14 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: Toy Collectors
Unite! Just don’t Social Network…

  1. Is it bad that those sound like quotes from my personal life? >.>

    Except for the video reviews. I don’t make or watch those horrid things.

    1. Yeah… I did pick on video reviews a bit here, but if anyone reading this wants to watch some excellent video reviews look no further than the man posting above me.

      His videos are available at his site: http://powet.tv/

      I don’t like video reviews, but Crazy does an amazing job every time. I’ve taken several people that share my opinion of video reviews and shown them Crazy’s stuff – and converted all of them. He’s the best!

  2. I always wonder why Twitter doesn’t get used for toy reporting. I figure it’s because we don’t really want to share where the good stores are. Even the toy sighting forums aren’t that great.

    1. It’s the “if I tell someone they might buy it before I do” mentality. 🙂 There’s always those oddball stores that seem to have some secret stash just for you every time you go there so, even if you have bought everything you want, you don’t want to run the risk of someone else finding your magic store, figuring out its charms, and frequenting it as much as you do. I know that Vault is going to be hell to live with for a while if our TRU gets a case of Transformers and he doesn’t get that Arcee. It’s going to be bad.

      1. I don’t really agree with the unwillingness to share information. That kind of flys in the face of the point I’m making here. Toy collectors do utilize the sightings forums (check out Fwoosh & HissTank for two very healthy ones). They’ll post, e-mail, and call other collectors – but sightings haven’t moved to Twitter yet. I assume it will sooner or later, but I think it’s nothing more than an aversion to the newest technology.

  3. I laughed at the YouTube one. There are some good reviewers out there, but a majority of them are full of grunts, “uh’s” and “hmm’s.” The reviewers just make noise.

    Although I do love the “click” and “snap” noises that Transformers make during said video reviews.

    1. It’s hard to do and while there are some great ones out there, it’s just a skill that a lot of toy reviewers don’t have.

      I’m fairly certain you won’t be seeing any video reviews from me any time soon!

      1. There were more I wanted to do! Truthfully, I should have dropped flickr and gone with general forum sightings. I just was thinking about Twitter last night, it’s an excellent tool for use with toy sightings, but it seems toy fans aren’t ready for it.

  4. I love using Twitter and TwitPic for sightings. However, I don’t think I have ever beat one of the “big sites”. Which I find crazy seeing that I live in Denver and do full on (i.e. min. 3 Walmarts, 4 Targets, a TRU and even Kmart if they have an exclusive I’m looking for) weekly toy runs.

    I do find the value in and actually enjoy finding out when things hit where and especially once people start seeing things clearancing. There is even more value in Twitter’s geographic capabilities, but I have yet to really investigate how it might benefit local collectors.

    Great Post…Slick

    1. Thanks!

      I think it just needs a big organizer AND for collectors to not be afraid of the new social tech. A lot of times, toyboard folk seem to balk at the use of facebook and Twitter for just about anything.

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