the other two on eBay from other subscribers. I’m glad I did as I enjoy them even more as a set than I did individually.

The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was that these Mystery Minis have different styles than I’m used to. I was expecting these to fit in with my existing Minis collection, but the comic minis are a little different than the movie ones. Like many Marvel Funko products, they have to be bobbleheads due to other licensing agreements. While I would’ve liked my movie Ant-Man to fit in with my other movie minis, the advantage here is that fit in with the other Marvel minis, and of course, great together. The best advantage though, and I’ll talk about this in the POP review, is that these have Funko POP Vinyl dimensions – meaning that both the Ant-Man & Yellow Jacket Mystery Minis can be paired with the Pops to showcase their size changing ability. I love that. Continue to Page 2…

One thought on “Ant-Man Toy Week!
Funko Mystery Mini Bobbleheads!

  1. I like the looks of these better than the regular Pops. I think the proportions are a little more to my taste. But I’ve never thought the Pops were that great. I kind of wish Mighty Muggs were still around.

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