Mezco One:12 Collective
DKR Batman Review (Previews Exclusive)

Most of the sculpt is hidden by the costume, but the basic body is pretty great. The shoulders are a tad too wide & squared off, but the rest of the proportions bare out. Batman’s skintight costume could be pretty unforgiving to a spandex suit, but that seems to be mostly taken into consideration – the chest details, the arm & leg muscles, etc. are all sculpted up and peak through the cloth in convincing ways. The knees and elbows end up a little more toylike, but it’s confined to those areas. The gloves & boots are hard plastic and sculpted well, blending with the cloth suit pretty evenly. The two head sculpts are similarly well done. They’re not my favorite as they’re what makes this a DKR figure, but that’s just a testament to their great look. I prefer the closed mouth between the two and that’s reflected in the pictures.

The suit is well tailored to the figure and is sewn on, so it’s not removable without tearing the figure up a bit. The threads do distract at this size, but that’s explainable as some Bat-armor in my mind. It stretches well when you pose the figure and I feel pretty good about it being resilient. The symbol is an add-on piece that feels a little rubbery and looks great. I also like the teal color chosen for the figure. It was terrible to photograph, but looks great on the figure. Not too bright or too washed out to get that DKR feel.

The cape is probably the best part of the figure. I’m not a fan of cloth capes, though exceptions are naturally made for figures with cloth costumes, but this is one is fantastic. A lot of little issues I have with cloth capes are solved here by the folks at Mezco. The connection to the figure is handled well with it being between the cowl and the head to hide any weird transitions. It’s also glued down in a bundle at the base of the neck. This particular spot actually fosters some great folds when the cape is pulled back while also letting the cape easily cloak the entire figure when pulled forward. It also has some plastic backing at key points on the interior. Two run down the edge of the cape and then each tip has its own area. These collectively ensure that it hands and folds “right” as you pose him. It’s nifty.

The articulation is really spot on. It’s hard to describe as only the ball-jointed neck, wrists, and ankles are visible, but there appears to be double ball-jointed shoulders, single ball-jointed hips, double-hinge elbows & knees; swivels at the biceps, waist, thighs, & calves; and a mid-torso ball-joint with particularly great range. Everything comes together well and makes for great poses with the suit mostly hiding anything clunky. The shoulders can look weird at times, but the cape provides an extra layer to hide anything wonky. I would like to see Mezco co with those inverted ankles Hasbro has been using. The traditional rocker ankles here work just fine, but that new ankle joint is pretty amazing and I’d like to see it on this great line too.

Plenty of accessories are included as well. There’s the alternate head, but also three sets of alternate hands, relaxed, “bataranged”, and two for gripping the other accessories: the rifle & the grappling hook. These all pop on and off easily and the two gripping hands hold their accessories perfectly. Also included is the large stand. It has two options you can either plug a large crane-like arm for jumping poses or a small plug with a foot peg for standing poses. It’s a pretty clever switch and I like it except that the articulation on the arm was really loose. Luckily, I can tighten it up with a screwdriver though. Also included is that aforementioned torture device that clips on to the cape. I didn’t take any pictures with it since I didn’t quite figure out a good pose with it, but I bet there are plenty out there. It’s a smart addition. Lastly, there’s a zip lock bag for all these bits should you opt to not keep the packaging. Oh, and if you’re counting them at home – the bat-belt and leg strap are removable and would count as additional accessories (and if you’re really counting at home that’s 19 pouches).

Overall, there’s no doubt this is an awesome figure. The only hesitation I have on One:12 is the price. This figure, when released, ran about $60-70. For the class that Mezco put into this presentation, it’s definitely worth it. It’s a little half-size Hot Toy based on one of the most popular Batman stories of all-time. The sculpt & articulation, the tailored suit, and the plethora of accessories all stack up well north of $60 in terms of value. And it’s still comparatively a deal to a Hot Toys 12” offering; it’s a lot less than half the price despite being half the size. But I don’t know how many I can collect at $60 – the prospective licenses are appealing – Star Trek, Keaton Batman, Birdman, Space Ghost, Thundarr, Universal Monsters. And that Judge Dredd figure is amazing. But I’m still having trouble wrapping my brain around $60 6” figures. That may be Mezco’s biggest obstacle – they’ve certainly done their best to overcome it though with some of the greatest Batman figures. I have no doubt I’ll have plenty more One:12 figures after this one. Heck, I have to get at least one from a story I actually like!

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11 thoughts on “Mezco One:12 Collective
DKR Batman Review (Previews Exclusive)

  1. Great review. I read The Dark Knight Returns an The Killing Joke a couple years ago and I wasn’t really impressed by either of them.

  2. “And Dark Knight Returns is not that. It is credited with kicking off many of the things about Batman that I don’t like (& that nearly everybody else seems to).”

    Oh, thank GOD it’s not just me.
    For the longest time I thought there is something wrong with me for not liking DKR (or like Mark said, The Killing Joke). Not even Watchmen can grab me …

    Great review, as usual and as a response to the last pic: “Yes! Yes it is!” 🙂

    1. The ending of the Killing Joke is the worst part of it. Won’t write it here to give away spoilers.

      1. Eh, 30 year book.
        Are you referring to the ambiguity over whether Batman strangled Joker to death?

        (If knowing that Batman “wins” at the end spoils the story, I got some news for people about how the genre works…)

        1. Just the ending of them standing laughing in general. I never read a vast lot of Batman comics in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but the ones did read i enjoyed a lot more than TKJ and TDKR.

  3. On subject of favorite Batman, I’m in a weird boat in that I jumped on the Batman books in the mid-1980s owing to all the hype surrounding Frank Miller’s various Bat stuff and Killing Joke.

    I don’t remember what I thought of that stuff as a teenager (would’ve been 13 or so). I was a lot more “follow the leader” back then and might have liked it because people said it was likable. I vaguely remember being a little grossed out by Killing Joke, but thinking “it must be cool because all the grown-ups say it’s cool and what-do-I-know, I’m only 13.”

    Now,though, I hate that hyper-gritty macho stuff (though as an adult, I do recognize the humor in DKR–it went over my head as a teen). And Bruce Timm gave the book a good interpretation via the animated show.

    But as for favorite Batman–mine is the Batman TAS. A tiny bit grittier than the Batman you like, Noisy, but not so gritty that Alfred doesn’t make jokes at him, and who is quite the gadfly when he towns around as Bruce Wayne. TAS Batman is generally a kindly soul, down to the episode in which he tries to keep Harley out of trouble because he has faith that she can turn over a new leaf.

  4. Love this figure. Have one, myself. Definitely not ashamed to admit that I paid $90 shipped for it, cause I waited way too long to buy one. My only beef … I wish the oval and bat were a wee bit bigger.

  5. Cool review! Yeah I wasn’t too sure about these figures when they first announced them so I held off but now I wish I wouldn’t have. Some of the licenses they’re doing don’t really grab me so I wouldn’t get every single one but if they continue like Bats I might grab a couple. Do you think they might rerelease Bats without the fancy box and maybe not as many accessories? I think those would sell well and the first run owners would still have something unique. Keep up the great work!

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