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DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Batman Review

The paintwork on my figure was pretty sharp! My LCS actually got this in, so I did get to choose the crispest symbol. That seemed to be the weak spot. All three had good paint on their chins and other paint lines though. My favorite part of the paint though is the inside blue on the cape. I mean, it had to be there, but it just really sets the tone for this figure, both on his own and particularly when he’s placed next to the TNBA version.

The accessories are both few and numerous. The packaging points out there are 13 pieces included and I’ve been trying to sort that one out. If we count the hands included on the figure, that’s seven (fists, batarang hands, gripping hands, & bat-grapple hand). The loose bat-grapple and batarang are eight and nine respectively. That just leaves the figure & the stand. The stand comes in three pieces, so I’m guessing that gets us to thirteen. It’s a nice haul, but it’s not all useful. The loose bat-grapple that he can’t hold is outdone by the bat-grapple hand. I do appreciate the extra hands of course and they do change out easily enough.

And I do like the stand! I don’t know if counting it as three pieces is “cool”, but the two Batmen, thanks to their capes, have stands that feature just a clamp for the figures waist instead of having the two long prongs sticking out the back. If DCC really wants me to fill up my shelves, they need to be space conservationists. Those stands are anything but. I keep hoping all the figures will switch to this kind.

One other quick aside on the accessories. I was disappointed that the awesome swappable capes feature wasn’t carried over from TNBA Batman. I don’t think that was ever shown for this figure, but I loved it. I doubt there’s time, but without swappable capes, a different cape would give that Phantasm 2pk Batman some extra punch.

Overall, I’m still pretty enamored with the figure. The swappable capes is probably an unfair nitpick and the accessory count is fine compared to some other figures. The only lingering issue is the head sculpt, but when you pretty much love 90% of something that will eventually dilute the 10%. I’m already coming around to the head sculpt as I admire the rest of the figure. DC Collectibles is doing a bang-up job on the line. At this point, I’m just praying that DCC gets their release schedule sorted out and 2016 sees these guys more spread out. 5 figures and a Batmobile this month is kinda killer!

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17 comments to DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Batman Review

  • Sweet review, as ever!

    I hope they’re clearing up the quality control issues on these figures. I had a Man-Bat on order from BBTS, which got cancelled due to “manufacturing issues,” or somesuch.

  • Brainlock

    swap out the belt and torsos, and this is an instant buy for me. I never have liked the gold/yellow oval, even if it was what I grew up on.

    and is the Batmobile the TNBA Knight Striker version? http://mygenerationtoys.com/images/TNBA%20Batmobile%20Knight%20Striker%20MISB.jpg
    because that would be an instant buy, too. I recently found my 5″ version while unpacking, along with a couple of the “quick change” versions, which was also redeco’d for STAS in red…which I seem to have lost…. 🙁
    I could have sworn they were all packed together!

  • 3B

    Man, this line keeps hovering on my radar. If I were to get in, I’d stick to BTAS. Is the cape removable on this Batman? Just wondering how he would fit into the Batmobile.

    Great job!

  • Alex

    Ooh hopefully that means BBTS will ship mine soon.

    I can see what you mean about the headsculpt vs the vintage figs, but I’m really digging this guy. And can’t wait to finally have the correct grappling hook, have only been wanting that since 1992.

  • J. Lee

    Well with a LCS I always go to closing will finally buy some of these. Dunno if he’s gotten newer ones though but will find out. Wanna get normal Harley & the Mad Love set though.

    • J. Lee

      Wish I started on these and now behind. Though buying too much lately (Christmas shopping, finishkng BaFs, Mystery Minis, Figuarts) debate if wanna start another line but, would replace my DCUCs with these but would look odd in crossover battles with MLs. Eeeh oh well. Great review and I gotta start these as have some wants (Joker, Harley, Batman(either), Harley (this an the upcoming Icons)

      Anybody else think the last shot is kinda like a Asylum shot and the in package are like cells or that just me.

  • Paul

    Haha! That final picture is outstanding.

  • Celticsfan

    I’ve picked up all thirteen figures released so far, and this Batman is definitely my favorite! And the only ones I felt I needed to be careful with were the four released in the first wave, although I’ve had no breakage issues with any. The nine figures released since then have been much more sturdy, by my experience.

    And I’m really looking forward to the Batmobile shipping this week, but you’re right. Five new figures and the massive Batmobile was hard on the budget this month. This is currently the only line that I’m all in on, though. I read online that wave five and Roxy with her rocket will ship in December. That still leaves Killer Croc, Harley and Tim Drake Robin from wave three.

  • da man

    This is still my dream line but funds are so limited these days! Saw this in the comic shop and had to void the transaction after he rang it up for me! I cannot get pulled in!

  • JAG2045

    I really want to get the BTAS Batman but is it exactly the same as the one in the Phantasm 2 pack?

  • J. Lee

    Funny how last shot kinda looks like Arkham Asylum cellblock in a way.

  • Mark

    These figures do look really great. Another great review. Can’t wait for your Batmobile review. 😀

  • Polo23

    This version is better than the 1st release.