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ItsAllTrue Review:
Spy Monkey Creations

Okay, I know I started the review off saying that there was more to show than say and I’ve been talking your ear off. That won’t be the case with Dark Arsenal of the Space Pirate. While I’ve got some things to talk about, the number of combinations available necessitated a whole page of pictures unto itself.

The Arsenal includes five pieces – a Photon Crossblaster, a Scimitar Blade, a ‘Pest Pulverizer’, a pistol, and a hilt.

While you can see that these weapons are perfect as attachments for the Evil and Armed for Combat Master, the true genius here is the hilt and the pistol. Each item is interchangeable, so you not only have a scimitar blade attachment, but also a scimitar sword itself.

The pistol works the same way, acting as its own unique piece or being able to combine with the others to make a handheld crossblaster for any character or… even a swordgun.

The swordgun combination is a bit loose, but all the other combinations are snug while poping on and off easily. And even though it didn’t occur to me to get a picture of it, the three attachment pieces all include hooks so that they can be affixed to the belt.

All of the Dark Arsenal pieces are nicely sculpted and feature level of detail (check out the grid on that flyswatter) I’ve come to expect from SMC. This particular accessory kit is also available as the Tools of the Master Strategist, cast in silver.

The Dark Arsenal will set you back $15, while the other swords, axes, and shields are $10 each. The prices might sound high, but you have to keep in mind that each item is hand-crafted and made to order. Youโ€™re also sure to receive weapons that are sturdy in your hands and feel like they’ll hold up to play. I’ve been getting my share of flimsy gummy weapons in mass market releases from Hasbro and Mattel lately, but I know that I can expect top notch weapons from Spy Monkey Creations. The prices might keep you from buying each and every colorway, but if you’ve got some fantasy figures and are looking to spice up your collection/display, then the SMC weapons should be right up your alley.

Most of the weapons featured here are available at the SMC Store while the Dread Axe of Horrors is available at Poe Ghostal’s Points of Acquisition.

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29 comments to ItsAllTrue Review:
Spy Monkey Creations

  • Mags4Life

    I’ve only gotten a few of these because of the price, but they are really well made! The Dark Arsenal looks sweet too. I need to get that one for sure.

    • I really enjoyed that set, so much so that I’m planning on picking up the silver set when the time comes and I need the crossbow and pistol in Strato’s blue too.

      It’s a slippery slope with these weapons…

  • Thom

    That wallpaper in Trap Jaw’s house is trippy. Nice review though.

  • If anyone wonders where your “Dear Such-and-Such” letters went, I removed them. Some of them where really hilarious, but if there were more than a half dozen this early in the morning, I don’t want to find out how many there would have been after a full day! ๐Ÿ˜€

    There’s no real stay on-topic rule, but let’s talk about Spy’s weapons! Have you bought any?

  • Halifax

    Why do you always have green people stealing stuff? Don’t you know it’s the Gars that you have to keep an eye on…

    • I’m not ready to blame Gar’s for everything okay. And I resent the implication that my reviews are biased against green people. They’re just envious… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jason P.

    Fantastic photos! I’ve got to quit checking your site at work. I love that the Goddess is a nuisance for creating all the He-Men!! LOL

  • Squall Leonhart

    While Spy’s weapons are awesome, I haven’t bought any… This set is tempting me to do so… Just because a MOTUC Gunblade is possible with that pack…

  • Sephron13

    Awesome review(s) as always. Great to see more support and praise for SMC. I have every MOTUC-related accessory to date (minus the Toastor shield and the Master Strategist set, both of which I intend on getting) and I LOVE them all. Extremely well crafted and thought-out items, very durable too. Plus, SMC has excellent customer service!

    And the Goddess bit had me rolling, haha. Nice.

  • Brian S. of SMC here,
    Thanks for the kind words and awesome review Noisy. These pictures are a riot!
    We’re really having fun with this and are happy we can share our stuff with so many great people.

    • Thanks for stopping in, Brian! Thank you for all the stuff! You guys have a great thing going and I’m glad that you guys are there to give my MOTU collection some flare!

  • Sector1014

    Great pics and info as always. I’m way behind on picking up all this stuff. I might just have to make one huge order at some point.

    • Thanks, Sec! I had to get caught up too. A few smaller orders and then one bigger order this last week to be caught up.

      I’m not done either! I still want the 200x Empyrean sword, some of the shields, the Master Strategist weapons, and I’m hoping I can get a cast of the crossbow and pistol in Stratos blue. I gotta save up! LOL

  • THIS.

    THIS is the sort of thing we need more of. Dude is selling stuff, he’s making people happy, yes it’s all hand crafted ‘garage’industry but he’s putting product out that people want and he’s not playing the “RARE! BUY IT NOW OR NEVER EVER OWN IT!!!” card. This is a very smart gentleman.

    The Toast Shield is awesome. Completely awesome. Of course the sword should look like a butter knife. A crazy, techno-barbarian butter knife. Mmmm, toast.

    I’m curious, what are these weapons made of? I’m guessing two-part resin in RTV rubber molds, that’s the most logical but I might be completely surprised by the reality. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And what is the deal with Jowls? Is that Trap Jaw parts on Optikk’s body and repainted or what? I CAN’T TELL WHAT”S REAL ANYMORE!! AAAAHHH!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chris

    The look on Goddess’s face is what really sets off that last pic! Not to mention Trappy’s homemaking skillz. I can see the “store” being a great setting for an ongoing comic… Alas, if only there were a way to work in the caption – “Hordak’s Horde Axe”.

    • I love the ‘store’ but it’s kicked my ass both times I’ve trotted it out! It’s a ton of work, but it does pay off in the end.

      Horde Axe LOL.

  • Rod Keith

    Everything looks great! But I don’t collect MOTUC. I do, however, collect DCUC. Besides the ‘Emerald Warrior’ beams, does Spy Monkey have any more plans for that line? ‘Cause I’ll buy ’em!

    • Chris

      I don’t see why they couldn’t do the same beams in yellow. Probably the other colors too – but without any warriors to weild them…

      • I’d like to know about that as well. Like Chris says there’s definitely some money in yellow so far (and presumably the other colors).

        • AmericanHyena

          They cast the light constructs in yellow for me. I was supposed to pick them up at Comic-Con…and kinda sorta forgot.

          They’ll fit Cyborg Superman and Sinestro Batman (when he comes out) but that’s about it.

  • Chris

    I was so busy reading the review and the word balloons that I didn’t catch the half power swords in the discount bin! Bwahahahaha!!!!

  • Christian "Magneto76"

    I love my Space-Pirate set for Trap-Jaw, I finally have my crossbow laser blaster!!!! I love the Scimitar blade..so Cool. I finally picked up the Demon blades for Skeletor and Hordak and I was blown away by how amazing these are in person.I really wanna get more of the blades and the shields too. Thanks SMC for giving the fans that little something extra for our figures ๐Ÿ™‚