Four Horsemen News:
OSM Wave 3 & Symbiotech Pics!

Late last night, the Four Horsemen gave an early peak at some of the items they’ll have on display at San Diego. The announcement included first looks at the early mockups of the third wave of Outer Space Men (Commander Comet & Mystron!) and a special look at a long awaited Symbiotech figure.

Here’s what the Four Horsemen had to say about these sneak peaks:

As promised, here are shots of one of the Outer Space Men from wave 3 – COMMANDER COMET – THE MAN FROM VENUS!!

As we said before, this is a rough, unapproved prototype. He’s also still missing his crossbow accessory.

Mel is very serious about the look that these figures should have, and we’re certain that he’s going to come back with changes for us that are going to make these figures the best that they can possibly be!

Keep your eyes peeled for the second OSM character for wave 3! In the meantime, can you guess who it’ll be?

It’s the second Outer Space Men character from wave 3 – MYSTRON – THE MAN FROM HOLLOW EARTH!!

Again, this is a rough, unapproved prototype and he’s still missing his demon-blaster but you can definitely tell where this guy’s headed. He may turn out to be one of our favorites!

If you’re worried about limited articulation in the hips, that’s a new crotch underneath that will be a very soft PVC slip-over belt/shell. We have big plans for re-use of this crotch/slip-over shell combo in the future. Even outside the world of OSM!

Be sure to stop by booth #4045 at Comic Con to see these and LOTS of other new prototypes in person!


As promised, it’s TYGOS & TYGOLITH!!

These two guys will be the first releases for Symbiotech, and if we can work it out, we may release a second Pygma and Goleth pair at the same time to create the first wave!

We’re extremely excited about the new Symbio-Lock articulation we’ve put into Tygos! He has ball & socket joints at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles!!

The back-packs and other fittings on the character’s armor are compatible with Onell Designs: Glyos pop & play system!

Not only that, but the shoulder joints have also incorporated the Glyos build system into the ball & socket joint which will allow customizers a new level of interchangeability!!

Check out the photos, let us know what you think, and if you’re at Comic Con, please be sure to come by booth #4045 to see the original, non-updated prototypes of three more Symbiotech: Pygma/Goleth pairs!


For larger pictures of these exciting new figures hit up these two threads on the Fantastic Exclusive Forums!

19 thoughts on “Four Horsemen News:
OSM Wave 3 & Symbiotech Pics!

  1. What’s the story on Symbiotech? Is that like a stone tiger? He looks cool, I just don’t know what I’m looking at really.

    The OSM look cool. It just struck me that the wings will be OSM compatible. They might be big, but that could be sweet. And I hope Comet’s chest emblem is removable like the first few guys look to be. The hose chest has some serious resuses.

    1. we don’t really know yet, but i’d say your guess is spot on. mosey on over to and check out some of the other smybiotech pymga/goleth pairs and you’ll see they all bare a strong elemental affinity. and most of them look fresh as hell… these guys aren’t even the coolest design on the table. and they look muy fresca to me!

      1. I think we know what the pics can tell us – about the beast/rider combo that’s allowed for by the addition of the Symbiotech armor.

        The 4H did let us know that there are a couple more pieces to the Tygolith armor that we’re not seeing in these pics!

        And I agree on Comet’s chest emblem. I hope it’s an additional piece on the final figure. The more customizable the better I say!

  2. The big Symbiotech guy looks great. COMMANDER COMET almost looks like I sculpted him out of Play-Doh, in the 5th grade. Not exactly what I normally expect from the Horsemen, ya know? Maybe one of the fellas was drunk or something?

    I guess they’re trying to stay true to the original figures, but I dunno… Just looks like… Not good. Then again it’s a “rough proto” so hopefully the final looks good.

    Contrasting, MYSTRON looks pretty neat.

    I like all the Glyos cross over potential. Maybe this sort of stuff will help lower the costs of the Glyos figures.

    1. Ouch! LOL

      I think Mystron is spot on, and yeah, Comet needs his head examined a bit. The original figure did feature a wide noggin, but I thought it’d be nice to go in the direction of the Engle artwork and make the head slimmer overall. We’ll have to see what tweaks Mel Birnkrant is going to want.

      The symbio-lock is looking good – I’m hoping it’s something along the lines of Xevoz artic. And the Glyos compatible is going to allow for some crazy customs.

      1. I think it’s because his neck is fatter than his head. Mel needs to let them deviate a bit from the classic style guide.

  3. The Symbiotech stuff looks great! I see the v crotch and the ball shoulders, but what other articulation does the big guy have? The little guy looks loaded up on Xevoz joints.

    The outerspace men guys don’t look as nice as the current ones, but we’re seeing mockups so I’m sure they’ll look FANtastic come release time. The wings look great.

    1. I imagine we’ll here more about the articulation in the coming day. And yeah – Xevoz-type joints is what I’m thinking on Tygos.

  4. Yes!!!! I’m excited that the OSM is already half way through the planning stages. I can’t wait to get and see them all.

  5. Hopefully the new OSM are up to par by the time they hit virtual shelves.

    I gotta agree with everyone on the Tygolith. I don’t know how that didn’t win at Fanex all those years.

  6. I see how it is, IAT links to the FAN EX boards and brings them down. I love this stuff and Symbiotech will be a must have when they are released.

    1. Well at least now I know it’s not just my shitty computer at work. What a shite day for traffic 🙁

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