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Outer Space Men Cyclops
Review (Infinity Edition)

While I’ve been busy rushing my way through 2013 (April? Really?) one thing that’s fallen by the wayside is our Glyos & OSM coverage. While I still owe them a review for two of the 4H Cosmic Creator figures (Sorry, guys!), the 4H were kind enough to send along a samples of their newest release!

In regards to being behind on OSM News, I’ve got some I’ll try to get up later today including Wave 3 & 4 of Mel Birnkrant’s Cosmic Creators set being available at the official OSM site, theouterspacemen.com. The set sells for $80, is limited to 200 pieces, and will be signed by Mr. Birnkrant himself. I love the CC editions – that blue Comet in particular – and I’ll be snagging a set.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on the OSM overall. In addition to the above set, Waves 5 & 6 and the Deluxe Cyclops also received Beta & Galactic Holiday sets that I need to track down. Nothing hits that point home like having Cyclops in hand.

I already knew that Cyclops would be massive thanks to the SDCC release, but I tell you there is nothing quite as impressive about the Outer Space Men line as getting the first painted version in hand. The sculpts just come alive under the proper colors and they’ve bowled me over eight out of nine times (sorry Alpha). And I know I say this each time, but Cyclops is vying to be one of my favorite figures.

The first thing I like about Cyclops is the size. The SDCC version was packaged in a white box since he wouldn’t fit on the standard card and I was expecting that to simply be how the “deluxe” figures would be packed. Luckily, I was wrong! The Infinity Edition of Cyclops comes in a matching, but enlarged blister card and it’s great to have him in a matching set. I’m not an MOCer (who I would guess appreciate this decision most), but I do keep all the OSM packaging because it’s just too cool to toss out. The packages are resealable, so it’s also a great way to store any figures not on display and having Cyclops on the blister instead of the stray white box will come in handy (you have no idea how much digging I had to do track down the white box for the photo shoot, it didn’t make the move in an orderly manner).

Anyway, but that’s the box, right? Cyclops clocks in at about 5”. He’s the biggest OSM to date and he makes his presence known by towering over the group. Heck, while some of the earliest figures came in shorter than the Modern Joes, Cyclops beats out the new Rock/Roadblock GI Joe, who is bigger than most other Joe figures already. I can’t wait to get in Colossus Rex and put the pair together – or hey, the whole original group really! Gamma & Rex can’t come fast enough. Continue to Page 2…

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Review (Infinity Edition)