Eon Quest Action Figures Coming to Kickstarter!

Friend of IAT & brilliant reader, Jon Wesley Huff has sent news of Eon Quest, a new line of action figures that will hit Kickstarter this month:

The 5.5’’ action figure format gets a bold new re-imagining for a new era.

OCTOBER 6, 2014 (Champaign, IL): The Cosmic Warriors of the Ninth Galaxy are here! An exciting new line of collectible 5.5’’ action figures is about to be launched on Kickstarter starting October 15, 2014! Paying homage to some of the most popular toys of the past, Eon Quest™ is nevertheless a bold, new interpretation of a classic action figure format.

A fresh, modern sculpting style is combined with swappable limbs, removable armor and accessories. Every figure will also include one of five unique mini-comics that, collectively, tell the story of the characters’ first adventure.

“I’m so incredibly excited to share this with everyone. I’ve always loved the size and feel of the 5.5’’ figures I played with as a kid. Eon Quest is really designed to take the spirit of those old lines and channel it into something totally new,” says creator Jon Wesley Huff. “It’s not
nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake. It’s about taking a basic form, dusting it off, and re-forging it from the ground up to go in a new direction with it.”

The Eon Quest Kickstarter will start on October 15, 2014 with an initial funding goal of $70,000. Series 1 will consist of five figures — Starbreaker™, Uplink™, Captain Wolfmoon™, the Magmoid™, and the Magmoid Captain™. An exclusive Kickstarter-only variant of the Magmoid will be the first stretch goal add-on figure. All the latest information can be found on www.eonquest.com.

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About the World of Eon Quest
After a thousand years ruling the Ninth Galaxy, Lord Eon™ must call forth its greatest warriors to undertake a dire quest. Negalith™, Lord of the Void, is trying to break free of his imprisonment and threaten their universe once more. Only the combined powers of Starbreaker, Uplink, Alchemris™, Lady Lune™, Boostar™, and Lila Baron™ can stop him!

About Jon Wesley Huff

Jon Wesley Huff has been working in the Graphic Design and Marketing field for fourteen years. He currently serves as Senior Art Director for one of the leading RC hobby companies in the world, where he has learned a lot about producing products overseas. He has had a passion for illustration, action figures and comic book storytelling his whole life, which has greatly influenced the development of Eon Quest.


32 thoughts on “Eon Quest Action Figures Coming to Kickstarter!

  1. The articulation in the pictures looks like Masters of the Universe from the 80’s. If that’s the case it’s a no-buy for me. They look great aside from that.

  2. I’m seeing a mix of He-Man and Centurions with this line. I’m not sold yet, but I’m certainly intrigued (the fact that the villains will have translucent plastic for their bodies certainly piques my interest) and am looking forward to hearing more about it.

  3. “brilliant reader” is kind of a strange appellation, no?

    either way, these look intriguing, in same vein as warlords of wor, or realm of the underworld. is there any cross pollenation of those lines going on here? (as it might pertain to swappability of parts or such?)

      1. i like to keep things fresh, linguistically. 🙂

        for the record, my query wasn’t a critique, it was a query. i’ve noticed your use of the phrase and just not questioned it prior to now, but you must admit… it’s an odd turn of phrase, no?

    1. DR Wrarlors of War uses magnets so thats out. There is no official ROTU compatibility, but who knows what joints they’ll end up using IF the KS goes through.
      These guys remind me of the 2000 era MOTUS

  4. On the one hand, good for him, trying to get something going, making a dream happen, all that stuff.

    On the other hand, the concept sure is derivative as all get out. MOTU, maybe Micronauts, a dash of Captain Power, a touch of Image Comics… I just feel like I’m seeing a late ’80s indy superhero comic. All that’s missing is big-haired large breasted women and more names spelled funny like “BLUDWYND OMEGA” and “TEKMANCER”.

    Given that this is a boutique line, will people really pony up (guesstimating) $50 a figure?

    But, best of luck to the guy. Maybe this will push buttons in others that I don’t seem to have. 🙂

    1. Don’t forget Zen the Intergalactic Ninja. That’s the only thought that was going through my mind when they mentioned mini comics to tell the origins of their adventures

    2. MOTU, maybe Micronauts, a dash of Captain Power, a touch of Image Comics… “

      Well, the line is intended to be something new, but it’s also something of an homage to lines like MOTU, Micronauts, Crystar, Captain Power… some New Gods, Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who, too. And a few other things, besides. 😀 So if you’re seeing that in there, then that’s not a bad thing from my perspective. The point is to try to channel the fun and spirit of those properties, though, not replicate them. The story and characters will definitely be unique. I mean, as unique as adventure stories can be. Not much of Image Comics in there, though. LOL. I was never really into them. I was always a Marvel boy, to be honest. Now, that being said, I know that won’t appeal to everyone. And that’s totally cool. Part of what will be interesting about the Kickstarter is to see how many poeple it will appeal to. But the nice thing about being a small indie line is I get to try something that maybe not everyone is into. And there are no focus groups saying I should do this or that with it. 🙂

      I just feel like I’m seeing a late ’80s indy superhero comic. All that’s missing is big-haired large breasted women and more names spelled funny like “BLUDWYND OMEGA” and “TEKMANCER”

      I thought big-breasted women with weird names were more 90s comics? Maybe I was too young and didn’t read enough indie comics in the 80s to know those existed. 😀 Anyway, you’ll see none of that. If you haven’t checked it out, you might look at the first mini-comic on the website. It’s going much more for an old-school 80s-ish vibe. You’ll find reasonably-breasted women with actual personalities. 🙂

      Given that this is a boutique line, will people really pony up (guesstimating) $50 a figure?

      It will be a small line, but the price per figure will be much, much less expensive than you think.

      1. Thank you for replying in person, I know I sound kinda ‘comic book shop guy’ and all dismissive and all, but as much as I applaud that you’re making the effort to make it happen, it really seems to be needing more innovation and less ‘callbacks’ to the past.

        I think the concept could use another pass. A touch more refining.

        For example, by the looks of things the figures are going to have the vintage MOTU (and Remco knockoffs 🙂 )issue of not being able to stand on their own, except maybe in one boring pose. That’s really a problem. Of course plenty of current figures from all kinds of companies have the same problem (cough cough ML Black Widow) but the joy of NOT being in that playpen should be you can anticipate issues just like this one and solve it.

        I am so used to boutique toy line nonsense and ‘justification’ for crazy prices I naturally high-balled my completely off the cuff suggestion on the pricepoint. I am very happy to see you seem to be planning to be more affordable. 🙂

        and yes, big hair, big breasteseses and goofy name spelling are indeed a legacy of the ’80s B&W indy comic boom. It just got worse in the ’90s, and then they started adding more and more ‘Liefield Straps’ to the characters… 🙂

        Look, seriously, Good Luck, huh? I hope it works out for you!

        1. I naturally high-balled my completely off the cuff suggestion on the pricepoint.

          Reminds me of that $75-100 guess for Unleashed Doomsday. 😉

          1. I’m sorry, have we had an official price on that yet?

            I was pretty ballpark with that Mezco 6″ DKR Batman, gonna give me props for that? I called it fairly close. I quote “All honesty, I’m expecting a $49.95 MSRP. It would not shock me if it turned out to be $79.95.”

            And the winner is $65, per BBTS. Right in the range of Figma and all that. (at least import markup-wise. Fresh from Japan is like 30% to 50% less)

            So, that. 🙂

              1. Is that confirmed somewhere? A pre-order page or something somewhere?

                Scott making a Facebook post in the vein of “We expect it should be around $40 but it’s not nailed down yet” doesn’t count.

                So, I highballed that overly much, it seems. If true, I was wrong.

                I will point out user ‘Onslaught’ thought it would be $75 (or more) before I put a price down. 🙂

  5. They certainly look great, for sure. Go 6″ and add articulation and I am definitely in. They would look great with MOTUC, and even some DC/Marvel 6″ figs.

    1. If that were at all financially feasible, then I might have gone that route. Maybe. But, to be honest, unless your company’s name rhymes with Snore Forcemen, I’m not sure a 6” figure line is really feasible through Kickstarter. 🙂

      Heck, even the Four Horsemen have largely abandoned the scale. If you look at the recent 6” figures on Kickstarter, the problem is just to get one figure done it’s SO expensive. So you’re asking for people to buy one figure (and maybe some variants) and trying to raise $90,000. The numbers don’t really add up. But, the idea here is to offer a whole line at a still nicely sized scale. I’ll be the first to admit, it’s an experiment. And not a cheap one. But I’m also not really trying to make money, here. My goal really is to just make Series 2, then Series 3, etc. So, it was an experiment and a chance worth taking.

      I don’t begrudge anyone if they aren’t into it. I know there are some collectors who only want things in a certain scale or with a certain amount of articulation. But, I’m HOPING there are enough people out there who like it to make it happen. That’s always the great unknown. I just appreciate anyone who takes the time to check it out and comment. 🙂

      1. I don’t know that I buy that, two failed rocco tartamella KSs don’t a trend make. The horsemen are not the only outfit with successful KSs for 6 inch scale figs, and smaller figs, in 5 inch and 1/18 have dailed as well. It is much more about execution of the campaign and public knowledge than the actual product. If tartamella had offered some potato salad with his kickstarts, he might very well have hit funding.

        1. What are the other 6” figure Kickstarters that have succeeded? Were they factory produced in China, or home made? Because that makes a world of difference. 🙂 The cost of making a line in mass numbers is caused because of steel molds. Something you don’t have to worry about as much with low-run vinyl, resin or the like. I ask because I’ve been following action figures on KS for a long time and I just can’t think of any. I don’t know if the GoHeroMe figure was 6”? But there have been even a few I backed that sadly did not go through at a larger scale.

          I think KS’s like IAmElemental, the Boss Fight, Marauders, Legends of Cthulhu… have all proven smaller scale can be done and be profitable. But of course, that’s not what we’re talking about. 🙂

          1. herome is a 12 inch base, but there was also the backyard legends figure from WCV. the skeleton warriors were also officially a 5 inch line, but will feature characters bigger than that. (i’m not counting statue products like the kingdom or be a superhero, cuz let’s face it, statues aren’t action figures!)

            also, not an action figure per se, but there was a kid in art school who kickstartered for fundage for a ball jointed fashion doll. it was a one-off, not a full line, so his financial needs were much smaller, but he got it.

            and you’re right, i wasn’t blasting the smaller lines by any stretch, i was simply saying that 6 inch is, i think, still economically viable, and the horsemen aren’t the only guys whose work proves that. tartamella had some nice ideas, and some solid looking figs, i honestly think his personal lack of charisma in the videos, his lack of stretch goal know-how to make the funding goals seem more reasonable, and his personal conduct in the world of collectors all contributed to his prospects failing. that will have no relevant bearing on your project one way or the other, i’m just saying, i wouldn’t take them as commentaries on the larger industry, that’s all. 40 bucks for a figure (that’s all he was asking) though is not an unattainable goal for a toy, or those lovely 3rd party transformers wouldn’t sell for crap, and there’d be no import market.

  6. I understand, totally. It isn’t easy nor cheap. I wish you the best of it and look forward to the line.

  7. looks a bit rough on sculpts, but for a first time independent creator/producer it looks good. The techy parts do look better than the fleshy bits. It took a couple views to see that Uplink has the same parts as the Magmoids. I’m curious as to how the female sculpts will turn out.

    good luck with this project, Jon!

  8. Looking forward to this! Congrats John!

    Don’t let the naysayers get you down. Complainers always crawl out of the woodwork when you try to accomplish something.

  9. If they were in line with the new MOTU Classics I’d be all over it but the 5.5″ is a deal breaker. That said, best of luck & all that.

  10. Interesting line. Good luck with it. 🙂
    I no longer collect action figures but if a Classics Thundercats, Brabvestarr or Galaxy Rangers line gets announced I will make an exception.

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