Wonder Festival
Winter 2012 (Part 3)

If Tuesday was the appetizer, and Wednesday was the main course, then today’s update must be the dessert!  With the bigger companies out of the way, we’re wrapping up with a look at the miscellaneous odds and ends of the convention.  So settle in for six more galleries of some pretty unique creations.

Today’s update consists mostly of the various products brought in by individual sellers.  You’ll definitely want to check out the galleries bellow if you’re interested in the 7Th Market and enjoy seeing home-made action figures, robots, statues, and accessories.  The one good thing about not being able to go to Wonder Fest is that I won’t go bankrupt buying all these amazing creations.

This concludes our coverage of Winter Wonder Fest 2012!  We hope that you enjoyed it.  A big thanks to our man in Japan, Robert Baldwin.  This definitely would not have been possible without him.  And if you haven’t yet, check out his thoughts on the convention and answers to our Q&A Kaiyodo and Good Smile over at the forum.

Also, a big thank you to Kaiyodo for allowing us to cover this event!

Gallery L

Gallery M

Gallery N

Gallery O

Gallery P

Gallery Q

16 thoughts on “Wonder Festival
Winter 2012 (Part 3)

  1. That’s a bit more to my tastes. The Rainbow Sentai Robin team in glorious black and white, TV version Dirty Pair (based on what? Figma bodies?), someone jumping the gun with Tekkaman Blade and Evil in Blastor mode, and what looks like a SWEET kit of the ‘Daicon IV’ spaceship!

    ahhhh, yummy. 🙂

  2. Wonder Festival, being the biggest collector toy/garage kit show in Japan, offers a little something for everybody!

    The Dirty Pair figures are by CM’s Corporation and if I remember correctly, they were about 1/8 scale (although they’re officially non-scale).

    The Blastor Mode Takkamen were sold using one-day licenses but if they sold well, these guys will probably get temporary licenses for the next show. Also, depending on how popular these are + how well the Figma Tekkamen sell, Figma version Tekkamen also becomes a possibility.

  3. What’s the story with the little PVC figure of Yotsuba in a cardboard box? I’d love to have one of those.

    1. Yotsuba-in-a-box was sold using a one day license.

      Unpainted, and maybe 2 inches across, I think they were being sold for 1,000 yen or less. Considering how clean the figure is and it’s apparent popularity at the show, I’d expect to see this figure return to Wonder Festival this summer.

  4. you dirty dog you… i saw what you did w/ those cosplayers… and i liked it.

    man, i tell you what, the engineering going on w/ some of these garage kits and custom dealers just astound me. i guess my brain isn’t wired that way, i don’t conceive of how one homemakes transforming robots or articulated armor pieces.

    1. Actually, the owner of the costume rental place asked me to take pictures.

      He also wants me to drop by the shop and take more pictures/give him more free coverage.

      1. tell him he has to keep supplying models for free… and maybe buy you a beer or two.

    1. Motoko is by CM’s Corporation. These guys are also coming out with a 1/9 scale Iron Man Mk V,VI and VII (and War Machine and Hulk Buster if the first three sell well), the original Tekkaman with Pegas, Dirty Pair and several other items that are looking quite attractive.

      The Berserker Armour Guts is by a private garage kit maker. A one day licensed unpainted garage kit. I think it was somewhere between 1/12 and 1/15 scale, priced at about 6,000 yen (72 dollars).

      1. So the Dirty Pair figures are actual forthcoming product, not customs? I thought I saw the CM’s Corp logo on one of the tags but I was thinking maybe that referred to whatever base body may have been used in a custom.

        Sweet. Kei and Yuri you can pose. That’s got the old, old Bandai hard vinyl figures beat hands down. 🙂

        If they were REALLY smart they’d contact the company The Right Stuf here in the U.S., who have released the Dirty Pair series to home video (FINALLY!!) and sell them on an exclusive. Maybe they’d only sell 2000 units (each) but in this day and age, that’s welcome I would think. 🙂

  5. what figure is that in the pic above? I cannot find it in the coverage. It looks a lot like a character from Asura Wrath…

    1. That is the Ashura figure from Revoltech Takeya, and I think the pictures are probably in Part 2 of this coverage in one of the Kaiyodo galleries.

      1. the takeya stuff makes me very happy, i’ve always thought those characters would great in figure form.

  6. That’s an awesome figma of Noriko from Gunbuster! on there; apparently a lot of the customizers like random stuff from Gainax. I wonder if that Powermaster Prime is just something a booth owner keeps around as I can’t see any major alterations to it.

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