DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Robin Review

The articulation is pretty sharp. The figure, like nearly everything after series one, feels sturdy and I feel a lot more comfortable futzing around with him than those first few figures. Robin has ball-joints at the neck, shoulder,s elbows, wrists, & inverted ankles; swivels at the glove, waist, & boots, single-hinge knees, and the h-style hips. I didn’t have any stuck or loose joints on Robin.

Paint is the one area where my Robin was weak. My LCS didn’t order him, so I had to pick him up online and forego choosing the best paint apps. He’s okay for the most part with sharp lines on his mask and logo, but the yellow paint on his belt is sloppy on one side and then misaligned on the other. It kinda blends out, but it’s definitely not the one I would’ve picked given an opportunity.

Robin includes a usual complement of accessories for the line. There are seven alternate hands: two fists, two open hands, two gripping hands, and one with the bat-grapple sculpted in. They all pop on and off easily. Also included is the bola-whip, a loose bat grapple, and two capes: one in standard position and one with one shoulder pushed back. I love getting these capes. I wish more figures had them. Finally, there’s the usual turnaround stand. I still love these, I just wish they didn’t take up so much space.

Overall, this is another great figure for the DCC Animated line. I would’ve liked to have picked one up with sharper yellow paints, but the on-model sculpt is huge and it’s great to finally have it in toy form. The articulation makes him fun to play with and he feels much sturdier than the first wave. I’m a little worn out on the alternate hands I’m having to store (I love the idea in theory though), but he does include some fun stuff like the bola. It could just be that I’m missing the Robin glider though.

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8 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Robin Review

  1. Great Review for a very cool figure.
    It’s another one that lets me wish for more funds and space to collect the line 😉
    (Not a fan of the New Adventures in style and characterization, but I like the classic series so much …)

    Robin was always one of my favourites in the show, as was the Tim Drake version in the comics, so the blend worked really well for me.

  2. At time he appeared in the show think was around the 20 mark in Tim Drake’s solo.book so I did find that odd but, liked it as liked the suit more than the classic. On my get list as I hope to get a couple of these before my LCS is closing. Dick was enjoyable and fun in the series even as Nightwing (learned about that during Knightfall/Crusade/Quest) so easily a buy yet news of Harley and she’s a must. Missed Joker though 🙁 saw and was just shirt or he’d been a first.

    Okay got off track so back on. Great review and hope to find and await this week indeed.

  3. I was seriously impressed by DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series toyline for a while, and Robin ALMOST made me get into the line, but it would take the Batmobile being at my LCS to finally break me.

    Your remembrance of the vintage figure that was just a reuse of the Batman Returns body with a new head is pretty spot on to how I remember things. “Why is Robin so ripped compared to everyone else!?”

    This one being so exact to the cartoon is great and yet somehow the silliness of the old figure is still a very fond memory of my own. I wish I actually still had all my Batman: The Animated Series toys, but they all got thrown out during my “Too old for toys” phase.

  4. Are you positive that Marlon Wayans was actually fit with a costume? I know it’s long been an urban legend amongst toy collectors that the Batman Returns Robin figure was supposed to be him cause of the flat top, but surely if such a costume existed there would be some kind of evidence by now?

    I actually met Marlon Wayans briefly when he was shopping for old toys at Meltdown, the comic book store on Sunset in Hollywood. And I flat out asked him about him playing Robin and he said “No, nothing ever got filmed.” I wasn’t specific about him testing for a costume but he was pretty quick to shoot down any rumors that he had anything to do with the movie. This was in 2003 by the way.

    (He then purchased a very expensive boxed original Japanese Go-Lion set….man, it must be awesome to be a movie star and toy collector!)

  5. I have both of those Robins, and finding out Marlon was supposed to be in the movie (as “naw man, Jay!”, not Robin!) explained so much so many years later.

    I need to track down this guy. I got a coupon from old shop on Hallowe’en, but there’s a chain store net to a new haunt I should probably check first. and that Riddler. (tonight’s Gotham tho!!)

  6. That Figure was simply the first figure of the Tim Drake/Neal Adams Robin costume, Marlon Wayans was originally going to be in the first batman, not returns, but nothing happened with it, (Burton wanted to distance his Batman from 60’s Batman as much as possible) but at the time returns came out, Robin debuted in that costume, so they included a figure of it. It is actually completely unrelated to the movie, if you look, it’s a perfect representation of Adams’ original design of the costume. So… yeah… BUT… both are still nice costumes and figures. I love this line so much

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