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Batman Adventure 6″ Roxy Rocket Review

Articulation would be a slam dunk too, but my figure ended up with a pretty damning QC problem. The figure has ball-joints at the neck (limited) shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips (h-jointed), and inverted ankles; swivels at the waist and boots, and single-hinge knees. Everything works pretty great, but those knees are so loose (& the ankles not far behind) that standing is a problem. I was able to balance her a few times during the shoot, but it was a fight every time and it nearly soured me on the whole experience. My figure has to be hooked up to her stand or be sitting on her rocket, or she’s as good as down.

Roxy included six alternate hands: two fists, two hands for the rocket, one for her accessories, and a relaxed hand. All swap in easily and feel alright despite being quite small and each one holds its intended accessory pretty well. Also included are some episode specific accessories: a wrench, an electric gun, a flare, gun and special “bat-flare” that fits in the flare gun just like in the episode.

And, then, of course, is the rocket! It’s a total shelf-space killer, but I love it. It’s a really clean sculpt and really captures the look from the show. Roxy fits on pretty well – I can never quite get her butt in the seat while she’s holding the bars, but the setup can still look great in a ton of poses even in combination with the other accessories. The whole deal just takes off on display and I also enjoy that the weak knees can’t detract from the figure either. The Rocket does take two LR44 batteries that are used to light-up the afterburner. I didn’t have any batteries handy, but turning the afterburner will turn the light off & on once you get the batteries in there. It’s a cool effect!

A stand is included for the rocket. It’s a simple, sleek design, but it’s well done. I wish the regular stands were as efficient on design & space as it was. I do love the turnaround bases, but the part that clips around their waist just isn’t display friendly. At least, in this case though, it does take up less space than a rocket!

Overall, the knees being too lose to stand for long periods of time is pretty much killer. The figure has a perfectly executed sculpt with great paint and great planned articulation, but a figure has to stand and the knees her just don’t. I’m really hopeful that this has just affected my Roxy and that other folks get figures that aren’t gravity-challenged. The upside is that she does include her rocket and some other accessories for a great price and she really should be displayed on it. I just have to find some room for that rocket to squeeze into.

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10 thoughts on “DC Collectibles The New
Batman Adventure 6″ Roxy Rocket Review

    1. Yes! I must’ve dropped that paragraph. It’s back now. Two LR44 batteries are needed to light-up the afterburner. The nozzle acts as an off/on switch when you turn it.

      1. Sweeeeeet! Ta!

        Shame about the knees & ankles, but I’ve been hearing of lots of problems with this line, and the Man-bat I had ordered was cancelled due to quality control issues.


  1. Well untill heard of the knee ish was gonna post

    “Guess can say ‘She’s all kinds of wonderful (yes she is)’ fits her huh”

    Well recall her ep and her character and think relax hand will come into play for a laugh if can get started on this line and she has weak knees. Fun review and yes glad she finally is in plastic. A fun character that actually woulda bought back in the day.

    Display idea would be the old fishing line rig may work for her. Funny that she did come to the books too. Thank you Steohanie Brown Batgirl.

  2. I bought mine from ToyKingdom off eBay and it arrived last week (they still have some in stock, but I think they raised the price a bit). She’s definitely one of my favorite figures in the line so far! And the Rocket with light up afterburner is just the icing on the cake.

    And the knees on my figure are totally fine, but her left ankle is just slightly loose… nothing that effects her standing or posing, though.

    The last month or so has been great for collectors of this line with the Batmobile, Roxy and her rocket and all of the single release figures. Not so great on the budget, but still cool. I’m looking forward to Bane and Scarecrow coming next month, supposedly. I’m hoping DC Collectibles makes some big announcements at Toy Fair next year about expanding the line into Superman TAS and Justice League.

    1. Man, would love that expansion indeed just have to get Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Mercy (Harley needs her punching bag :p ) as musts. Along with usuals and a Justice League line dude I’ll sell off my DCUCs

  3. I got mine from Entertainment Earth as well and the knees are super loose. It was a big disappointment because otherwise the figure is great.

  4. No more visible pins in the upper hips/thighs? Might give this line a shot now, great set here.

  5. This is the 1st figure I picked up in this line from this website—good looking out. The Roxy Rocket episode was 1 of my favorites from the cartoon.

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