Wonder Festival
Summer 2011 – UPDATE!

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9 thoughts on “Wonder Festival
Summer 2011 – UPDATE!

    1. I’ll let the guys at Kaiyodo know that you think they’re bastards.

      Green jacket Lupin would only require a repaint.
      Goemon would only require a head sculpt added to a repainted Himura Kenshin/Battousai.
      Fujiko might require a little more work.

      This might also be worth mentioning to them.

      1. Well, look, it’s just the way these things happen, right? TakaraTomy are even more bastards for botching up their potentially key license, Votoms.

        (And Bandai..oh god Bandai. Tekkaman Blade, Samurai Troopers…argh!)

        Of the ‘Lupin Gang’ the one I thought might be a tough sculpt was Zenigata, because of the trench coat.

        I’m sure the issue is “sales didn’t meet projections” but how much of that can be attributed to poor promotion? At least out here in gaijinland we only saw prototype pics that because of the way the joints are designed, the figures looked terrible. The shoulder area was nightmare-ish.

        The final figures turned out pretty darn good. They’re FILLED with Lupin Energy.

        Ah well. Sho ga nai, right?

    2. Hmm, I swear I’ve seen him in his green jacket. But maybe that was a custom…

      1. If it were an American figure I’d assume it was a shortpack treasure hunt figure, but being Japan, I think custom is the most likely. 🙂

        If they did do green jacket Lupin, they’d have to choose a look, either First Series or the softer Cagliostro Castle look.

        It’s funny, I had typed the above and later in the day, I was gifted with my own Lupin!! Man that’s a sweet figure. I wish I had a better place to display him. He needs his own shelf. I kinda wish there were a couple more heads for more looks, and there REALLY needs to be a Fujiko for him to annoy and attempt to molest. 🙂

  1. man… that jojo gallery is just top notch. i know jack about that property, but holy crap are those characters incredible looking. they’re a tad small for my tastes, but i will say this to any who are on the fence: i bought into another SAS sub-line, the kinnikuman sub-line, and the fig is of top notch quality. he takes some of the most dynamic poses i’ve ever been able to get out of a figure (as the vikor’s bad day video proved), and he’s source accurate in a way that makes me cry for most american toys. so in summary… medicos has their formula together! yes, the figs are costly, but you won’t be sitting there at home thinking “man, now that i have this in my hand, it’s got limb warpage, it’s too big, the stupid gimmick feature broke, it’s missing a key accessory” whathaveyou.

  2. I LOVE Assemble Borgs, really underrated imo. Can’t wait for that Riobot Gurren Lagann to come out. That new Black Rock Shooter Beast figma looks cool.

  3. assemble borg look excellent, but the price tag is just too high for me to invest in the kind of numbers you’d need to to really take advantage of the play feature.

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