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Vault Review: Lego Minifigures
– Series 1 (+ Codebreaker)

#8 Demolition Dummy
There’s not much to say about this figure. I mean, isn’t he more of an accessory like a Lego Recycle Bin or lamp post? Or is he that rare crash test dummy that has sprung to life? He does have the age-old Lego wrench and a 1×2 license plate. He wouldn’t need those if he were just a lifeless dummy, right? The minifigure was a cute idea, but I wish Lego had done something more with him.
#9 Magician
To me, this figure is more 1920’s villain than a stage magician. You know, the kind that ties girlfriends to railroad tracks? But he is without a cape, has a magic wand, a cool jacket, and standard black lego pants, so I guess I’ll trust him. For now. The wand is a new mold. It’s shorter than the four-stud one used in the Harry Potter theme. It’s more convincing as a magic wand, so hopefully it will show up more in the future. Also, if you don’t want him wearing his hat, he comes with some nifty hair instead.
#10 Super Wrestler
There is only one job truly suited to this minifigure’s talents. So now he wrestles, every night. He wrestles for his pride. He wrestles for his family. Each match brings him closer to discovering the identity of the one-eyed man who stole his fiancée. Yes, One-Eyed Man, he is coming for you. And there is nowhere you can hide. Also, when he enters the ring and discards his cloth red cape, you can use it to turn your magician into the classic villain he longs to be. I would’ve been happier with this figure if he had an accessory. As it is, he’s the one of only two in the wave that went without.
#11 Nurse
The City theme has had many female doctors and paramedics over the years, but they’ve never made a nurse before. The nurse includes two new pieces: her hair and a syringe. She gets two syringes actually, so someone is in for a world of hurt. It might be the mysterious “Dawes” because she also includes his chart printed on a 2×2 tile. She’s also got this strange half smile on her face like she knows whatever she’s going to do next is about to hurt. Her head and torso are unique to her, like most of the minifigures in the assortment, but she includes standard white legs.
#12 Ninja
There was a time when I fell out of collecting Legos. During that time I missed the Ninja theme completely, so I don’t own any. Until now. See, while he does have a unique face and torso, he’s still just your basic Lego Ninja. He comes with two katanas and a removable mask. The mask also has a clip on the back to hold a sword or other weapon of choice. I don’t know what it is about this figure, but I want something more from him. Maybe a halberd or a studded rope that the Ninjas in the theme had instead of just two swords?
#13 Spaceman
Just by looking at his face, you can tell the Spaceman is a cocky guy. Look at that smile. He’s got any situation handled. His helmet is the same as some of the current Space Police figures use with the stand visor piece, but his sporting a new spacesuit with traditional Space theme symbol. This guy’s true awesomeness comes from his ray gun. It’s new piece and includes a new translucent blue three-stud bar for firing action. Easily one of my favorites in the set.
#14 Forestman
I guess Lego is trying to avoid any sort of infringement, but let’s be honest. We all know “Forestman” is Robin Hood. Probably the Errol Flynn Robin Hood at that. This figure is a great throwback to the classic forestman, with only a new head and torso differentiating him from the pack. He includes a quiver, a bow, and two feathers for his cap in case you lose one. I used to think the old Forestman with the pouch was Robin Hood, but he’s going to have to take a back seat to this guy from here on out.
#15 Deep Sea Diver
There are no new molds here, but it’s the first time we get an orange scuba tank and this specific snazzy blue wetsuit with dolphin fin symbol on this chest. He has the newer visor with attached snorkel and the standard orange fins. If you put the fins on, it will prevent him from being plugged onto his base. He has a self-assured look on his new head, which somehow makes me think he could be a Sea Devil. This figure could have used a spear gun or some other aqua-themed accessory.

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– Series 1 (+ Codebreaker)