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Spinnerella Review

Like most of the POP girls, she’s built on the standard 2.0 female buck. She shares a few parts like the bodice and boots with Flutterina, but an all-new belt/skirt, new bracers (with ribbons, and an all-new head sculpt bring home the specific details. The face itself is fantastic, but the highlight of the head sculpt is easily the hair. I prefer the basic Filmation look, but the 4H/Mattel engineered a neat custom option into the figure. The ponytail can be removed and a new extra bit can be added that gives the hair a little more height and adds a tiara to capture the classic toy look. I’m not going to use the pieces, but it’s a really neat thing to be included. And, yes, the hair is bulky, but it’s dead on accurate and looks great.

The bracers and skirt with their long tassels are equally well done. These long alternating blue ribbons are where a lot of the paint money went, but they look and really bring something to the sculpt. The cool thing on the skirt is the long ribbons also help the leg articulation to still be incredibly functional. I appreciate that. The arms are also fully functional, but the lack of a swivel going into the bracer (Which isn’t a normal joint for MOTU figures) does leave the ribbons from the arm protruding in various ways and can leave some poses looking a little off.

Spinnerella has standard articulation throughout and as I just said, the new sculpt pieces don’t impeded much. The only area to watch out for is that massive chunk of hair interfering with the neck. There is still great side-to-side articulation surprisingly and the head moves so much better than past POP releases that I barely find this one an issue. The paintwork is mostly good. It’s funny because the ribbons are great. The face and hair is great, but the bodice is sloppy – almost enough that it nags me. So close to being perfect.

In addition to the hair extensions, Spinnerella included two additional accessories. The standard shield – though it doesn’t fit as well on her as it does other girls. Her new, unique accessory is a pretty cool spear. I don’t know that it has a specific origin, but it’s a neat piece and once I’m happy to let her keep on the shelf. Now about Netossa…

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by this figure. I don’t want to sound down on POP, but we got a lot of it all at once with the mini-sub and a few spots in the main sub and it’s a little overwhelming even now as I’m going back and working my way through all the releases. But all of that washed away once I got Spinnerella in front of the camera. She was a blast to photograph and pose and a nice addition to the line!

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11 comments to MOTUClassics.Com
Spinnerella Review

  • Retcon

    Is the spear a repaint of the Green Goddess? Looks familiar.

  • Carsten

    Yeah, with the hair piece she looks a bit like Fran Drescher in “The Nanny” 😉
    But a striking colour sheme, even if she can just make one pose (like the Sorceress)
    Anyway, great review – I like her a lot.

  • Great review and some fantastic pictures! (I love her as a kind of human Swifter-Hehe.)

    Oddly enough, I feel like this is the third Spinnerella review I’ve read today. What gives? Is everyone just finally deciding to review her? Is it her birthday or something?

  • Sweet review, pics, and comics, as always!

    I like this figure, and all the work that went into her, but I think I may try to replace her plastic strips with actual ribbons at some point.

  • I’m pretty happy with Spinnerella. She is a welcome addition to the Great Rebellion!

  • Mikey

    I really only get the POP figures and recently there are two I feel like I have been really ripped off with and this is one of them. The extra cost of this figure was justified as the extra plastic of the tassels, and once the figure was in hand it was pretty obvious that there was no more “extra” plastic then any figure with a decent cape. I understand capes generally aren’t painted but it still leaves me with a bad taste. I can understand the reluctance to use soft goods but this figure really is screaming for it, but I know many would hate it. As for the tiara personally this is the most awful accessory in the line for my money and looks terrible, particularly in a deluxe figure a second head should have been included wearing a tiara that actually is sitting somewhere within a foot of the top of her head.
    Believe it or not I actually don’t mind the figure for the most part, and as a regular figure I would have happily worn my complaints but those extra few dollars have crossed a line for me.

  • I can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but I just don’t like the figure. Though I like some of the individual elements, maybe the retro design just doesn’t translate well? I can’t quite pick it.

  • Cythagen

    She’s a beautiful figure, but the bracers bother me. A lot. Probably more than they should. Given the requirement for a new sculpt, I don’t understand why the bracers weren’t sculpted on their own and used with the ‘flesh’ forearms from Battleground Evil-Lyn. That would have allowed her arms to be positioned just about any one wanted without the ribbons sticking out at strange angles. I don’t have any complaints about her price, but you’d think Mattel could have given us articulated/adjustable bracers for that small increase.

  • Jonatan

    I’m pretty happy with this figure and very thankful for Club Etheria. I know there are many people who doesn’t care about POP figures, but I really do. Club Etheria brought me awesome figures like Entrapta (one of my favorites figures in the line), Madame Razz & Broom and Spinnerella.
    I agree we should have two heads for her. The only thing that really bothers me is her shield that looks odd when she is holding it. Apart from that, I loved this figure.

  • Brainlock

    “Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.”
    “Spinderella cut it up one time!”

    maybe Spinner would have benefited more from soft goods tassels? and maybe clip-on bracers? or a more spidery theme?

  • Mark

    Not to keen on the face sculpt.