Funko’s Disney Afternoon DuckTales Scrooge McDuck Review

The good folks at Funko contacted me soon after the announcement and offered me a chance at this Sneak Peek, so let me add a huge thanks to them for hauling me out of semi-retirement and getting me motivated to make some much needed updates to the site.

When I opened the box this weekend, the packaging struck first. Scrooge has a unique DuckTales card. It’s a clean presentation with a very retro feel. I think any MOC collectors out there will be able to create a nice display. I, of course, had to tear that thing up though.

Scrooge stands about 4” tall thanks to his hat and looks pretty much like he walked straight off the show. There might be a cartoon connoisseur reading this that can immediately spot some deficiency in the sculpt, but I don’t see it. He looks great. I think I’m happiest with the glasses; done as a clear piece set into the bill. They’re situated just right to work in concert with the painted eyes. It seems like a silly detail, but that is done poorly all too often.

On the technical side, the quality of plastic is fantastic. Scrooge feels like a durable figure that would hold up to some wear and tear. The paintwork is clean. I have a little slop on the red here and there, but everything is within tolerance for the scale. The articulation incudes well-ranged ball-joints at the neck and shoulders, hinged elbows, and swivel cuts at the waist and base of the legs. There’s the meat of the review in one tiny paragraph. At least some things never change.

Two accessories were included, his trademark cane and a bag of money. Both are well done and each fit in a specific hand. The cane can be held in a couple classic poses either with Scrooge using it to walk or pointing with it. The big thing for this figure is that my Scrooge toy itch is so thoroughly scratched by it. The only thing he is missing is his nephews. My fingers are crossed for wave two.

I’ll be looking at the various Disney Afternoon figures are week, but we’re kicking off with a home run in the form of Scrooge McDuck. He’s a great visual on the shelf and was fun to pose and photograph for this sneak peak. Scrooge and the other figures are available for pre-order at both BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth. Look for the figures to be in-stock in November.

**Thanks again to the folks at Funko for providing this figure to IAT for this review!**