Marvel Legends Ant-Man:
Ultron Build-a-Figure Review

“Everyone creates the thing they dread. Men of peace create engines of war, invaders create avengers. People create… smaller people? Uhh… children! Lost the word there. Children, designed to supplant them. To help them… end.” – Ultron, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Some minor spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron ahead… C’mon, if you care about this toy, you’ve already seen it right?

A new wave of Marvel Legends hit TRU last week; I almost got out of TRU without spending $120 on it. The theme for the wave is loosely based on Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man film, very loosely. I’ll probably review most of those in the next few weeks as we get closer to the film’s release, but there is one figure I’m ready to review now. It’s also the figure that pushed me over the edge to blow $120 on all six figures, most of which I’m not likely to keep. Marvel Legends collectors know that hard decision well, we call it the build-a-figure. In this wave, the build-a-figure has nothing to do with Ant-Man, at least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anyway, it’s from Avengers instead. It’s Ultron.

Since it was Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Hank Pym that built Ultron in the comics, I suppose it’s fitting that he be included with this wave. That’s a cool little nod for comic fans, but I still felt a little burned. It’s not a bad wave – we get a founding Avenger, three solid C-list villains, and a newer Giant-Man costume, but if you’re collecting MCU figures you only get Ant-Man and five guys you gotta buy to build an Ultron. It’s good business to mix things up a bit, but just one or two more movie figures might’ve been nice.

So there’s that. But what about Ultron? I did mention that I still almost walked away. That’s partially to do with the film. I had a great time watching Age of Ultron. I thought it was one more step in the right direction the MCU continues to march its way towards. And I really enjoyed James Spader’s Ultron… even though it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

I got my first whiff of it not being what I was expecting in a preview clip that featured Ultron recruiting the Twins. It’s when he can’t think of the word children and then jovially laughs. It’s on me that I was thinking of a purely robotic villain – I should’ve known better considering Whedon’s involvement. Even though it was different than I expected, I still liked it. The difference from comic to movie is usually unimportant to me and, in this case, it’s even easily explained; this is Tony’s Ultron, not Ant-Man’s.

I did come to enjoy the portrayal though. Heck, I wish the movie just ended with the scene between him & Vision. I also liked the look, but in the end, Ultron just lacked any real resonance with me. He doesn’t have Loki’s charm, Red Skull’s menace, Pierce’s self-assuredness. Ronan, even with his basically zero characterization in Guardians makes more of a connection towards me. Ultron is superior to the forgettable Iron Man villains (credit, no doubt, to James Spader), but like them he is propped up more by other elements of the film being good rather than being a pillar the film relies on. Continue to Page 2…

16 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Ant-Man:
Ultron Build-a-Figure Review

  1. Probably just me, but that figure, specifically the face, is just all kinds of shades of ugly. Plus as you said, having a sad face, rather than a menancing one is just a really poor choice on the sculpters’ part.

    I’m defintely passing on making him, but I’m highly interested in the other figures from this wave minsut he movie Antman. He…just doesn’t do it for me.
    Now getting Tiger Shark and the Grim Reaper? Hell’s to the yeah! About time!
    I pre-ordered those bad boys on Amazon as soon as I could.
    Probably going to wish I had done the same for that Bulldozer figure though, since I know he’ll be highly sought after to complete the Wrecking Crew.

  2. I saw this guy on Saturday at Heroes-Con in Charlotte. Someone had him loose and I initially didn’t recognize him as the Marvel Legends build-a-figure. He’s just not that impressive. It wasn’t until I saw the price tag that I realized what he was (the dealer had him for $70 dollars).

    I’m glad you mentioned that Hasbro does a piss poor job of releasing the villains for the MCU in Marvel Legends. What the heck is the problem there?

  3. They got me last time, I bought two figures I didn’t have any interest or emotional investment in so I could build Thanos. This wave? The only one I have ANY interest in is Movie Ant-Man.

    I can’t do it. I can’t pull the trigger on so many figures I just don’t want to build Ultron.

    And yes, I know, so many will sell off the figures they don’t want, and I can’t do THAT because stupid and some form of OCD and whatever. I can’t even throw the damn boxes away, I’ve got boxes and boxes of boxes, ya know?

    Well, maybe I’ll pick up The Wasp, if I see her on the peg…maybe…

    1. I’m still trying to get moved and I finally just said “Fk IT!” and pulled a couple decorated trays for “posing” later, then set aside one full box for each figure and tossed the rest. (LOTS of custom fodder! I never realized I would be looking forward to HELLCAT this much!) The current Hasbro boxes (ML and 6″ SW) are just a BIG mistake. the part theft/swappage has become ludicrous, and the stores are clueless for the most part on the returns. I saw someone post a pic that showed their store had put those electronic “spider web” anti-theft devices on some packages, but then that adds to the overall bulkiness on shelves/pegs, as well.

      I’m not sure about that Ant-Man. the trailers and other clips show Rudd with a full face mask or nothing, yet the figure has an open mouth and no separate mouth (guard?) piece to add. Not sure what’s up with that. the body seems like it has potential, tho. I just saw the MS version today and it has a second, unhelmeted Rudd head, unlike Hasbro’s.

  4. Thanks for the review Noisy. After finishing your article and Fwoosh’s article on the figure, I have decided to cancel my order. Initially, I was pretty stoked to get my hands on the movie Ultron but after all the disappointing pictures I’ve seen I just can’t get myself to shell out that much money for it. However, I left my Giant man and Wasp pre-order alone, so it’s not a total lost.

    Not a big Marvel Select fan but I’m really hoping they’ll churn out something that’s more likable.

  5. I didn’t really like anything about the MCU Ultron. I thought the voice, the cheesy attempts at humor, the pre-Terminator understanding of networked technology that went into the concept, it was all pretty lame. I’m not predisposed to liking Ultron in general. The comic character never did anything for me. I said the same thing about Vision, but Paul Bettany won me over. Spader did not win me over with his portrayal of Ultron.

    So, to have a figure of a character I didn’t really love (though I try to keep up to date on my MCU collecting), and to have to buy a bunch of figures I really don’t much care about to get him, I was already waffling and whether or not to even try to build Ultron. I think this review tipped me into the “don’t bother” side of the fence. I completed Thanos, but I like Thanos a little better than Ultron, and there were far fewer figures I didn’t want involved in building him (anybody want a Batroc?).

  6. I picked up the Legacy Rocketeer this weekend too! A really, really great figure…up until his leg sheared off at the thigh when I tried to turn the swivel joint.

    1. I keep waiting to see him show up on Diamond’s shipping lists, but no joy yet.
      Where are you finding Cliff?

  7. The body reminds me of T-800 (esp the 90s Kenner version), but the head and especially the mouth have always bugged me since they were revealed. moreso when I saw the movie and his “lips” MOVED. ugh. I like the actor, but the character soured even more with his “jokes”. ugh.

    at least this guy looks better than the TB Legendary Riders’ “Ultron Bunny”. oy.
    I knew I shouldn’t have skipped buying that MS Ultron on FCBD, but I have several of the IM3 versions to tide me over.

    I don’t have this wave yet, but plan on ordering them soon…ish.
    (supposedly, there are a few e-tailers shipping now, but most seem to be finding them at TRU?)
    I am looking more forward to the Target 3pk with the modified silver/red Beetle from last year for Ultron, “buzzcut” Hulk and white “rebooted” Vision from WCA.

  8. Good to know! I was only interested in Ultron and mildly interested in the others, so this looks like a good one to skip. Kinda wish they would just make him a regular figure, but…ah well. There will be other Ultrons.

  9. Maybe brain fart but…who are you counting as the other two Marvel Legends MCU villains? I can only think of Loki. Lizard and Electro?

    Also this wave was actually the opposite for me. I’d generally been shying away from the movie characters unless I had to get them to finish a BAF (although – between Iron Monger, Green Goblin, the Mandroid and Thanos – that alone meant I have quite a few).

    Ultron here is just tasty-enough gravy for me because I LOVE this line-up. I’m all about C-list villains (my Masters of Evil shelf has been growing rapidly these last few waves) and the Wasp is a needed improvement and the Giant Man will match the SDCC exclusive. And the Ant-Man design is by far my favore MCU design so far.

    So I’m pleased as punch.

    Also, I don’t know that I’ve bought all that many figures that I was vastly disappointed in for the sake of a build-a-figure yet. Maybe not my top choices but I didn’t mind having them.

    (Although Bleeding Edge Iron Man is reeeeeeeally pushing it with his awful hips.)

  10. Well me I gotta get the Wrecking Crew finished (await to see Zombie WC customs down the road.) And Tiger Shark was originally part of the original Jubilee wave and Grim Reaper is just great to have. Ofcourse not seen yet and still have Hob, Odin to finish and start Thanos (that wave flew and Target crazy weird prices( 20.29 sounds after added tax from old day price) makes me iffy on what future holds) I’ve gotten behind.

  11. boo to no Yellow Jacket. That’s the problem, they should have a second Guardians of the Galaxy wave with just the villains, maybe shoehorn in The Other, then that one would come with Build-a-Figure movie Thanos.

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