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Whiplash Review

As I’ve said many times, we get one big batch of MOTU figures because we all subscribed together. We save a ton on shipping, but paint issues can cause a bit of consternation because someone has to end up with bad ones should there be any (and there usually is at least one). On Whiplash, most of the paintwork is solid. The belt is a little sloppy, but not so bad that I really care. The fading from dark to light is handled particularly well and makes the stark transition from his torso to his head more believable. The top of the arms could have used similarly detailing, but with the ball articulation, it probably wouldn’t have turned out all that well.

The heads were a different story. Luckily, I ended up with two usable heads, but the two heads I’m not using came with messed up eyes and extra slop. This isn’t a big deal for me, I bought two and I came out a head, but again, the paint work on these figures needs to better overall. Adult collectibles indeed.

Whiplash included two accessories. The classic spear, already repainted gold for Randor in an upcoming weapon’s pak, is a simple piece, but it works. It fits only in the right hand, but the left hand is sculpted with a wide grip to accommodate the MO2K weapon, but it works great with the spear as Whiplash can be posed to be gripping the wider middle section of the spear. It’s not a perfect fit, but it works.

On my two Whiplash figures, though, that grip doesn’t come in as handy with the MO2K weapon. It’s a close fit, but I had to push in the hand and cool it a bit to get a good grip on it for these pictures. Now, I have to admit that way back in the far-flung time of MO2K, I didn’t really get this weapon. It’s an inspired design, but it just didn’t speak to me. This version does, but ironically, it’s still mostly the same weapon. Sure, details like the strange symbols, the cracks, and the circuitry were removed, but the weapon is true to its origin. Vault would probably tell you that I like it because the main body is orange instead of copper. I do love orange….

Overall, Whiplash wasn’t one of my faves as a kid. I had him and he was okay, but the stark difference between the greens was always odd to me. I find myself liking him much more as a Classic than I ever did in any previous incarnation. I love the new legs and arms and after seeing pics at the Org of a bare-chested Whiplash, I’m impressed by the overall level of detail. The paint work could be better, I was only spared disappointment because I bought two.

Finally, I’m glad that he got his MO2K bits included. Hopefully, there’s been enough noise to let folks at Mattel know that we want more like this. A great update to the vintage figure with the right mix of MO2K elements.

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32 comments to MOTUClassics.Com:
Whiplash Review

  • Dan

    HA! That last picture is priceless. Nice review. I have to agree – the 200x head is superb.

  • orionpax636

    What does Skeletor pay his flunkies with? What’s the benefits program like?

    I hear you on the paint issues on the heads. The 200x head on mine has a right eye that drifts to the right. Must be Mattel’s revenge for my recent posts on the 200x subject…

    Also, as much as I dig the 200x head and the figure overall, I agree with many in that it just seems a bit too big. It’s not horrible, but I think I’d like it smaller to look more like the pinheaded 200x figure. Does the 200x figure have a balljointed head? I wonder if a transfer is possible.

    • LOL

      I’ve been beating myself up over ordering two subs for next year, but I would’ve been ticked off if I got only one of the two Whiplashes.

      I think I could see people feeling it’s a bit too big from certain angles. I should’ve taken a dead on picture, it looks really good in that pose.

      As for a ball joint on the old one, I don’t know. Maybe? Or it could just be a loose swivel. LOL

    • JamesLynch

      “What does Skeletor pay his flunkies with? What’s the benefits program like?”

      Well, we know they’ve at least got dental.

  • Dale

    It makes you wonder if those are boots, how does he get his feet into them in the first place?

    Good review, and I love the last pic especially. Whiplash has always been my favorite of Skeletor’s henchmen. I couldn’t be happier right now.

    • I have no idea. I think he has tiny feet in there. LOL

      I didn’t get into Whiplash as a kid, but in his defense, I always preferred the heroes to the villains across the board.

  • Tim

    Why do you refer to 200X as “MO2K” part of the way into the article? What does MO2K even mean? Is it just a made-up phrase you’ve come up with? I saw someone (you?) using that same phrase on the Org yesterday in a now closed thread about beating a dead horse.

    • It wasn’t me using that phrase at the Org (I was glad to see that thread go), but it did remind me of a term for 200x that I’d heard years ago either at Poe Ghostal’s or OAFE maybe.

      I added a little italic section into the review explaining my use of the MO2K term for new readers. I’m just tired of 200x as a term because I don’t think it’s a good descriptor. I’ve been looking for something to replace it with. I’m going to try out MO2K for awhile and see how it goes.

      • Russ

        I don’t like the term 200x either; I just use “2002”….I also coined the phrase MOTU02, but no one else seems to like it…

      • PrfktTear

        Everyone’s trying to coin their new term for the “200x” line. I’ve just always gone with that because it seems to be the general title given to it. PoeGhostal has tried to start a new trend by calling it the “Millennium” line, which does have a ring to it. Its funny the term “200x” is usually pronounced “Two thousand EX” but in reality its “Two Hundred EX”! 😉

  • choon

    The Heads in the pictures look off. The Colors seem to be a brighter green than anything else on his body. Is this a correct analysis? Or is it the pics or lighting maybe?

  • el mariachi

    yay whiplash!!!!!

  • Mose

    Hey, guys, long time reader, first time poster. I have some comments:

    I like your reviews. There well thought out and at times are funny. To be honest, I’ve been enjoying them for over a year. In fact, this site and Poe’s are one of the reason I started collecting this line, starting with Tri-Klops over a year ago.

    The controversy regarding the 200X inspired head is nothing more than a joke. When you compare the two heads together, the vintage one has far more detail than the 200X one. To me, Mattel’s Meddling Middle Management seems like there trying to remove all the MO2K (giving it a shot) elements from MOTUC. I thought MOTU Classics is supposed to represent all eras of MOTU merged into a classic style, not whatever they pick and choose. It’s downright disappointing.

    Even though Toyguru says they may try to do 200X inspired versions of characters down the road, given the middle management current mentality, I honestly have a hard time believing him.

    I’m starting to get concerned for NA and POP at this point. What’s to stop middle management from removing NA and POP as well if they feel they are taking to long to sell-out. At this rate we may only have a straight up vintage line, alienating the other eras in the process. Where’s the fun in that?

    The line was doing fine the way it was. Seriously bug off, meddling middle management. Any more needless interference and all your going to do is hurt this line.

    Sorry for the rant, Looking forward to the next review.

    Also when is Mr. Rant going to post another article? I enjoyed those too.

    • Thanks for commenting, Mose!

      You’ve got a good rant going! I’ve tried to not to go too far down the “sky is falling” road with the latest 200x issue, but we have learned that there is nothing to stop management from stepping in and making this broad decisions. I’m sure that NA & POP are safe, but the possibility exists that any element could be stricken in a similar manner based solely on that one person’s beliefs.

      The truth is that that’s true for any toy line, any one involved can play favorites and alter the line to their whims. It’s a bit of idealism on our part to ask that not happen, but ask we must!

    • orionpax636

      Yeah, I wouldn’t be too worried about NA and PoP characters getting the ax either. Those two sections have been committed to repeatedly whenever Mattel personnel have been asked about their inclusion in the line, and unlike 200x/MO2K (happy, Noisy?), hasn’t been threatened in veiled, confusing ways.

      That plus, we’ve gotten Optikk, Adora, She-Ra, and Bow on the way – I think NA and PoP are safe. But don’t get me wrong, like you, I’m down to see more.

      • Mose

        Thanks for the replies, guys.

        It’s just annoying and disappointing that the higher ups seem to have no problems shunning a part of the community for something that was Mattel’s fault to begin with regarding the MO2K line. At this point it looks like they’re more interested in producing straight up vintage figures. TBH, as a MO2K fan, I was happy with the nods here and there (i.e.: Webstor’s extra eyes and legs, Tri-Klops’ eyes underneath the visor and the vintage inspired doomseeker, etc.). I loved that they were merging elements from multiple eras into one style and figure.

        I just believe that after soon to be two and a half years, they should be releasing all eras equally, because as soon as one era/line is complete, some fans of said line may stop collecting this line altogether.

        P.S: Will He-Ro ever get a re-release? Or was he a one time thing?

  • Sy Branch

    I received mine yesterday & the vintage head looks way better than the modern head. Oh another funny review again!!!

  • Adrian

    I’m just not feeling Whiplash. He’s a decent figure as far as MOTUC goes, but tehre’ sjust something about him I don’t like.

  • Thom

    Great review! I expect to get mine today…

  • Nicholai

    My tail part doesn’t want to stay on very well. I had to really push it on and even then if he leans back a bit on the tail it comes off.

  • As soon as I got him, I ripped off the old school head (FINISH HIM! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!) and threw it in the trash. It was a bad design back then and it’s a horrible design now. The new head actually looks better and flows better and, I don’t see why everyone says it was too big, because… it looked fine. If you were to go with a more “pin head” look, then the entire proportion of his body is the one that’s too small. But, I think it’s fine and if they decide to make his brother, then the new head design would flow better.

    The reason why I rip on the new head’s design is for the fact that it looks like a factory screw up for the old vinyl heads, like it was squashed from the sides at the factory. This is from the front view, mind you. When you have him at a profile view (from the side, for those who don’t understand what I’m talking about…) it furthers this opinion because it looks to long from his face to the back of the head.

    In the end, the “newer” head actually fits the bill of actually updating the character for today’s standards. I never really liked (or remembered, for that matter) Whiplash from the old cartoons but the newer MO2/200x cartoon (it’s not even an anime…) … well… no… I still didn’t really care for him… But at least he still looks cooler now.

  • Aww, the trash? LOL

    I guess that balances things out, I saw a guy who threw the MO2K head in the trash on the Org!

    I’d love to get a Ceratus. Personally, depending on the amount of MO2K Meddlor lets through from the 4H to us, I’m hoping we get Ceratus with some newer MO2Kesque armor and then I might switch my newer Whiplash head to that body.

  • dayraven

    meddlor… that’s funny, or would be if it weren’t true. apparently poe just outed meddlor again w/ the reveal that the adam paint master had a back frog for his sword.

  • PrfktTear

    I just can’t get behind the Millennium/MOTU2K (pronounce that MOE-TEWK!)/200x head. If it was just a smidge smaller, it would probably look a lot better. Its a great design, don’t get me wrong. Maybe with a little customizing it would look good.

    I’d never throw away a head I didn’t like, I just couldn’t do it! ^_^