NYCC Armchair
Coverage: Day One

I’m never quite sure what to do about NYCC Coverage. Some years, it’s pretty lean, but other years are pretty damn important. This year is already looking like the latter and it’s still just the first day! There’s no panel coverage just yet, but the recent trend has been for companies to put some goodies in their display right off the bat and this was no different, particularly for Mattel.

Masters of the Universe

Mattel kicked things off by showing off the fruition of their PowerCon tease: Extendar (via ToyArk)! The figure looks absolutely stunning. Hes appears to be an almost 100% tool (there are likely some reuse parts here and there). It also looks like his vintage “action feature” will be replicated by six add-on pieces that will allow him to extend his neck, waist, and all four limbs. If you look closely on the prototype there, the right arm is extended between the glove and wrist while the left is extended at the wrist. I’m not sure if that’s a new option or a misassembly, we’ll have to see on the final figure. The shield and lance accessories both look sharp. I can’t stress how happy I am with him. In fact, I’m liking just about everything! I’d say the only tweak would be the gloves not matching the rest of the armor. That’s a discoloration the vintage figure suffers and one we don’t need replicated. I’m hopeful we’ll get that fixed.

Not as stunning was this pic of Blade taken by the Org’s BCRDuke! The figure still looks like a total badass, but Mattel, when a guy’s name is Blade you sorta got make sure his sword is as awesome of the figure and that unpainted dealy on his hip there? Not so much.

The other MOTU news comes in the form of the smaller, Mini-Masters! I didn’t snag these at SDCC – I think this is more of a favorite characters only deal for me, but it now looks like it will be favorite character plus whoever else is in the 2pk. (Would a Faker & Scareglow 2pk be too much to ask for??). Judging from the display cards, these will be released in six 2pks on Mattycollector. More exciting, each 2pk will contain a C&C piece for a Mini-Master Castle Grayskull. That could get a guy in trouble. Check ToyArk for tons more pics.

To follow-up with my usual “praise, then question” coverage of Mattel, it appears that Mini-Masters have gotten a tad more Mini (via ToyArk). Mattel surely went with the Battle Armors because they’d already released the regular versions as the SDCC exclusive, but it turns out these new figures aren’t in scale with those. Oops.Continue to ToyArk’s Full MOTU Gallery

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26 thoughts on “NYCC Armchair
Coverage: Day One

  1. I’m hoping the Anakin headsculpt looks better in person

    The new 6″ movie Spidey and Carnage look great! Hasbro is definitely putting effort into their 6″ lines.

  2. In other news, Bandai revealed their Legacy Dragonzord (to go with the current Legacy Megazord) and even I have to admit it looks friggin’ bad-ass. If all the sculpted and painted detail survives from the prototype through mass-production, I daresay it could be the most glorious Power Rangers toy ever.

    Oh, and there’s also gonna be a full-sized Dragon Dagger and a mass-release of the Gold Morpher similar to the one at SDCC this year.

    1. Best part of the Dragonzord is that it has the actual emblems from the show on it, rather than poorly-drawn lightning bolt decals.

      I still have my old school Dragonzord that I got in ’94, but I never had an original Megazord to go with it. Since I have the 2010 Megazord (same mold as the LEgacy), I can finally get both and have the Mega Draonzord and Dragonzrd in Battle Mode. I guess I’d have to hunt down one of those awful “Mix n Morph” Titanus bases if I want a Ultrazord, though. Ugh.

      Dragon Dagger’s awesome, too. I never had the original, but even as a kid I thought it was undersized. Having a full size prop replica will be awesome.

      I already have the standard Legacy Morpher, along with some really nicely done metal Dragon and Tiger coins from it, but an official Gold Morpher release would still be a must-have for me. I’m expecting it won’t be 24k this time, though. 😀

  3. Mattel’s “decision” to make different scales for every Movie Master series is incompetent, at best.

    Hasbro better decide what they’re doing about their variants/running changes. I haven’t seen hardly ANY new/2013 product this year! In fact the only times I’ve seen ML refresh was a Target sale where they shipped more Arnim Zola wave, and Warshington WM finally got in their first new case in over six months and…ZOLA! except Wrecking Crew and Madame figs were swapped for Ghost Rider and …Drax? someone else from Terrax wave. ugh!

    Bad enough when executive decisions are turning you against your hobby, but then the fact you can’t even FIND them, even online is ludicrous.

  4. Best news so far is knowing the 4H have done Extendar justice. Looks to be a sweet figure.

    Cool to see Star Wars’ Black Series offering more characters from ESB. The new Dagobah Luke and Yoda are awesome.

    The only bad news so far is Hasbro’s continued “swapping” in their Marvel Legends lines. I want Baron Zemo, Batroc, Tiger Shark, Radioactive Man, Blizzard, Moonstone, and the Black Cat, but I also want some guarantee that the figures will be released on a 50/50 basis of some sort and not suffer the fate of last year’s “variants” or present ones such as Bulldozer and Classic Hawkeye, who also seem to be destined for limbo.

    It’s bad enough that the Marvel Universe line split Cloak and Dagger up when they could have easily been distributed as a comic pack. Same deal with Abomination/A-Bomb and the upcoming Northstar & Aurora. It simply makes no sense to display figures at shows only to release a few while shelving the others.

  5. Extender look cool for what looked goofy to me as a kid.

    The DC stuff will have wait and see in person.

    Marvels figs I expected something like the Iron Man 3 line. Guessing not that type of setup. The troop builders could be released without BaF parts. Ofcourse thats my idea. The MU splits floored me and I have not seen any of those waves here. I did snag the new Cap though and that was luck.

  6. Great coverage and connectivity. Thanks!

    Extendar looks sweet, and the 3.75″ Star Wars have me excited to collect them again! Like you, I hope Extendar’s gloves don’t turn green. Personally, I was hoping for rounded extensions (like in the comics) instead of the square ones, but I think I’ll live.

  7. Thank you for covering this, Noisy! I do appreciate the work!

    OK, so, am I the only person who sees the mini MOTU figures and wonders…

    Why don’t they just make them part of the Imaginext line? They HAVE a buck to work with, it’s a ‘standard’ scale, they can re-purpose playsets if they don’t want to go new-tool…

    I mean, have you SEEN the Imaginext Darksied or Grodd? Awesome.

    1. Completely agree. The Imaginext lines are bar none the best toys available at retail. Durable, fun and affordable. I love them, and more, I love that my son loves them. Masters is a natural fit for the line, and I feel they’re kind of edging toward that anyway, maybe saving it for when a movie finally arrives. But I hope they do it sooner. And hey — they’ve already got the base for bionatops!

      1. Their entire Dinosaur line is *this* much away from being a straight-up ‘Dino-Riders- relaunch it’s not even funny.

        Did you see the Stegosaurs with wings? A FLYING STEGOSAURS!! How can that NOT be AWESOME?!

        *ahem* sorry. 🙂

        I also note they’re relaunching the Ghostbusters figures. This time with separate Proton Packs, the way they SHOULD have been made in the first place. These I may have to get. Bet they still don’t come with any shooty-zappy beams for the wands.

          1. Oh, so? Sink me, I believe I’m impressed. 🙂

            Cynical me whispers they had these in production in anticipation of selling that Ecto-1. OTOH, now that they have the ‘backpackless’ versions they should have made in the first place, maybe there’s going to be another attempt to solicit that car.

            yeah, it’s a bit circular in the logic department, but hey, it would make sense for Matty 🙂

            1. The removable backpack body was announced as being developed for Ecto-1 months ago. Yes, it’s the way they should have been from the beginning, along with the proton streams. Even though my Winston is experiencing plastic molting, and I’d like to have matching bases and proton streams for all of them, I don’t think it’s worth $100 plus shipping.

              1. This is where I mention that a rational company, in tune with the desires of its customer base and wanting to extend the ROI on speciality tooling would of course make an ‘upgrade’ accessory pack of just streams and stands. I bet they could bone collectors maybe $25 for that.

                BUUUTTT this is Mattel we’re talking about. ‘Nuf said! 🙂

  8. With Extendar, what’s the point of Meckaneck? Don’t they have the same powers, except Mecka only extends his neck?

  9. Hi all,
    I was at the con, the Mattel booth, Mattypalooza, and even asked Toyguru some questions personally. The discoloration in Extendar’s gloves will be fixed, the painter was working off a faded vintage figure and unaware of the discoloration. The Mini-Masters are indeed smaller. The rising plastic cost was mentioned several times throughout the panel. Also one of the skulls was stolen off the Castle Grayskull model. We were scolded to which someone shouted, welcome to New York 😉 There was a vintage Tytus, and laser He-Man and Skeletor under glass at the booth, courtesy of Jordan Hembrough and the Toy Hunter crew. As for the face palming, the 4″ line is all Mattel retail and the divide between them and Mattycollecor has never felt wider. The retail team will not answer any more online Q+A (news via AFI) and when I asked about a Yvonne Craig Batgirl, TG simply said “not my department”. It doesn’t make it right, but at least helps sort things out.

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