Mattycollector Video: Club 200X, Jumbo Figures, & Point Dread? Teela?

Mattel Designer Brandon Sopinsky is back with two new videos featuring upcoming MOTU Classics product:

First off, I don’t remember if I said this in my Toy Fair Coverage?!? But we’re getting #$@%ing CALLIX!!!!!!!! Where’s that meme with success kid… This guy is going right up there on my shelf with Battle Armor Faker & Battleground Teela! He is awesome. And, uh, Evilseed is pretty a badass figure too. I feel like we’re in for good things this Fall provided everything goes through okay.

Eagle-eyed viewers might notice that Grizzlor’s faceplate is included in the video (& listed on the Sub sign-up page), but was not at Toy Fair. Well, there’s a Facebook update for that:

-Grizzlor’s Head: Yes, you will receive a Grizzlor head in the sub-only accessory pack. The reason you didn’t see him during Toy Fair is because at the time we were going to only make a face plate available (as you saw in Brandon’s video); we later decided to provide a full head instead. To minimize confusion the face plate was pulled and only five sculpts were shown. Surprise!

-Subscription Meter: Although we do have a minimum we need to hit in order to make sure the complete subscription can be offered to you guys, there will be no meter. You don’t like the meter…I don’t like the meter…you won’t see one for this subscription. That being said, YOUR participation in the subscription drive is still VERY important as you guys will ultimately determine whether the complete line comes to fruition. There will be updates to let you know how the subscription is coming along.

So Grizzlor only adds to what is already a cool piece coming with the subscription!

And then, there’s this second video. It shows some cool stuff – the Hover Robots (Available in April Early Access and then Conventions later on in the year) and the two newest Jumbo Figures Zodac & Man-At-Arms – and am I crazy in that these last two Jumbo figures seems cooler than the first four? Maybe it’s just the characters…

But, of course, if you’ve watched the video, we’re not talking about the Hover Bots and Jumbo figures. What’s that the thing over on the right there? Is that an attic for Grayskull or something??

That would be Point Dread if I’m not mistaken, which is, of course, the base for the Talon Fighter! Clearly some good non-subscription things are in store for the end of 2015 here. I can’t wait to hear more…

Oh yeah, and then there’s that Teela that sure doesn’t match up with the Teela we have. A little Filmation-y there. What’s the story on that I wonder?


21 thoughts on “Mattycollector Video: Club 200X, Jumbo Figures, & Point Dread? Teela?

  1. I like the sub and I definitely like the Point Dread tease.
    What do you guys think – will the Teela come with the Talon Fighter (like Man-At-Arms with the Battle Ram) or ist it more of a speculation starter for 2016+?

  2. 2015 Extra (expensive)Holiday Item like MAA + Battle Ram. Based on the size, I’m guessing $150-$200 here.

  3. Dat Ass is very Filmation. If she comes with PD and the Talon fighter will indeed try for it. Wanna know more on this now.

    1. So funny, right? If ever an ass needed to be accurate, it’s Teela’s, and the 4H, er, nailed it.

  4. OK, color me confused. What did I miss?

    Not that long ago it was the DARK DAYS for TEH LIAN, “We don’t know if we’ll continue past 2015!!” and not meeting goals and “Go out with a bang!” and suddenly it’s the explosion of MOU2k and Filmation sub and even if they DON’T make a Talon fighter it’s still flippin’ Point Dread which is what happened to the “gee, the vehicles/playsets are such slow sellers we can’t make this happen” and now…stuff.

    I know there’s some optimism there’s actually a MOTU movie moving forward but it’s still vaporware until the cameras actually start rolling so THAT trigger point is effectively unchanged from 2 years ago. And is this upcoming ‘Making of He-Man’ book from Dark Horse the same ultra rare you-can’t-have-one book from a few years back?

    So what’s the dealie-o?

    1. you missed mattel losing the disney princesses, falling stock prices, and more than a few changes in upper management, which collectively means for mattel, they need to start relying more on in house brands that are license-free to produce, and they need to hit existing customer bases with established brands to try to pull stock performance up. i suspect that’s largely why, after the “the end of the line in 2015 due to low customer investment” we’re hearing the horsemen teasing lots of cool unveils for SDCC for both the end of this year, and “next year.”

      at first i thought it was just a re-branding thing, since the new motu, which is doing moderately well as a comic, seems to be taking things in a new direction both narratively and aesthetically, and i still think that largely, we’re getting a re-brand, because monetarily, they’ve invested a LOT of scratch in the existing buck system… but after reading up on some of the business-level decisions and pratfalls they’ve recently endured, i think they’re looking at ways to market their in-house properties are successfully as they’ve done with monster high, so that means doubling down even on small properties like motu. but between the comic, the mobile game, the figures, and even pop culture name drops like tarran killem’s he-man on SNL, i think they’re FINALLY smelling the motu roses and are investing in the movie and perhaps more toys to try to make this into a truly evergreen brand.

      the nice thing is, for me at least, i’m beyond done. motu is over for me after this year, regardless of what coolness they show off, cuz it just has to be. if they really do something as a departure from motuc, it won’t justify my efforts to essentially sell off and replace what were already supposed to be upgrades, and in concert with cooler product coming from mezco, DST, DCC, four horsemen studios, even hasbro, i just don’t care anymore. motuc hit the motu itch so hard, the itch is gone. for the last 2 decades, my two jizz lines were motu and marvel legends, and i’m at my rope, they’re both in the position of being yesterday’s line, with yesterday’s problems, but at today’s price point, and i have hit that purchase for both of them where i’m out, i’m tired of investing in product i don’t 100% love and want to spend my money more wisely.

      have you guys seen the mythic legions kickstarter? THAT is a fantasy line! that’s where i want to invest, and in the schleich eldrador stuff to round out some props for those! i want that damned GIANT ASS devestator coming in the fall! i want that ultimate t-800 fig from NECA, and friggin john matrix… are you kidding me, john matrix?!?!?! the new mezco line for mortal kombat X i’m almost hesitant to like as much as i do, cuz they look great, and mezco used to make KILLER action figures. the heroes of the storm stuff from NECA likewise looks excellent, very excited to get some of those. that DCC clayface later in the year, that’s coming home. i just hafta! but their new dc line looks incredible, at the very least diana is coming home to give them a whirl. have y’all seen the creaturereplica line that jean st jean is doing for DST?? between the horror hound/loupgarou and yeti alone, i’m in for that one… i haven’t been the biggest fan of stars wars black, not like i thought i would, largely because i think they feel soft, but that wampa is coming home, no doubt about that. my point to all this cheerleading is, there are PLENTY of companies who want my money, and are working harder to get it. the marvel select age of ultron hulk will flat out be cooler than the marvel legends infinite age of ultron hulk will, for nominally more money. that’s where i’m at as a collector, i want better than the industry standard at the moment. what marvel legends did for me 15 years ago, NECA is doing for me now… leading me to better toys.

      1. I grok. Lost Disney Princesses, huh? Oy, that’s gonna REALLY hurt.

        So the shakeup happens and lo, they actually manage to figure out that pushing in-house properties has value? Hey, Mattel, let me talk to you about Major Matt Mason… 🙂

        I guess my problem is similar yet different to yours, DR. I’m kinda excited by some of the lines out there (seriously, NECA just about got me with the classic POTA stuff) but it’s harder to find things and the damn prices just hurt. I really can’t get invested in $20+ figures. I’d LOVE that Mezco 16th scale Frank Miller Batman but the only way to get one is…magic. And about a hundred bones. For that money I can get a couple of Figma or S.H. Figuarts (I’m kinda jonesing for some Showa Kamen Rider dudes) and KNOW they’re beautiful, not hoping I didn’t get one with the bad ankles or the warped calf or the two left feet.

  5. Filmation Teela, Point Dredd, Talon Fighter = $150.00, end of the year holiday item like the Battle Ram.

    I just hope the Talon Fighter isn’t as boxy as the vintage one. That was/is my biggest issue with it. In the cartoon its more sleek and aerodynamic but the toy was basically a cockpit with a bird head, feet and stubby wings attached. I’m in for one no matter what though (Point Dredd and the Talon Fighter were a grail as a kid, one I never had)

  6. I meant to add that that is my guess about Point Dredd etc. Battle Ram and Filmation MAA were/are $110 and the Sky Sled was mostly tooled so they just had to create the Battle Ram and snake head for it. Point Dredd and the Talon Fighter are going to be completely new tools with the only visible reuse being Teela’s underlying body. So I’d expect the price to be about $150 considering the percentage of new pieces.

  7. Well a Filmation Teela would certainly make missing out on the regular one sting a little less. Is that a new Point Dread and not the vintage one?

  8. This is all very exciting. Count me as one who hopes for Talon Fighter repaint in Monogram deco.

    I do hope Filmation Teela frees up some 1.0s. I only own one, displayed in head gear, and I’d still like to display with the second head and another to use with a Battleground head for the mini comics display.

  9. The Jumbo figures have their fans but I feel they’re a waste of plastic. Just reproduce the original figures on a 1:1 scale because all that extra resource could be going into another giant like Colossor, a vehicle like Attak Trak, or a mount like the two robotic horses.

      1. Honestly, I just do not understand the current ‘Jumbo Fever’ we’re seeing ripple thru parts of the toy industry. I saw they had giant TMNT figures, huge things, just insane. Almost as big as a small child! How is a kid supposed to play with such a thing? And of course price. ‘Jumbos’ were cheap ‘shampoo vinyl’ toys, cranked out for kids who couldn’t afford toys made from expensive zinc die-cast. Now, not. The only advantage is they’re big. BUT NOT CHARACTERS THAT MAKE SENSE TO BE BIG.


        1. Nah, I don’t get it, either. Retro-styled 4″ figures I can understand, thought they’re still not my bag. But retro-styled large figures? No. Beyond my capacity to comprehend.

        2. The giant TMNT was 48″ and did double as a glorified toy storage unit. If I was a kid I would have loved to have one — heck, I still do kinda, just can’t justify the money for one though.

          1. Yeah, I saw the shell had a door or something. I wonder how much space there is and if it’s ‘toy safe’, i.e. you’re not gonna lose accessories into an unreachable corner and such like.

            How reductive it would be to store one’s TMNT toys in a giant Ninja Turtle. 🙂

            Can you imagine how hard it’s going to be to find one ‘mint in box’ in the future? Not that it was really in a box so much as a cardboard foot bath…

  10. And I can also a sample of Stridor’s head tucked away inside Point Dread, too. Fanatastic! Will he be the November sub beast then?

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