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MOTU Classics Update: New Prices
& Schedule Changes for 2012

Over the weekend, Toy Guru posted his latest “State of the Union” for Masters of the Universe Classics over at He-Man.Org . It’s a big update; mentioning a few new licensing opportunities as well as price increases, production decreases, a couple schedule changes and some hints about changes to Snake Man-At-Arms.

Here’s the full text of Toy Guru’s Facebook Message from this weekend:

“Hey everyone.

The 30th Anniversary year starts in less than 30 days and we are just on the edge of our seat. There is so much great MOTU goodness coming next year above and beyond the Classics toy line in what will surely be a yearlong celebration.

We’ll be kicking things off in December with a sneak peak at the new licensing art created in the Classics style. You’ll hopefully see a lot of this art on tons of products next year from T-shirts to DVD releases and everything in between.

There are a few projects that have not fully come together, but once all the loose ends are tied, we’ll have some big announcements for fans of MOTU of all ages. Stay tuned.

In terms of the MOTUC toy line, do look for some changes in 2012. For starters, day of prices for basic figures will go up to $22.00. Subscribers will still get there figures for the 2008 price of $20.00. Larger items like beasts and multipacks will also go up in similar increments ($33.00 vs. $30.00 etc…). We are still waiting to confirm implementing a system for subscribers to also purchase day-of or non sub product and save on shipping by combing with their sub items. Please stand by on this.

Also, as previously announced, we are reducing production quota a bit in 2012 to be closer to the sub number. There will be some day-of product, but some figures may not be as plentiful as they were in years past. (Which also means you likely won’t see sales like we just had on Black Friday/Cyber Monday again. Sure there may be a sale here and there, but it won’t likely be as extensive or as discounted as we just had). Going forward, as we start planning 2013, the line will start to favor the subscription model just a bit more. After a few years at this, we’ve found that is the safest bet to keep the line going long term. (There will still be day-of, it just means the sub is a bit more important as the lifeblood and growth indicator of the line, if that helps).

Finally, we have had a few schedule slips in 2012 already. There will 100% be a monthly figure, but some of the quarterly or 30th figures may slip a month or two. All will ship in 2012; they just may not be on the original month announced at SDCC etc. I know already we moved the Star Sisters to Feb and Thunder Punch He-Man has slipped out to April (from March). He will still have the first mini comic. We will update you as we move forward on any other changes to releases.

It truly looks to be an amazing year to be a MOTU fan in 2012. The mini comics are coming along fantastic. We are likely to reveal the covers of issues 2 and 3 at NYTF at our collector event (along with hopefully the next batch of figures and the updated Snake-Man-At-Arms with Roboto and Trap Jaw parts). NYTF Collector night will be out next big reveal for all collector brands.

And the best part; 2012 is just the beginning. Great things are in store for MOTU. The next few years are truly going to be a good journey.


21 comments to MOTU Classics Update: New Prices
& Schedule Changes for 2012

  • Benning

    I seem to recall there being a LOT more typos in the version I read at the Org… 😉

  • Benning

    So to sum up

    1) The subscription works better for Mattel.
    2) They will reduce production to encourage sub sales.
    3) They will increase the price to encourage sub sales.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Okay, I could just about understand a price increase across the board to cover the rising prices of raw materials. But this guy seems to want to piss off the people who are supposed to be sending Mattel money.

  • Shadow_Contact

    I preferred the “Between the lines” statements. Basically people with subs were pissed that nearly every figure was clearanced and as such no more clearances. Makes you wonder how they plan to get rid of overstock besides Mad Matty (Star Sisters I’m looking at you!).

  • Monaghan

    If they’re going to mix in Roboto & Trap Jaw bits, then I hope they’re doing arms and legs. I know some folks have talked about giving him roboto arms for circuitry, but I think it’d look damn strange if the legs were tights.

    Saw this at the Org http://i1045.photobucket.com/albums/b451/tjinuski78/200xMAA.jpg

  • He-Mullet

    My thoughts on this announcement:
    There seems to be a “Subscribe or Die!” attitude hidden within.

    On the price increase for people like me (non-subbers):
    That’s not as bad as I expected… One more price increase will make me quit, or become an Ultra cherry picker…
    I bet next year subbers will be hit by the price increase…

    The whole adding non-sub stuff to subscribers is a double edged sword… It kinda kills the whole subscribers get their stuff shipped earlier… (as well as killing the chances pickers have to get their stuff)

    Reduced numbers of produced items:
    Hopefully there will be enough stuff for me to get the figures… (lasting a day or 2 at least)
    On the whole no more BIG ass Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales… I’m pretty sure that if those guys had been available throughout the year they would have sold out even at full price!!

    If they stick their focus to the subs only the line will not grow… Fix the QC issues, distribution and the Website… that can help everyone a lot more than focusing on the subs… Oh yeah! I forgot, which of those options requires the least amount of effort…

    Slips in the schedule… Seems that Mattel is biting off than they can chew… Boo on delaying TP He-Man!

  • Wes Grogan

    They lost any chance of my subscription when they made it “all in” rather than tiered. I just couldn’t care less about some of the beasts/large figures and some of the months require a LOT of money put out. Knowing that I am far less likely than before to buy a figure without a subscription (which is really saying something considering how crappy Sale Day has been for so long) makes me not regret in the least my decision about a year ago to just stop buying them. I enjoy reading the reviews, I feel bad for everyone frustrated by it, but I’ve got the few I had as a kid and it’s just not anywhere near the headache. They keep making it harder and harder to enjoy the line for people, and I honestly just haven’t felt the need to fight them to take my money. And that’s a shame, because I do love me some He-Man.

    • Fire King Xi

      You make buying He-Man figures sound like the Bataan Death March. I’ve never had a sub, yet I have all the figures I’ve wanted from the line. I’ve never suffered the WOD on sale day, or suffered thru credit card issues with DR. With no headaches, no stress, and no frustration I’ve managed to collect 90% of the MOTUC line (skipping figures like Wun-Dork). You sure you’re doing it right?

  • Nicholai

    As someone who is non-sub (for MOTUC not DCUC) I’m fine with this though it may mean I don’t get something I want though that has happened before anyway. It is clear to me that they had a PR disaster in having so much extra stock to clearance out which left subscribers angry so here they really push people to be subscribers and won’t be having the big super-sales any longer.

  • Mathew Stein

    Well I think the fact they had soooo many figures left to sell for 50%, it means they were producing way too many figures. Personally I am happy with the sub, but I think if they cut back on some of the beasts or variants, they may be able to get a few more people to join the sub.

    • dayraven

      i disagree w/ that entirely. i think the “we’re only leaving the in stock items up for a week or two” is far more responsible for the leftover stock than the size of the production run. they’re intentionally pulling items they’ve made off the sale site for both “location sales” at cons and such, and they’re producing huge chunks of extra to cover all the defective figs. they’re playing a percentage game right now w/ their production run, and i think a simple shift in the percentages would yield the sales they seem to be after.

      it’s also worth note for me that the their sub system is bullcrap. for virtually any other sub product available, i can opt in at any point of the year. meaning a NEW customer can get in on the sub whenever they discover the product. mattel is really telling us here “we’re not even trying to hook new buyers into the line, we’re happy w/ the current number of buyers.”

      they’ve created their own nightmare here. no new customers means that they can’t increase the production run size, not being able to increase the run size means that they have to raise prices, and rising prices discourage current buyers from continuing to buy.

      congrats mattel, you just failed high school economics.

      • Rich

        This. This is right on.

        In 2014, when they finally get to Ram Man, what will happen? Runs will be small, and margins for cherry pickers will be non-existent, yet demand will be through the roof, even at $25, $26… $30.. (whatever the price is up to by then)?

        I think they’ve stated that they have to move product to DR’s warehouse for sale days and pay for that storage, which is why things come down off the site on non-sale times. But sitting on that inventory elsewhere with no ability to move it, apart from paying to move it to DR, who’s “logistics” at getting it out of California are awful to start with…? Well, it all goes back to what you said about failing economics, once again.

      • Fire King Xi

        I’m pretty sure the price increases are due to the cost of doing business with China. China’s economy is skyrocketing right now. Chin’s cost of operations and living are increasing. China is now outsourcing work to other less developed countries for the cheaper labor.

        I don’t believe figure prices will increase due to batch size until the subscription numbers fall below the minimum standards as we saw with the DCUC subby line.

  • David Eichelkraut

    If the Star Sisters hadnt been in the sub, i would have signed up for it.

    • ero

      That’s kind of where I was. I didn’t want any NA/POP/200x, but I was willing to bite the bullet to be a part of the line. But a $60 3-pack had better be something that appeals to the core audience, and the Star Sisters just doesn’t.

  • Magneto76

    I would’ve preferred if they included the Wind Raider into the Sub and left the SS out in the cold….I don’t want them and I won’t be displaying them anywhere. I Proudly Display Mo-Larr because he’s cooler then they are.
    I hope they mix in the TJ/R arm and legs for the SMAA it’ll definitely give him a more 200X feeling.

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Eesh . . .

    Once again Scott seems oblivious to the true facts behind Mattel’s blunderings of the line and why they’ve had to cut back and raise prices with their current setup.

    There were SO many fans who gave Mattel a blank check in good faith to do this right, and Mattel has made almost every move possible (shy of replacing the 4H) to ruin that good faith and sour fans on the experience.

    • Russ

      I don’t think he’s oblivious. The man tows the ultimate line between fan and corporate lackey…a job I don’t think anyone of us would ever want to attempt.

  • P-Rex

    Matty canceled my subscription because I had to get a new credit card (the old one was stolen) and I fought with DR on the phone and through e-mails for a friggin’ month to get it back, but it never happened. Scott’s new decree is further insult to injury. I’ve had far more pleasant experiences on ebay. It’s a little more expensive, but the customer service is light years ahead of Mattel’s. Also, I love the forum on this site. It stands in stark contrast to the .org, where a lot of people are saying “Great! Thank you, Scott! Glad I got a sub! STAR SISTERS ARE THE BEST WOOOOOOOO!”