Transformers Masterpiece:
Wheeljack, Bumblebee, & Ultra Magnus Pics!

I know this is way old news, but running an action figure blog can get so busy that you miss the simplest things. In this case, that’s some official images of upcoming Transformers Masterpiece figures! Below are some great shots of the bot modes and alt modes for Takara’s next three MPs: Wheeljack, Bumblebee, & Ultra Magnus:

I’m excited for all three. I do hate that red bumper on Magnus with a passion, but he’s the whole reason I got into MPs in the first place. He looks fantastic in bot mode and I’m still in awe of what his transformation must be like. The cab, which is still made to look just like Optimus’ cab, folds up into his back. That’s crazy. I know some fans prefer the nostalgia of the partsformer original – I feel that too. I love UM as is, but I would buy a white MP-10 repaint from Takara all the same… as long as it didn’t have a red bumper.

Finally we have some official shots from Hasbro on their next two domestic releases: Sunstorm & Prowl. Prowl looks about the same as the import (which I need to get around to reviewing), but Sunstorm is very different. I think I’ll need to see him in person (fat chance!) before I decide if I need two.

25 thoughts on “Transformers Masterpiece:
Wheeljack, Bumblebee, & Ultra Magnus Pics!

  1. Sweeeeeet. Got the first three ordered from BBTS. So looking forward to getting them. I hope UM’s missile pods can be placed at the front of his trailer as well as the sides.

    Not too keen on the US Sunstorm paint scheme. Think I’ll stick with my Japanese version. It’s also inaccurate, but slightly less so. No plans on getting any version of Prowl. (Maybe Bluestreak, budget permitting.)

  2. Like’em all and hoping to try to get into these. BB may be my first. Prowl was my 2nd(or 3rd got him and Trailbreaker at same time after Mom got home from a trip) TF as a kid so theres an easy buy there. Wheeljack looks great. Magnus, that bumber doesn’t bug me, think he plowed thru something one great looking bot.

    Sunstorm looks faded really. Needs louder colors.

    Still hoping Jazz gets done in MP. Will do whatever to own my 1st TF ever owned in this awesome style.

  3. I had the original Ultra Magnus as a kid (a gift) instead of Optimus Prime (who I really wanted) and it bugged me to no end that Magnus couldn’t be transformed into a one-piece bot mode. So now that you’ve confirmed it for me, this version absolutely makes up for that. Wheeljack, Bumblebee, and Prowl look just as perfect.

    I should just sell all my other TFs, reissues, and third party stuff so I could concentrate on the Masterpiece series but I’m still fearful that it won’t be completed. (Beyond the first three years worth of vintage characters, at least.)

    What to do… What to do…

    1. I had both – UM just ended up as one of my favorite toys ever. He’s currently in my display in three spots – the plain all white cab beat to hell (my original), a nicer full one in bot mode, the G2 Laser version, and the RID one. I really had to stop myself on Ultra Mammoth. lol

      I had to cut out nearly all retail TFs to get MP. I’m still buying some third party, particularly if they combine. That’ll be done soon though at the pace those come out at.

  4. I’m picking up the next 3 MP releases (MP Sideswipe was my gateway MP). My wallet is sad.

    I also really don’t like the red bumper on Magnus, but from what I’ve seen, it’s accurate to the cartoon, and as the cartoon is the inspiration for the MP toys, I can’t really argue with it. I’ll suck it up…I’m sure I’ll be so blown away by the toy that I won’t even notice it anyway.

    1. It is woefully accurate. I could get used to it. I’m just hoping for a Hasbro release so I can get two and keep the Hasbro one in the ideally toy-colors alt mode!

    1. I don’t think so, but it should be soon. I have a feeling right around SDCC – tons of stuff seems to hit right then anymore.

  5. Sunstorm was off the menu because I was trying to stick to cartoon-only MPs. Then I finally caved to the awesomeness that is G2 Sideswipe (with Dr. Wu add-on, natch) and suddenly any MP that catches my eye is welcome. But I only have a 12″ wide shelf for these guys!

    1. They take up much more space than that! lol

      So far, I’ve bit on all the Post-MP10 MPs except for that Silverstreak version of Bluestreak. I just can’t do it yet.

      1. I hear ya, however, that light silver is pretty stunning — and much closer to the cartoon. I like it. Haven’t done it myself, but I like it.

  6. I too hate the red bumper on Magnus, but unfortunately it’s anime accurate…

    1. If… I cave to my basest desire and get two so I have both modes in the display all the time, the paints will come out on the alt mode one.* I just can’t do it. lol

      Ideally, he gets a Hasbro, stateside, toy colors release. Problem solved!

  7. What’s with the faceless humans? Supposed to be Spike and Daniel? It’s a nice touch to add them but why not go the extra mile and give them a face? 😛

  8. The UM engineering is totally sick, they made the cab portion identical to Optimus, but the whole cab trailer transforms into a Bot. Damn you Japan!!!!!!

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