Vault Review: Jack Skellington (Sci-Fi Revoltech #005)

In 1993, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas hit theatres. Since then, NBX fans have been able to buy multiple DVDs, video games, t-shirts, bath towels, gum – an endless variety of products adorned with images of Halloween Town. If you’ve ever been to a Hot Topic, you’ve probably wondered what hasn’t been made in the Nightmare Before Christmas image. The latest in that long line of merchandise is Sci-Fi Revoltech #005, Jack Skellington.

This is the second Jack figure I’ve purchase. It’s sad to admit, but the first was that terrible Jack from the Kingdom Hearts two-pack. Looking back, I don’t even know why I bought it. It only has the basic five points of articulation and his knees and elbows were molded bent. So he’s always in this really awkward squatting pose. When Revoltech announced their version of Jack, I was eager to replace my old one.

The first thing that struck me about this figure is his height. He’s only seven and a half inches tall, but with those extremely thin limbs and stylish vertical pinstripes, Jack easily tricks you into thinking he’s a gaunt giant. Speaking of his arms and legs, I really like that they aren’t completely straight. He’s got these great little details – his arms are slightly bowed and the pant legs flare out.

Like all Revoltechs, Jack’s main joint of choice is the revolver-joint, which is basically a swivel/hinge. Jack’s upper neck, lower neck, shoulders, elbows, torso, thighs, knees, and ankles are all revolver-joints. Jack’s wrists are hinge joints on a peg. (Also, his bowtie is put on with a peg, so it technically swivels.) Even with his mostly straight form, this gives him a huge range of movement and poseability. This is limited by one thing though: those tiny feet. Surprisingly this figure can stand on his own, it just will take some time and balancing him on those little feet. Continue to Page 2…

24 thoughts on “Vault Review: Jack Skellington (Sci-Fi Revoltech #005)

  1. I have been waiting for someone to do a review of this! I have one waiting in my BBTS Bag of Loot along with Gamera– I assume you’ll do a review of him too, right?

  2. I’d be more apt to get these if I knew they’d do more. Too many Revoltechs were only 1-2 characters from a cool property get made.

    1. Yup, they’re picking up a ton of licenses. I think Buzz and Woody from Toy Story are next.

  3. I didn’t even know this figure came out yet. Thanks for the review, time for me to start hunting for the best price.

      1. I’m with you guys on always looking for good import stores/prices. A lot of times those awesome clearances and sales don’t come at the right times for the right items. I’ve heard good things about AmiAmi (, but they sell out pretty quick occasionally.

        I won’t even talk about trying to find an affordable, physical shop locally.

  4. Great review!

    Looks a bit short to go with the 4H NECA line, but as a stand-alone piece this looks really nice.

    1. I think it’ll depend on the character. We have a Mayor at our local Hastings still, and comparing them mentally I think they’d work ok together.

  5. Oh man…. I want him. Are the other characters made (in Revoltech fashion as well?) I love the multitude of hands and heads, and for a second I thought his fingers were all articulated. That would have just been insane.

    I like Jack and I love this figure! Nice review, Vault! 🙂

    1. Thanks. So far, Jack’s the only one from Revoltech. I’m hoping for an Oogie.

  6. Fantastic job on the backgrounds. They blended right in so well, I almost didn’t notice!

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