NYCC: Armchair Coverage
MOTU Classics 2015 Reveals!

I thought I’d go ahead and pull this out to it’s own post. It’s too cool to miss!

For whatever reason, I thought ToyGuru’s videos would be done after the recap. Reveals didn’t occur to me! That made finding today’s reveals, a video released just a few minutes ago – that much sweeter! We’ve got four new figures to check out, in various stages of pre-production:

  • April – Queen Angella! (remember kids, that’s two L’s) This has been an anticipated figure after she wasn’t included in the Etheria mini-sub. She looks great, smart reuse of Hawkgirl’s wings and the little halo accessory is neat (I may not use it, but still). She includes the standard recycled shield and a new sword – I love the POP Women getting offensive accessories though. That’s great!
  • May – Blast-Attak! (remember kids, no c, but a hyphen) I’m bummed he didn’t get a new torso that could pull apart, but I do like the use of the Horde Trooper torso in red – that’s close. It’s a shame there’s not a way for the armor to snap apart in broken halves. That could be cool. He does get some cool new tooling to get his legs just right and his two vintage accessories, his air trigger now doubling as an energy whip. He looks great though. I’m excited for this guy – and I’d like to see these legs reused to give Twistoid a lower half… just sayin’.
  • June – Sssqueeze! (remember kids, no extra E’s but 3 S’s!) This is blasphemous, but I wish this guy had a spare set of normal arms. I know, I know. Heretic. His bendy arms do look fantastic (and they will be bendy – Will he include the Hssss torso? Will there be room in the box?) Sssqueeze does include his “pet snake”, but it appears to have been reimagined as a staff. We’ll see. Even though I’m not a fan of the huge arms, he looks fantastic and I love all the new tooling.
  • Q2 Quarterly – Multi Bot! (uh, no hyphen, I guess?) Again, another great looking figure. All the new pieces look great and this is another figure I’m excited for. I kinda wish I had bought a 2nd Modulok to make Megabeast! Damn… Lots of new tooling here again, including the word that he’ll have the torso joint swappable, which is good news. And those blue mechanical legs look like they’d be great legs for Twistoid to get a lower half. (can you tell that I want the tops to have swappable lower legs?)

Alright, I think that warps it up! I know some folks won’t like this video, but these are some awesome reveals as I see it. I’m looking forward to see what Brandon Sopinsky can do with the 4H prototypes and how great these figures will be executed. 2015 is looking to be a great year with just half the reveals known. And the second half? I have high hopes… Dragstor, Saurod, Perfuma, Peekablue, Mara, Rotar & Twistoid, and not to mention the various He-Man & Skeletor variants. It’s going to be good year!


36 thoughts on “NYCC: Armchair Coverage
MOTU Classics 2015 Reveals!

  1. I thought Blast-Attak’s torso armor splits apart? That’s what I saw in the video.

    1. It’s removeable armour with the Horde Trooper undertorso in red revealed. Not really a split apart thing.

    2. I rewrote that paragraph a bit to be more clear. The armor does come off and it’s red underneath which is a nice touch, but I’m hopeful that Brandon Sopinsky could make the armor split apart differently than the other armors, maybe recreating the “blown apart” aspect with a haphazard connection instead of it just clipping together under the arms.

  2. I thought Mattel said that they couldn’t reuse DC figure parts on MOTU figures? If I remember correctly, it was back when that Dark Knight Returns Batman came out using MOTU parts.

    1. Yeah, he did say that. It definitely makes sense that you can’t take something that was made for a licensed figure and give it to your own brand. I wonder if there is a loophole since DCUC is over?

    2. They have said that on multiple occasions. Mattel has a weird thing where the bucks themselves are often concerned part of the licenses/lines and not a free-to-all piece. For example, their retro heroes offerings couldn’t be replica Megos, but rather had to be Big Jim (a buck Mattel owned outright). I imagine it stems from their being a doll company first; it’s not really something action figure fans care much about.

      We’ve seen cross-pollination with accessories before however, and DKR Bats (which was MOTU->DC and thus not the same thing). I’m guessing the wings are not a standard part of the buck, so they are likely in a loophole. Or perhaps permission was given. Or perhaps Clark is right and with Doomsday “ending” the line, more avenues are open.

      1. I know the DKR Batman was a case where the owner of the property the body came from (MOTU, and thus Mattel themselves) granted permission to use the pieces for a different license (Batman, which was being made by Mattel. So it was basically Mattel granting permission for Mattel to use Mattel’s pieces to make a Mattel figure).

  3. Nosiy, are you sure Angella comes with a shield? I saw no mention of it (maybe I missed it).

            1. I’m the same. For whatever reason, I love the consistency and having things in multiple colours. 😛 Which is weird, as I usually like uniqueness with my figures. Was disappointed when Glimmer didn’t come with one, but she got Entrapta’s. Will probably give the BP shield to Angella.

  4. Poor Multi bot looks like he’s parched for a couple washes, but the rest look nice. Squeeze looks great, though like Noisy, I kept expecting him to announce regular arms and nadda. Oh well. Angella looks nice but I’m totally rounding up those boobs. Trying to get her all helen mirren and shiz.

    1. Wouldja believe he’s factory fresh Multi Bot?

      I’m glad they did the big, dumb bendy arms, but I’m just thinking for display purposes it would be nice to also not have them.. I kinda wish they were at least removable so we could do the work without mutilating the figure. Maybe I’ll buy two like with Rio. I’ll need some donor arms though.

      1. oh, i’m loving the arms for display… can you say “brachiating snake man?” cuz that’s HAPPENING!

        and yes, i totally can believe that’s factory multi-bot… ‘sok, they did the sculpting, that’s the hard part, i can dry brush and wash myself. there’s a part of me that almost wants to ask sherri how the hell the figure ended up that paint starved, but then, i have this sinking feeling that the answer will upset her and i both, and that’s no good. i’m a toolbag, i get upset as easily as i get turned on, sherri on the other hand, is a great person and doesn’t need some meddling asshat pointing out that they totally wasted her talents on that figure.

  5. Angella and Sssssssquueeeezzee look cool. I do see what you’re saying about his arms, tho. It didn’t even occur to me before reading this that she had HG’s wings. TBH they’re a big selling point for me.

    The other two I would probably like better if they didn’t have such garish paint decos. I do like the steampunk feel of them, but I doubt I’ll even bother with them.

  6. Wow. Love every last one of those, Sssqueeze most of all. All the detail on that guy; he’s a work of friggin’ art. So glad he doesn’t have those terrible spiky snake-heads hands.

    I have only one beef in all those reveals: If Blast Attak isn’t going to blow up, why include a non-functioning detonator cord? That’s money and resources that could’ve been put towards, say, a Filmation Hordak head. For example.

    1. the detonator cord is a second weapon, a cronenbergian style flog. think of all the deviant, disgusting things he could do with that… to queen angella… on a dark thursday evening in late august under full moon, though you wouldn’t know it from the stormy haze that’d hung over the barony all weekend like a scent of death on a lunger. as the mist permeated the night, the open window at the top of her cell leaked a steady patter of mossy moisture that mimicked the seeping oil of her leering captor pattering upon the masonry.

      1. Creepily evocative writing notwithstanding, still: giving a whip to a walking bomb? That’s like adding a slingshot to Big Bertha. Either the giant cannon or the giant mouth-breeder fish from the Super Mario games. Either works for this analogy.

  7. For quality control and suitable for child’s play you just have to give the production pieces to Neitlich and see if it stands the tests.

  8. I used to have Ssssqueeze and Blast-Attak. They were fun figures. Blast Attack not even being able to come apart is d a real let down but they both look great.
    Maybe buying that MOTU T-shirt last week was a sign that I should be collecting MOTU again. 😉 These reveals and upcoming figures are making it very tempting LOL.

  9. Not a fan of Blast Attak’s new head. The old one had an Aztec/Mayan look to it. This one just looks like Mike Tyson.

  10. Everything shown does look pretty great, however, I cannot fathom people getting behind this Blast-Attak travesty. Even as much as Rio Blast stucks, and that virtually ever single ‘action-feature’ has been half-assed up to this point (mekanek & rattlor necks, battle armor ‘plates’, ‘fold-up’ rock warriors, Rio-Blast, etc), that a figure based completely around an extremely important action feature didn’t even warrant a half-assed attempt? I can accept most things in this line due to the nature of the line, but this is just sheer lunacy. I can’t believe more people aren’t up in arms over this, and that I’m only hearing people praise it. It’s like I’m in bizarro world all of a sudden…

    1. At this point, it’s a case of expecting Mattel to cheap out. Did I want a blow-apart feature on Blast Attak? Hells, yes! Did I expect it? Not really.

      Would have I accepted a pull-apart feature? Also yes! Did I expect it? Kind of, but I wasn’t banking on it.

      Did I want a Blast Attak that looks like a perfect update? Sure! Did I expect it? Not really.

      Am I getting a Blast Attak that looks darned good? Yeah. And that’s about all one can expect these days.

      It sucks, I know. But back in the 1980s, MOTU once outsold Barbie on a global scale, and they had lots of money (over a billion) to invest in new tooling and getting gimmicks and sculpts to mesh as best they could. Nowadays, they have to beg for subs just to get stuff made. It’s a damn shame, I agree, but there’s nothing that can be done about it now, other than customising your own.

  11. Blast-Attak was one of my favorite guys as a kid because you could have people hack him in half. He even had bright red inside as you might imagine a person did if you hacked them in half.

    Guys who could have body parts lopped off were always among my favorites. MOTU at least had arms like that almost across the board.

    Uh, I’m fine. I am perfectly fine.

  12. Well, I won’t be getting any of these. All that’s left from the vintage line that hasn’t been revealed yet that I care about are Saurod and possibly the Laser Lights. So unless they pull out any big surprises (hoping against hope that the “A-list characters from other media and a few other surprises” might turn out to finally be movie Skeletor and He-Man – hey, they also always said they could never, ever, possibly do filmation, and we saw how that turned out), and/or the 200X mini sub happens (and son of a beesting does Evilseed NEED to happen either way), this last year is gonna be pretty light for me. Though my wallet is not complaining about that. Especially with the Mezco One:12 stuff incoming.

    And that’s not a new sword that Angella has there. I know I have it, I think it’s the one Queen Marlena came with.

    1. No, that’s definitely a new sword. Marlena’s was the same as BG Teela’s, which has a different hilt. Where Angella’s has knobs, Marlena’s / Teela’s has hoops.

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