Vault Review: Gamera
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #006)

When I was young, I was a huge Godzilla fan. There was nothing better than giant monsters destroying cities. Even today, I still love watching those cheesy movies and their modern remakes. That’s why I’m excited every time Revoltech releases one of these characters.

A few weeks ago, we took a look at Baragon and today I’m looking at figure #6 in Revoltech’s Sci-Fi line: Gamera, Guardian of the Universe.

I didn’t discover Gamera when I was young. I didn’t even know there was a giant turtle that protected the Earth until one day, while flipping through the cable channels, I came upon an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. This was my first exposure to Gamera, which might explain why I don’t have the reverence for the giant turtle that I do of the giant lizard. Comparatively, I’ve always felt the old Gamera movies looked more fake than the Godzilla films. (Yes, I do realize that’s ridiculous.) But still, Gamera is Japan’s other monster, so I felt compelled to buy him.

One reason I was prone to buying this figure is because of his look. This Gamera is based on his 1995 movie appearance, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. Like Godzilla 2000, the studio took the opportunity to update Gamera’s look from the cheesy rubber suits to a more realistic and dangerous design. I have to admit, I’m glad Kaiyodo went with this design first. The sculptor, Matsumura Shinobu, did a terrific job not only on the figures design functionality but on the overall look. There are details that you’d expect on any giant turtle figure: a hard shell with multiple layers of plate, wrinkly looking turtle skin, and rows of tiny individually sculpted little teeth. All these things look great, but it’s the smaller, more accurate details that amaze me: the little spiny ridge between his eyes, the sculpted detail on the roof of his mouth, and the sculpted line work on the bottom of his feet. You can’t look at this figure and see an area without details.

Gamera uses the classic Revoltech joints. His jaw, shoulders, elbows, waist (yes, there is a waist in there), thighs, knees, and ankles are all Revolver joints. His tail is segmented, like a finger, and contains three Revolver joints. Gamera’s forearms have a cut joint half way up, allowing them to swivel. This was an interesting choice, but it allows for his hands to be changed out for alternates easily. The wrists are hinge joints on both sets of hands. Continue to Page 2…

17 thoughts on “Vault Review: Gamera
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #006)

  1. This Sci-Fi line is an interesting one and I like the inclusion of the monsters, but I simply need to see the Godzilla before I commit. This slow rollout of the lesser knowns is interesting, but if it causes them to lose interest before they get to certain Godzilla characters than I won’t be buying the line.

    As for the scale, I think it’s possible that they may be going for a relative scale. Many of the monsters changed size over the years because the had to match the size of the buildings. The cities got bigger and so to did the monsters. Perhaps they’ll just pick sizes where everybody looks good together.

    Even if relative, Gamera is on the small side, but I can’t say I mind if the Toho knockoffs are a bit undersized in a Godzilla universe.

    1. Well, Mothra is the next monster and she’ll be August, if memory serves. So we’re getting there.

      I love Godzilla, but I don’t mind getting the lesser knowns. Hopefully the slow build up is just Revoltech’s way of gauging interest in the more obscure characters. Because we all know Godzilla isn’t going to have a problem selling.

  2. Why are the nice articulated monsters small and the bigs ones unarticulated? We live in a cruel world sometimes… LOL

  3. Recent reader and loving the site and the opinions! I’m glad to see the “it’s a TOY, take it out of the damn box!” attitude!

    Vault, may I call you Vault? Vault, you are going to completely lose your mud over the upcoming Revoltech Buzz Lightyear. And Mothra looks stunning. You wouldn’t think you could do much with a giant moth but wow, they’re really making it work.

    As to scale? I’m sure they’re all ‘box’ scale, but looking at ol’ Baragon with Gamera, I’m starting to wonder if maybe they’re going for ‘these are all men in suits so that’s how big they are’ scale?

    1. Glad you’re liking the site, and you are definitely welcome to call me Vault.

      I’ve been looking at those Toy Story Revoltechs. Still haven’t decided if I’m going to get them or not though. They look great, but it’s coming down to where to allocate the money lol. I can’t wait for Mothra though. You’re entirely correct on how amazing her articulation looks.

      You know, I never even considered that as a possibility for the scale. It makes sense looking at these three. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when Godzilla hits. I don’t want him to be too big, but he needs to at least be taller than Baragon I think.

      1. dude, Buzz Lightyear is going to have MOVING EYES. And at least two faces. And green army men.

        OTOH I want the upcoming Maser Tank so bad it makes my teeth hurt.

  4. see.. what’s funny to me is, I GAINED a huge love and respect for Gamera thanks to MST3K. Indeed, if I didn’t love that he is really neat, and indeed filled with turtle meat, I would not have plunked down the cash for neither this one, or the earlier microman version. (which is probably why I’m not sad about the small size, those are tiny too)

    mostly because, compared to the Coca-Cola that is Godzilla, Gamera seems closer to RC… I’m not sure why.. he just never got the air time that Godzilla did.

    I haven’t gotten mine yet.. it’s sitting in my pile o’ loot from bbts.. but I am very happy I got him, seeing how sweet he is.

    but I do hope to see the big zilla soon… preferably in either 60’s version or the final war version.. which are my preferred styles

    1. Man, I miss MST3K. Even though I’m not the biggest Gamera fan, I am a huge fan of this figure. So it evens out I guess, lol.

      BTW, how is that Gamera Microman? I always thought that idea was cool.

      Final War Godzilla would be cool. My first exposure to him was in the 1985 movie though, so that’s the version I’m rooting for. Ultimately, I really hope they make all the versions, even the Godzillasaurus and Zilla (the American one). I’m going to be so broke.

      1. bleah… Zilla… he and his Guy Smiley chin… but I’m with you… I’d love to have a line of Zillas with all their subtle and minor differences, leading up to the awesome that was the final war Godzilla.

        the microman figures are cool for their own reasons (I have the modern gamera and the aforementioned final war Godzilla) and I almost look at them as toys of the actors more than the monsters, since you literally have to shove a standard microman into an unwieldy rubber suit. believe me when I say it was a complete pain in the ass, though gamera was a little easier thanks to the removable shell. the articulation gets super limited because of the rubber, but it looks really sweet, and, like I said, almost a tiny prop replica of the costume.

        but I’m sure the revoltech is much more fun to play with. they also have a ton more accessories. I’m in love with the flying rig and fire bolt

  5. I have a Gamera waiting for me in my BBTS Bag of Loot. While I’m still excited, seeing how tiny he is is really disappointing. I don’t care about scale, I just wasn’t expecting 3 inches. I was expecting closer to 5.

    1. I’m with you there. I was expecting closer to five also. He’s still a great figure though.

  6. I don’t really think they’re that out of scale with each other, but Gamera is a bit on the small side. If you flip flopped their figure sizes and used Baragon’s Destroy All Monsters movie size, they’d be about right.

    BBTS hasn’t sent me mine yet. Dunno what that’s about.

    1. Yeah, I don’t really need Gamera to be huge. I just wish he was a little bigger than Baragon.

  7. My guess would be that the size difference is due to the different movie companies.
    Baragon, in the original movies, stood 25 metres tall and in the most recent appearance was supposed to be 30 metres tall.
    Gamera debuted in the 1960s at 60 metres in height, but the figure is based on his newer series which had him 80 metres tall.
    If you feel like applying logic, Gamera should be twice as tall as Baragon.

    I’d like to see Kaiyodo release the remaining “G”s from Japanese theatre, but putting them in scale would make them a lot more attractive.

    The four “G”s of Japanese monster movies:
    Godzilla – Toho
    Gamera – Daiei(Kadokawa)
    Girara – Shochiku
    Gappa – Nikkatsu

    1. I don’t know those last two. I’m gonna have to look them up. They way this line’s going though, I’ll probably just buy any of these crazy monsters.

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