Vault Review: Jack Skellington (Sci-Fi Revoltech #005)

If you don’t want to waste an hour trying to get him to stand, you can use the base he comes with. Easily recognizable as a background piece to Halloween Town, Jack’s base gives off that creepy October atmosphere. Two pumpkins adorn the stone wall and a third sits on a tree in the background. Hanging, literally, from the tree is a skeleton. This base is great for a background and one of the tree branches plugs into Jack’s back to help prop him up. There are two things I don’t like about this base though. It’s too small. Or maybe Jack is too big? Either way, he looks really tall when placed in it. The other disappointment is that the gates are molded in place and don’t actually move. That’s not too big a deal I suppose, but they look like they should move. So when it doesn’t, if just feels like it’s missing something.

Aside from his base, Jack comes with some extra pieces: five hands, two for grasping, and three for gesturing. The fingers are so thin they look like they could be bendable, but they aren’t. Jack also comes with five heads with various expressions: normal, whimsical, scared, quizzical, and an evil laugh. You can basically remake any expression from the movie. Also, you get a little placard with Jack’s name on it, and the usual orange box for the accessories.

The paint job on this figure is nicely done. Pinstripes are one of those things that ether turn out looking really good, or really bad. Luckily, Jack’s turned out great. The rest of the figure is molded in either black or white with the exception of the lines on his mouth and hands, those are dark brown. One little detail I really liked was the glossy coating on his shoes.

If you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, then you’re going to want to pick this guy up. Even though I do like this figure, I wish he’d have come with his dog Zero. Still, he’s very accurate in appearance and has really nice articulation without the fragileness of previous figures. Since he is an import, you can expect to pay about $30 for him, anything more might be too much.


24 thoughts on “Vault Review: Jack Skellington (Sci-Fi Revoltech #005)

  1. I have been waiting for someone to do a review of this! I have one waiting in my BBTS Bag of Loot along with Gamera– I assume you’ll do a review of him too, right?

  2. I’d be more apt to get these if I knew they’d do more. Too many Revoltechs were only 1-2 characters from a cool property get made.

    1. Yup, they’re picking up a ton of licenses. I think Buzz and Woody from Toy Story are next.

  3. I didn’t even know this figure came out yet. Thanks for the review, time for me to start hunting for the best price.

      1. I’m with you guys on always looking for good import stores/prices. A lot of times those awesome clearances and sales don’t come at the right times for the right items. I’ve heard good things about AmiAmi (, but they sell out pretty quick occasionally.

        I won’t even talk about trying to find an affordable, physical shop locally.

  4. Great review!

    Looks a bit short to go with the 4H NECA line, but as a stand-alone piece this looks really nice.

    1. I think it’ll depend on the character. We have a Mayor at our local Hastings still, and comparing them mentally I think they’d work ok together.

  5. Oh man…. I want him. Are the other characters made (in Revoltech fashion as well?) I love the multitude of hands and heads, and for a second I thought his fingers were all articulated. That would have just been insane.

    I like Jack and I love this figure! Nice review, Vault! 🙂

    1. Thanks. So far, Jack’s the only one from Revoltech. I’m hoping for an Oogie.

  6. Fantastic job on the backgrounds. They blended right in so well, I almost didn’t notice!

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