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Paintwork is sharp throughout, though not much is really needed. The greens and blues are vibrant and the lines are sharp. One nice surprise is on the webbed hands – the hands are molded clear and painted green so that the webbing is still translucent. It looks great and is just the right touch to kick off what will hopefully be a good year for MOTU Classics. Oh, I lied. I did forget one other nitpick – his tail. It’s glued on instead of being articulated. And strangely, it’s also glued on to his loincloth. On a sideview, it’s visibly not attached to his body in some poses. Funky.

Also funky? Lizzy’s lack of accessories! Oh, he’s got two, but they’re not for him! He has to fork everything over to Skeletor, the poor guy. First, he includes Skelly’s Filmation sword and the very first artifact from the show, the Diamond Ray of Disappearance. The diamond steals the show in the engineering department – ther underside is specifically molded to fit in Skeletor’s hand despite the hand not being meant for it and the stone itself is cast in glow-in-the-dark plastic. That’s win-win. The sword is cool, the sculpt is great, but the complete lack of paint? Ew. 90s Flashbacks…

Overall, Lizard Man finally got his due. I don’t care that much about the size and while I would like more articulation in the neck and torso, I’m not crying about it. I haven’t opened any of the Masters from Feburary til now (yet), but Lizard Man has really got me off on the right foot for the “new” year. He’s looks great on the shelf and is a fun figure to add with the fun “real life” backstory of waiting thirty years to get a figure to boot. I’ ecstatic that we’ve gotten to this point!

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  1. Great review and comics, as always.

    This was it for me. The Filmation figure I’ve wanted for just over thirty years. I’m ridiculously thrilled to have him in my collection (and I got a couple of spares for customs, including the brown lizard guy) after all these decades.

    But, as you say, lack of ab-crunch and tail articulation took this from Dream Figure to Adequate Figure. I could live without the ab-crunch especially if they did with his tail what they did with the Webstor / Buzz-Off / Mosquitor extra bug-limbs. But, no dice.

    I tried removing the tail on one of the spares to see if I could articulate it some way (such as a simple swivel), but the way the tail attached to the butt-flap is complicated enough that it looks like they were purposefully trying to stymie people from adding articulation after purchase. }Sigh.{

    Anywho, very, very happy with this figure. But, with just two more articulation points, I could’ve been ecstatic.

  2. I didn’t get this figure so my opinion counts for nothing, but based solely on your photos his left hand really looks fantastic it such a shame the right isn’t in a similar pose especially since he doesn’t need to hold an accessory.

    1. The hand is really cool — possibly one of my favorite things about the figure. It’s just a little touch, but that detail moves him up a few pegs in my book.

  3. Classics has been knocking them out of the park this year. I haven’t got Blast-Attak in hand yet, but I suspect he will continue that trend. Lizard Man, while not even on my radar for a “want” in this line was still a pretty awesome addition. Minor quibbles are the lack of ab crunch and tail articulation, but otherwise I’m satisfied with him. The hands are a really nice touch too. I know you’ve already cracked open SA He-Man/BG Hsss, but you’re going to enjoy Ninjor a lot! I’ll be curious how you feel about Huntara though.

  4. Great review. I never even noticed he size difference and it really doesn’t matter to me. I really love this figure. Before they announced Lizard Man, I was wondering who they were going to have in the 2015 lineup who would be a recognizable pop figure. Lizard man was the perfect introduction to the year and he stars off what to date has been MOTU classics best year In terms of execution. All these figures so far are fantastic. I am so impressed with the extra attention to details with each figure we’ve receivd so far. Keep in mind I’m on the quarterly sub so I only have the first six figures up to March. I’m really looking forward to reading your take on them as are my two little girls. I read them one of your reviews/comics each night before they go to bed. They love them and have really become huge fans of MOTU. After reading your Castle Grayskull review, my 8 year old insisted I get it for her for her bday. It arrived last week. I do t know who is more excited about it her or me.

  5. If you watch Lizard man in the cartoon closely you’ll see his height varies from shot to shot – sometimes he’s taller than He-man.

  6. Recall slightly thanks to an old Panini sticker book. I have the first season on DVD too and the boom is the main help. And somebody Quagmire’n him in that scene with the Sorceress.

    Haven’t bought any MOTUCs in a long time. (Tearing down the old toy show location is.part of that reason and new would have to take public trans. and, the amount of what used to buy would be in need of another ticket)

    I like but do see the cut corners and, after the past nice tails we have surprised this got cut. I don’t recall him ever using any weapons so weapons pak could come in handy.

    Always do great reviews and this is another. I’m actuallly behind on reading them as been watching a lot of Kamen Rider lately.

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