Vault Review: MOTU
Classics Shokoti

For me, Shokoti was the most interesting one-off villain that the Filmation series spawned.  Not only was she a hot blue-skinned vampire queen, but her mysterious history and powers added an attention-grabbing touch of darkness (no pun intended) to the series.  Shokoti definitely became one of my earliest exposures to horror.


As I grew older and my experiences of different writers expanded, I realized that those Filmation writers were crafting a kid-friendly version of the Lovecraftian mythos.  There was the cultist Masque, the evil witch Shokoti who could never truly die in her own house, and the great sleeping beast who would fill the world with living darkness if she could wake him with a proper sacrifice.  Pretty sinister stuff, even in a watered down form.


So I have to hand it to the Four Horsemen again, because Shokoti looks pretty damned perfect.  As a whole, she’s a perfect adaptation of the Filmation cartoon and the Classics line.  She’s got the standard female buck with Adora’s boots and Octavia’s gloves.  Her costume has an entirely new bodice and skirt piece.  The top is accurate but plain, while the lower piece has a belt and ornamental skull sculpted onto it.


One of my favorite parts of her costume is the cape/necklace piece.  Before getting the figure I never noticed those little shoulder pads on her costume.  Like her belt, those shoulder pads and the attached necklace adds a subtle yet unique touch to a mostly plain costume design.


But the real eye candy on this figure is Shokoti’s head sculpt.  The 4H did a wonderful job of giving her a classically beautiful look.  Of course it probably helps that her hair is framed by her horned headdress and a nicely molded poof of hair.  I can’t help but wonder how the face would look with her mouth slightly opened and exposing her fangs. Continue to page 2…

10 thoughts on “Vault Review: MOTU
Classics Shokoti

  1. Great review, pics, and excellent comics, as always.

    I seem to have noticed a pattern when it comes to subscription vs. day-of-sale figures. Y’see, even though I’m a subscriber, I sometimes go online to get additional figures for customising purposes or whatever. And in several of the instances (Horde Prime and Shokoti spring the most readily to mind), I get the subscription figure, and the paint is sloppy or scraped off. When the day-of-sale figure arrives, much less paint marring.

    My first Shokoti — the subscription one — her hair and epaulettes “contaminated” each other with paint rubbing off. The second one — the day-of-sale one — no major paint issues.

    On the downside, this shouldn’t be happening on a nearly thirty-dollar toy. On the upside, I’ve got a backup Shokoti in case my soft goods customising on her cape goes horribly wrong, as well as two Darklings.

  2. Nice! I still haven’t picked her up yet — doesn’t look like I will anytime soon either, what with Oct & Nov’s Grayskull mortgage payments!

  3. She looks good, but that first pic had me going, “She’s a TRAN-Queen, Baby!”
    Sorry, but she does look a bit mannish in that pic.

    Are the skirt and halter top one piece or separate? It is nice to get a bit of new clothing for the ladies, but they’re so hard to get off. (…wait what? LOL) Also, is the headdress a separate piece, or molded as part of the head? I noticed a bit of blue on the inside of the tiara.

    Is it wrong I see the Darkling as some sort of Nibbler type companion? You could do a whole MOTUrama mash strip with that gag.
    Frydor – “If you’ve got three mouths, do you occasionally talk out of-”
    Nibling – “WE DO NOT SPEAK OF SUCH THINGS!! nomnomnomnom”

    (is there a female Tri-klops? or do we have to genderbend this idea, too?)

    1. the bodice and skirt are two separate pieces, and the best news is, the bodice is fairly easy to remove/make removable. she has two tabs indented into her lower back, and the bodice slips down the middle of the back, with a tab built into each side. so if you tear the bodice open (it’s stunningly easy to do) it still stays in place, and can be removed and replaced with ease. i figured this out cuz i plan on making some mods to mine and wanted to know if the thing came off.

      the skirt is a separate piece that wraps above her “hips” and, when the bodice is removed, will flop around a little… but it too could likely easily be replaced be something more…ornamental? if one should wish… you’d just have to make sure you had material of the same thickness.

      1. Dayraven, I’m glad you only figured out how to remove her bodice for noble customizing purposes.

  4. personally, i find the idea of her way more exciting than the execution, BUT she has inspired me to get more proactive about making the mods necessary to turn her into the sex vampire gar cthulu lover that i want her to be. while i like her having two gripping hands, there are options out there now for hand swapping that are not deal-breakingly expensive, so really, if you want a spellcasting hand, they’re not hard to come by.

    1. nah, i appreciate that very much… what i dislike, highly, is the lack of textural sculptwork in her costume… and her smallish boobs. working on fixing those… and making her a new cape.

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