Ask Matty
September 1st Edition

Ask Matty – September 1st Edition

DCClassics.Com: Has Batman Legacy been green-lit for a third assortment yet?

We did reveal the next few figures at SDCC including the Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylum! Stay tuned for more.

Editor’s Note: We failed to put the word ‘singles’ in the question on this one. IAT: 0, Matty: 1. There’s a lot of talk about Batman Legacy continuing, but we’re only seeing 2pk figures. Wave 2 of the DCUC-compatible singles is already out and there’s still no word of a Wave 3.

MOTUClassics.Com: Is there any chance a future bio that will reveal more about Demo-Man? Or is the bio on his figure (which was more about Skeletor) all collectors will have to go on?

Keep reading the bios! We are not going to spill the beans here!

MOTUClassics.Com: Were the all black pupils and heavy black outlines on Queen Marlena a design choice or a factory error?

The eyes were a bit less on model then we would have liked compared to the Horsemen paintmaster. (better on the Queen head) But this was not done at all to make her look more animated. Every figure is painted by hand and this is just part of the toy making process.

DCClassics.Com: In the last round, an answer indicated that all seven figures in Wave 20 would be needed to build Nekron. Is he really the first figure that will require seven figures to be purchased or was that in error? If only six figures are required (per routine) which figure wonโ€™t be needed to build him.

Yes, Wave 20 has seven figures, all of which are needed to build Nekron. Be on the lookout for these figures on shelf in early 2012.

ItsAllTrue.Net: How far along is the Rookie figure for Ghostbusters? We love the belt and accessories, but the proton pack appears to be a reuse instead of being game accurate. Will it be that way on the final figure?

The Rookie is far along in the process. The proton pack is the standard version, however the belt is game accurate.

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18 thoughts on “Ask Matty
September 1st Edition

  1. Ya know, as I read the other answers via the links, I get a sense of a more than usual non-answers level.

    Allow me to quote from CriticalMess because this makes me laugh so hard.

    “1. Many of our members have suggested that the first three figures in Club Infinite Earths (Atrocitus, Jay Garrick, Starman) are actually what would have been wave 21 of DCUC. Can you confirm or refute whether thatโ€™s the case?

    Wave 21 was never announced. When we selected characters for DC Universe Club Infinite Earths, we picked the figures we thought the fans would love to see in a subscription program.”


    I mean, it IS correct, right? In a very technical, careful parsing of the sentence way. COULD have said “yes, while Wave 21 was not officially announced those figures were already in prototype so it was faster to use them for our frankly ad-hoc last minute pitch” or something like that.

    Of course when one lives by parsing sentences word-by-word one then has the fear that SOMEONE might read between the lines and decide that this would be a comment on DC/Warner Bros. instructions regarding the DC license, a comment that very well could be interpreted as not positive.

    Reading these answers for this time, I think I’m metaphorically sore from the metaphorical Mattel handjobs…

  2. “The Rookie is far along in the process. The proton pack is the standard version, however the belt is game accurate.”

    In other words, “This is what you’re getting so f*ck off.”

    I guess there hasn’t been as much noise about the Rookie as there was with SB Winston. I can’t say it’ll make or break the figure for me, but I think that’s because I haven’t played the videogame.

    1. that’s exactly how i read that too… nice to know they’re “going the extra mile for the fans.”

      and yes, i hate to point out noisy, but you guys kind of get the losing end of more of those “monkey paw” questions than you win… so it’s really more like iat 0/ matty 14 at this point. you guys have to submit questions after carefully asking yourselves “how could i not answer this?” but they’re (apparently) actively looking for ways to dodge these Q&A answers… it’s preposterous, but no one is this good at something without trying at it.

      1. Oh, I know we do. But I like my track recoard compared to some of the other sites at least. That was more my poking fun at myself for missing the obvious. I usually frame better.

      2. “They actually gave you some real answers this time!” doesn’t get said very often around here… When it does though, it’s said for days. It’s kind of silly that when it happens it’s such an “event” that it gets dwelled on.

        Still waitin’ on my matching Panthor helmet for Skeletor. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I think the Rookie got screwed by there not being a big enough backlash to it (unlike SB Winston). I didn’t even notice about the pack until it was poised as a Q&A submission.

  3. Well he starts out the game (which is awesome) with pretty much the standard pack so it can still work.

  4. I’m surprised that they didn’t spring for an accurate pack, since then they could have sold four more pointless variants of the primary Ghostbusters! That would nearly be a whole year of figures with no new tooling required at all.

    1. Orrrrr they could sell the packs and traps and other stuff as an ‘upgrade’ set all by themselves and really raked it in, as the profit margin would be even greater!

      Because who of those that have these wouldn’t want more traps, more streams, more PKE meters and such?

      1. Nah, if they sell an accessory pack, that is only one sale. Now, four rereleases of the Ghostbusters with proton streams, four with traps, four with stands- that is the way to maximise sales. Throw in Proton stream/stand variants of thr rookie and you have two years worth of product.

        On a *slightly* less ridiculous note, how many courtroom/tv commercial variants are left?

        1. Well, that’s true, but it assumes the line continues, yes?

          I strongly believe the main reason the GB line started was to cash in on the ‘upcoming’ GB III movie and the video game. Game’s out, movie is still in development hell, right NOW the mainstream doesn’t care jack squat about Ghostbusters…

          And we know Matty is all about the now.

          Just putting that out there. The cost of the license adds a burden that MOTU doesn’t have.

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