Ant-Man Toy Week!
Funko Mystery Mini Bobbleheads!

There are two body sculpts between the four figures, one shared among the Ant-Men and one for Yellow Jacket. Both bodies are great caricatures of the real thing and surprisingly pack in the sculpted detail of the movie costumes. I favor the Ant-Man one more, I bought it three times, but the Yellow Jacket one is spiffy too. The two helmet sculpts are similarly spiffy and really increase my enjoyment of the figures. I don’t know much about Blackout Ant-Man, but I really love that black helmet most out of the group. The unmasked head is probably my least favorite. It’s a solid sculpt and I really like the sideways glance, but figures like Minimates & LEGO minifigures that somehow channel an actor’s likeness with minimal detail have spoiled me. I don’t see Paul Rudd there, but it’s still obvious it is Paul Rudd regardless.

There are no articulation on the minis, though the bobblehead can kinda let you pretend when you flick it. The paint work was sharp on all the figures which is great given all the detail. There is an excessive amount of grey on the basic & unmasked Ant-Man – I’m guess they’re maybe designed on an earlier draft of the costume? Either way, the grey actually still looks good, good enough that I didn’t really think about or notice it right away.

Overall, these are a great addition for me! I was a little disappointed that the Marvel Movie Minis aren’t quite in the same style as other Movie Minis, but the POP compatibility makes me not give that a second thought. The suit design, which really grabs at me, looks great in this format with the oversized had. The ton of detail & sharp paint work round out some great little toys. My only real gripe is that my Collector Corps box couldn’t bring me all four!

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Funko Mystery Mini Bobbleheads!

  1. I like the looks of these better than the regular Pops. I think the proportions are a little more to my taste. But I’ve never thought the Pops were that great. I kind of wish Mighty Muggs were still around.

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