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The original Optikk included a weapon called a Photon Neutralizer that is faithfully recreated here. Don’t bother trying to figure out what a Photon Neutralizer is, it didn’t turn out well for Tri-Klops. The thing I like about the gun is that it looks like a vintage space rifle. Can’t you see it in the hands of Major Don West or Flash Gordon? The only problem I have with the gun is that I’m not sure which hand to put it in. The right hand holds it firmly, but at a downward angle. The left hand holds it straight, but it’s a loose fit for that partially opened hand.

Optikk also includes a new 4H-designed shield. I remember reading, but can’t find the source, that the shield had to be designed to look like it fit with Optikk while being able to be something reusable should the need arise. Those requirements were met. It has a simple design that seems compatible with the rifle without out being too detailed.

Otpikk is mostly a solid color, but that didn’t stop a few paint issues from creeping in. The figure itself is well done. The individual wires and rivets are nearly perfect. The problem goes back to that white paint on the head. The veins on the eyeball are sharp, but Mattel seems intent on molding the heads in the same color as the armors. Sometimes this doesn’t matter, but lately with Wun-Dar’s black head, Evil Lyn’s navy blue head, and now Optikk’s gold head. The paint has to work overtime to cover up the darker molded pieces. In Optikk’s case, any slight knick or scratch in the eyeball reveals the gold beneath. I don’t know the logistics, but molding that piece in white would’ve been far better.

Overall, Optikk is a bit monochromatic, but he still pops on the shelf do to an interesting design and a 50s B movie vibe thanks to this weapons and armor. The articulation is solid – I like the belt piece -covering up the ab-crunch, but I wish the upper armor had a little slot that would let that piece slide upwards and retain more of the articulation. The paint is great despite the dark plastic underneath the light paint on the two eyeballs, but the pair does let you create his toy or his packaging look (I’m going for orange I think). More important than all that is Optikk’s status as an NA figure in the Classics line. Filmation legal issues aside, Optikk’s release has finally let MOTU Classics touch on all corners of the MOTUverse. And he’s done so well, that he makes you excited to see the 4H’s work on Slush Head, Hydron, Sagitar, and more.

If you passed on Optikk, you missed out. He’s a fun design with a fairly blank slate (other than being an evil, stereotypical big-eyed spy) that can be added to your MOTU shelf and canon just about any way you want. He’s a great figure.

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35 thoughts on “MOTUClassics.Com: Optikk Review

    1. Thanks! I have to admit that I made those eyes a little more pink than Mattel did, but it was in the name of entertainment!

  1. Fun review! I don’t totally get him taking the other character’s head though.

  2. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy Optikk. I think he jsut sticks out like a sore thumb.

      1. Coulda been worse, the NA folks could have created Nostros – Heroic Olfactory Warrior and we’d have a figure with a giant nose for head.

    1. First you take a MOTU Classics figure’s head and you put it on another MOTU Classics figure’s body. That’s how you do the Head Swap, MOTU Classics Head Swap!

      Man, I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day.

  3. He’s pretty decent for a figure I have no attachment to, but mine has ankles that are so loose he can barely stand properly.

    1. I was worried about the ankles. I forgot to check in with the guys when they took theirs home and poll them on that particular point.

  4. He looks like a lot of fun. I skipped on all Matty items this month. Optikk just wasn’t in the budget, although I thought he’d make a great display item. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with his mold.

    Awesome comics, as usual!

    1. I’m a subscriber, so they come whether I have the money or not. LOL

      Tytus barely squeaked by this month… whew…

      Glad you liked the comics!

  5. I love seeing him chill out with the rest of the gang. Those almost qualify for political cartoons don’t they?

    Fun review as usual!

  6. Mine got here today, but I couldn’t get to my apartment office before they closed. I know what I’m going to do first thing in the morning, though.

  7. Good stuff, noisy. I think the only problems I really had with him is the overbearing gold look and that he doesn’t quite hold his gun well. Otherwise very cool figure.

    1. Yeah, I couldn’t decide where to put the gun, both hands have draw backs.

      And he is almost “too” gold. In the cartoons I’ve watched so far, he’s got black armor, so I’m not even sure why the old toy was gold.

  8. Wow, Noisy…
    I really don’t go in for toy reviews much, but your reviews and pics really break the mold. Great stuff, Sir.

    This is the first MOTUC fig. my kids have actually gone for! He’s definitely an army builder for us! And a great foil for Iron Man!

    1. Thanks, SD!

      Glad to hear your kids are on board for a MOTUC! I tell you what, if you’ve got a spare Man-At-Arms laying around – put the orange eye ball on him. I almost wish I kept my extra to have one like that all the time. LOL

  9. I’d just want Optikk’s eye ball part as a gag at work. They’re a lot of idiots that traffic through my desk area and it would keep them away.

    Come to think of it, maybe I should get a Moss Man (unflocked) since the scent would be so strong it would keep those morons at bay. It would also help on the train to keep idiots from sitting next to me.

    Bring on Stinkor then! 🙂

    1. LOL. I do wish you could turn his head with the vestigial thumbwheel. That’d be cool.

      I think Stinkor will be the way to solve your problem! 😉

  10. I didnt bought Optikk because I gonna buy Keldor next month yea he looks cooler than Optikk.But more and more I see Optikk I kinda want him to my Motuc collection but mayde later I gonna get him.

  11. Optikk is by far my favourite MOTUC so far, he really really is very cool! Retro gun is cool, has a massive robot feel about him but kinda quirky and very sci-fi in a classic way.

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of the space mutants!

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