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DC Collectibles Batman Animated Reveals, QC Issues, + New Checklist!

So I allotted a couple days to build the checklists that I wanted to add to the site… and it turns out, I should’ve allotted a couple weeks! Sheesh! The good news is that they’re down now (I have a few tweaks for different browsers to do, damn pixels being one off, but the checklists are looking good. Of the four new checklists, two of them are based on the ever reliable Batman!

Honestly, I tried to stay away from DC Collectibles stab at the Animated Universe. I was trying to be done with DC after DCUC died, but DCC’s animated figures looked so amazing that I haven’t been able to stay away. Yes, there have been some breaks, but the folks at DC Collectibles appear to be earnestly looking to get them fixed and even replacing figures for some folks. That’s a great sign.

And then there was the never-before-made Roxy Rocket reveal which was pretty damn cool, but did you happen to see their Toy Fair teaser? Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s the back end of the Batmobile, is it not?

So I’m in. And if I’m gonna be in, I’m going to make a checklist for me to follow. And I may as well share ’em…

DC Collectibles: Batman
The Animated Series Checklist

DC Collectibles: The New
Batman Adventures Checklist

14 comments to DC Collectibles Batman Animated Reveals, QC Issues, + New Checklist!

  • Clay

    Roxie Rocket!! Fab. And I do feel hopeful about the quality control now – strange how those few paragraphs are more reassuring than anything Mattel has said during the life of MOTUC…

    More importantly: hooray, new checklists! There’s something quite comforting about neatly-ordered lists, and pretty much everything is better when you add Batman.

  • Clay

    … and they’re already proving their worth! I should’ve looked at them *before* posting, I guess, but I had no idea Scarecrow would be there!

    I’m slightly bummed it’s the TNBA version – he’s one of the very few characters I prefer in his BTAS design (honestly, those original designs are awesome, but I feel they were almost universally improved upon in the redesign and just do not get why BTAS tends to be fan-preferred). Not because it’s not a great design – it’s still pretty damn cool – I just found the creepy stick-figure version seemed to fit better with the character than the hulking ghoul version.

    • TomatoisJP

      Scarecrow was one of the items DCC showed off last week after they got a certain number of Facebook likes, so it’s pretty recent news. That said, the fact that they chose to go with the TNBA version did not surprise me at all. Scarecrow was a character that Dini and Timm were never really happy with during BTAS (he’s about the only character to recieve a complete overhaul during BTAS’ run) and he’s one of very few designs from the TNBA era that the majority of fans responded positively to.

      Truthfully, I’m of two minds… I feel like the BTAS Scarecrow is a more classic interpretation of the character, but TNBA Scarecrow is admittedly much creepier. I’d have been content with either, but Wave 5 is TNBA heavy and they only have so many characters left.

    • Jester

      TNBA character designs look sad, flat and dead. Sure, the Scarecrow might better fit Clay’s conception of how the character’s physicality should be interpreted on-screen, but most of the other characters appear to have been similarly drained of substance. Gordon looks emaciated, tired and old, in contrast with his hale, hearty predecessor, and Catwoman and the Joker in particular openly resemble animated corpses.

    • Alex

      I must say I feel quite the opposite. Scarecrow is the only New Adventures redesign I didn’t outright hate. In fact I almost prefer it to the original. Well ok, I liked Batman and Batgirl’s costumes, but I don’t like the art style of the characters themselves. I know the difference is subtle (well as long as Batman is in costume anyway, don’t get me started on that atrocious Bruce Wayne…), but it’s still off.

      That said, I do believe I will be skipping that figure and will hold out in hopes of a proper BTAS version. I don’t know if I just haven’t seen a good picture of it, but the face looks terrible to me. And the grossly exaggerated proportions of the TNBA designs look terrible in physical form, and he looks the worst by far in thst regard so far. I know BTAS was stylized, but it was never flagrantly disproportionate like the redesigns were.

      If they would have just done the proper BTAS versions of everybody, I would be very deep into collecting this. As it is, I’ll just be sticking with BTAS Batman, Joker, and Harley, and if they ever do BTAS Scsrecrow or Clayface. The only TNBA one I might go back and get if money allows and I don’t run into QC problems is Batgirl at some point.

  • Curious as to why these were broken into two separate checklists. I realize that the line is representing two different eras of the DCAU but is one line with mixed waves that are supposedly alternating between 1 from one series and 3 from the other. What happens if the line expands on into Batman Beyond, Superman and Justice League?

  • Nice! These figures are almost enough to get me collecting a whole new line. ALMOST. I’m going to get a couple select pieces, and that’s it. Gotta be strict with myself.

  • da man

    The more I see the more I want. If they can get the quality control in order as it seems they are trying to do, I might be in for all of them.

    • The problem is, even if they get the QC in check going forward, they’ve not announced any plans to do a new run of the first wave, so you’ll either have to get figures that are almost guaranteed to self-destruct, or have some major holes in your collection.

      And that’s if they really do improve the quality. It’s not like these are the first figures DCC has made recently that have QC issues. Pretty much all of DCC’s product has problems.

      • Jester

        Yep. My sister has a DCD Frank Miller Batgirl from years ago with a broken elbow-pin. Naturally, it’s made from that same #@@%!@! clear plastic…

  • Templar Punk

    It’s most likely the Batmobile, but I kinda see Etrigan too.

  • J. Lee

    Haven’t popped on these yet but darn if not liking each one. Scarecrow yes more of a fan of the classic look but the books did a great mix that I still wish Mattel repainted from the Sinestro Crow. If thats the batmobile my mind be blown.