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Marvel Two-A-Day
Walgreens Exclusive
Ant-Man Review

The articulation was put together with Spider-Man in mind, so be inspired to do some great poses if you pick him up. There are ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, & inverted ankles; swivels at the biceps, waist, & thighs; double-hinged knees & elbows, the ab crunch, and the internal shoulder joints which blend out really well with his black costume. He’s a lot of fun to pose and since he’s technicall life-size, you can put him just about anywhere and get him to stand.

Paintwork pulls off the costume, but it’s a little tricky. I was glad my Walgreens had a few to choose from when I picked Ant-Man up. The boots & gloves are done well, but the chest tampo is touchy, the bright red on top of black plastic. Some of the figures it ended up looking a little washed out. The real trouble picking one out though was the helmet. The helmet lights up in the comics, and to capture that detail Hasbro opted to paint the detail with a bright white and then a transparent orange over it. It’s a great choice, but hard to paint as you’ve got to do two difficult small details directly on top of each other. More than a few missed the mark somewhere on the helmet. If you find a good one though, it looks great.

Accessories? Again, nada. He really didn’t need anything I suppose, but decoing one fo the teensy Ant-Man’s in this coolr would be good or perhaps including some of the alternate hands that work with this buck might have added some value.

Overall, Ant-Man is another solid entry in this seemingly never-ending line. Hasbro’s upped game continues and now with Walgreens as an outlet for exclusives. I loved the Agent Venom last year, we’ve got this sharp looking Ant-Man this year, and there’s still a First Appearance Daredevil in the pike. We know he’s a great figure and that deco? I’m going to be hearing “Welcome to Walgreens’ plenty when that guy hits.

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11 comments to Marvel Two-A-Day
Walgreens Exclusive
Ant-Man Review

  • T16skyhopp

    “It is seriously kill to see a retailer like Walgreens…”


  • Black Arbor

    You could always take some of the upcoming Scarlet Spider’s hands and swap them with him! (I know they don’t have black fingers, but it’s no biggie 😀 )

  • Brainlock

    I know the character more by reputation, not having read any of his adventures either, afaik.

    that said, the head does really sell the figure for me, mold and deco.
    I do agree that the body is too lean, imo, but again, I’m just not that familiar with the guy, so giving him a little leeway there.

    Some were saying that the costume is reminiscent of Lang’s recent F4 outfit (with Shulkie, Mecha-She-Thing, and….someone else?), once you add the 4 to his chest. and a few have already repainted him into classic Pym and it does look nice.

    One thing to keep an eye out for is this is in an 8pc display piece as opposed to Agent Venom’s 16pc case, and I keep finding them on the lower half of the aisle endcap. I’ve probably walked past more than a few without realizing it, and walked out thinking “no luck here!” So if y’all don’t see these with the regular Marvel figures on the shelf, check the bottom side of the endcaps!

    bright side: I’m finding a few overlooked ML figures while hunting for these!

  • J. Lee

    Dunno why but even in your pics I keep.seeing a Kamen Rider Henchman in this guy. Really thats what I’m seeing other than an Antman. Still a great review and yes thats how will use him. Just wish knew which one thinking of.

  • dead ant man

    I want this figure more than any other currently…

  • clark

    I never wanted an Ant-man figure, but I picked this guy up when I saw him. I love the skinny body, but it is the colors, and especially that bright neon orange paint, that sold me on him.