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San Diego Comic-Con
2014 Armchair Coverage Index! Monday Update!

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A lot of DC figures from various companies have already appeared at the Con. There’s the aforementioned Mezco Batmen & the NECA Video Game Bats. Plus, Hot Toys is getting into the bat-action with an Arkham City figure!

Not to be forgotten, Mattel had some offerings for their Bat-lines as well. The big surprise for me was that their Classic Batman TV line was not dead! We knew Surf’s Up Joker was still out there, but Mattel has two more offerings as well. One is fantastic and one is annoying. On the annoying side is that they are going ahead with the already sculpted Yvonne Craig Batgirl! It looks slick, but it comes in a 3pk with… Batman & Robin. Yep. If you bought into this line, you have those guys and you have to get ready to get them again! Doh!

On the awesome flipside, is the Ultimate Gift pack. This pack does again just feature ol’ Batman, but he is accessorarily gifted! A Bat-Computer diorama piece, various bat-devices, the red phone, the Shakespeare Bust for door to the Batcave, and an alternate Adam West head! I kinda think I need to buy it! For pics, check out AFI or TNI!

Check out Toy Ark & AFP for more pics from the Mattel booth. While I’m not into the non-Classics lines, there is some fun stuff to see: Total Heroes is getting Steel & Riddler, Mattel is copying Hasbro’s Titan Heroes line, and there are more new Arkham-based Multiverse figures than I can count!

DC Collectibles also had a mighty impressive display (Check outToyArk, AFI, or TNI). There are a lot of Arkham and Arrow figures that I’m not really into, but I was more caught up in the Animated Figures! We don’t even have the first one yet, but check out this list: Wave One: TNBA Batman, TNBA Mr. Freeze, TNBA Two-Face, BTAS Catwoman. Wave Two: TNBA Poison Ivy, BTAS Robin, BTAS Man-Bat, BTAS Joker. Wave Three: Harley Quinn, TBNA Killer Croc w/ Baby Doll, TNBA Robin, TNBA Creeper. Wave Four: BTAS Batman, BTAS Batgirl, BTAS Riddler, TNBA Penguin. I was already impressed with getting our first ever Baby Doll, but Action Figure Insider dropped a second bombshell on their Facebook: Roxy Rocket will get her first ever figure in this line! That’s just crazytalk for an old Bat-fan like me!

Sideshow continued to chug away on their 12″ licensed figures. I might be a sucker for that Flash!

And finally, LEGO revealed a new set with Green Lantern! Technically, I never need another GL figure again, but I made an exception on this one. I have the rest of the JLA main 7 and I’m just waiting on ol’ Hal Jordan. It look like a fun set with a space Batman and Sinestro. Could be good! LEGO also announced an exclusive – Zur-En-Arrh Minifig at SDCC. Hope no one wants that…

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My big DC toy reveal today, aside from AFI’s Roxy Rocket tidbit was at NECA! They’re doing a Quarter Scale Penguin from Batman Returns (via ATB)! And it’s downright creepy. It looks fantastic. I do have the Quarter Scale Batman, but I was expecting Hot Toys to get to Returns figures first… I’m not what I want to do. I have a nice HT collection going and if they do BR, it will be good. NECA’s Quarter Scale work is amazing though. I wouldn’t mind a towering display of Catwoman, Penguin, & Joker… Hrm.

ToyArk swung back around by the DCC booth on the second day of the Con. I didn’t see anything “new”, but things are positioned differently in the actual booth, so it’s kinda neat to see a few more angles on the revealed figures. There’s also a picture of the upcoming release schedule, which may already be known, for the TAS figure. The first eight will be out in a two month span over Nov/Dec this year. That’s $200 if you want ’em all. Save your pennies!

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MOTU | DC | Marvel | NECA | Hasbro | Hot Toys | Everything Else

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95 comments to San Diego Comic-Con
2014 Armchair Coverage Index! Monday Update!

  • Mikey

    Sweet bee looks nice. I hope one day Lookee will go on regular sale cause I have never lucked into a sale time

  • Brainlock

    Eldor looks like he stole Nicol Williamson’s Merlin cap from Excalibur.

    Tank looks cool, glad it’s not some ridiculous price around $300.
    I think that missile lasted all of a week for my original? LOL

    I just needed a break from the nonsense about the Hasbro reveals and teases filling my FB feed. #NoReadingComprehension #noSleepTilImDead

  • kantboy2

    This is Filmation MAA body with MYP helmet-less head.

    Weird combo, but great for MAA fans.

  • Jester

    $75 for the jumbo figures? Harsh, man. Harsh…

  • BATTLE RAM!!! Yippee! I’m thinking that war sled will have an appointment with some green paints.

    The jumbo figures will be an easy pass. Everything else: excellent.

  • Carsten

    Couldn’t be happier about the Battle Ram, my white whale from childhood.
    The figures are okay (but no must haves for me) but I’ll pass on jumbos, as well …

    Still, I’m happy to see, what else they got in store for us ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lemmy

    Awesome on the Battle Ram. The Horsemen did such a wonderful job with that one. Glad to see it finally coming in full. Hadn’t expected the “evil” sled though. Nice touch! I’m also not one to turn down a good MAA fig. Had already seen Sweet Bee (and a few others), but she does look pretty nice.

    Does anyone know if there’s going to be a livestream of mattypalooza?

  • Hey, Noisy?

    I think I could hear your wallet scream all the way over here… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My enthusiasm will have to get me through. I’m not sure how many of these I’m in for.

      On Guardians, I need to see the movie first. And even the. I’m not sure they’re iconic enough for Hot Toys other than Groot & Rocket. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The Arkham Batman is sweet, but I don’t need it.

      Marty & the Delorean? I have no room for that, but I need it… lol

  • ero

    I think the Battle Ram pack is a brilliant effort at cobbling together fan-demanded items. I only lament that the fur is black on MAA’s armor. Why not brown to match?

    Anyway, I’m excited for it, if not the price tag, and I’m even starting to think that I’ll leave the so-called Evil Warriors sled in place. I don’t think it looks *that* different from the vintage.

  • RaphaelLogan

    DCD making the Animated line as fully fledged figures is a dream come true!! It looks like they have tons planned too. Do we have a full list yet?

    • I’ll have more coverage as we go on, including a list. My work schedule isn’t SDCC-friendly this year. We’ll blow it all up on Sunday & Monday!

  • Mark T.

    Noisy, don’t give in! Wait for a Kyle LEGO!!

  • Mark T.

    The Delores is gorgeous. Wife’ll never let me have it.

  • RaphealLogan

    Too rich for my blood.

  • Guys, guys, I wrote “the first Killer Croc figure” and no one called me out?? LOL

    The first Baby Doll figure!

  • I’m not completely sold on that Hot Toys Prime, but my interest is definitely piqued! Hopefully it won’t be something insane like $500.

    • I updated again and failed to mention it. Duh.

      I’m not buying it. I’m just enough a toy snob to think ActionMasters don’t quite count (though I did buy Revoltechs!).

      • I don’t really care about Transformers that don’t actually Transform. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve transformed my MP-01 and MP-10 combined…

        Realistically it will all come down to cost and how much I want this bad boy. Especially when there are other transformers out there that I do want and that actually transform!

  • Ray Wu

    Hey, just a note, the *image button* for DC in the news updates links to the Hot Toys coverage page. (The DC heading correctly comes to this page :))

  • Ray Wu

    Oh whoops. I meant to leave the above comment on the DC coverage page. See? haha

  • ero

    I feel the pull of Hot Toys Marty more than Reeve Superman or Keaton Batman, which has me thinking I’ll take the plunge. Would be my first. I think the head sculpt is perfect, although if they want to do a more open-mouthed, nervous Marty second head, that’d work too. And I need that Valterra!

    How much can we expect the Delorean to cost? Keaton Batmobile was over $500, right? I just don’t know how a family man justifies such a purpose. But I’m sure I’ll find a way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I still haven’t invested in the ’66 Batman line, so a Batman, Robin, & Batgirl three pack doesn’t sound bad to me. But then I’d need another Batman to get all the cool swag? Lame.

  • TwistedTwo-face

    Apparently on DCC’s “Do Not Photograph” table, there’s an Animated Series Rocket. Roxy Rocket is coming!

  • I cannot begin to imagine how obscenely expensive a Helicarrier would be. No way will that thing be to scale.

    • Brainlock

      someone pointed out it appears to be the same length as Falcon’s wingspan, so….shorter than the Hasbro one?

    • It doesn’t appear to be more than 12-14″. I was laughing at the folks wanting 1:6 or even 1:18 scale. You could live in it if you did that. LOL

      But, no, sadly it prolly is smaller than Hasbro’s. Though it is still way cooler and looks better. Just not something I need to pick up.

  • With the combiners, it’s too little, too late, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve already got massive 3rd-Party versions of both, and I’m pretty satisfied with them. Won’t be buying the smaller Hasbro versions, especially after the way Cybertronian Bruticus turned out.

  • you_will_forget

    Whoa, just been looking at the Play Arts Kai Batman: Timeless figures.

    I know they’re awaiting approval, but they are really nice. I picked up Flash, Green Lantern, Batgirl and the red version of Batman and I love them all, but these are stepping further and further into awesome.

    I might well have to move into a shed at this rate.


  • All due respect, and I know the prenatal stuff is punching you in the face 24/7, but Noisy, this page right here is kinda sorta not working.

    The convo is now so scattershot and without context it’s maddening.

    Maybe it’s impossible but I would strongly suggest going back to the way it was on Thursday.

    • No going back! One file to update is that “too much” easier! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I was worried the comments would come unthreaded, but they didn’t so we should be okay if we look out for context clues. I can always run in and add some proper pronouns into comments, but for the most part we can just start talking “down here”!

      • Well, it’s been my experience that far too many people can’t grasp context, and we get, for example, people asking/whining over and over about the NECA 6 inch Keaton Batman in NES colors and why why why can’t they do the ‘real’ one, and it’s so obvious why…

        But it’s your house, man. I dig trying to do ANYTHING to lighten the load. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I also note that the Mezzco DKR Batman still doesn’t have a MSRP. Makes me fear it’s gonna be over $100. That kills the line pretty quick I think. People will bite on the Hot Toys figures because there’s an INSANE amount of work and just…stuff… with the figures, the ‘uncanny valley’ of the faces notwithstanding as nightmare fuel. Or maybe those likenesses are the draw, I dunno. Hot Toys prices scare the crap out of me.

  • Dr Kain

    NECA didn’t really bring their A game as their 1984 Godzilla looks atrocious. Now on the Alien side of things, Ripley is incredible. However, that Godzilla…

    • Vault

      Yeah, that Godzilla is pretty disappointing, but Pacific Rim has some amazing figures coming up. I cannot wait for Otachi!

  • Odin’s a BAF? Dammit. He’s the only one out of that wave besides Captain Marvel (still feel weird calling her that).

    • Brainlock

      and now it seems they’re pulling a Zemo, in that Odin gets a variant with “King Thor”, who has a new head, Destroyer armored arm, and allegedly a different ape, but the one in the display seem to have the same cape?

      also, Wanda and “Captain” Carol (as opposed to 3pk “Ms.M/Warbird” Carol) are “running changes”, with some confusion over what is going on with the rest? Thor/Sentry and White Iron Fist/?Hawkeye?? are rumored to be running changes, as well. We know how well THAT has worked out. Somehow, Machine Man is the only one free and clear?
      and this is only the first of the two(?) Avengers waves to tide us until the movie!

      Spider-Man also has some changes, with 2099/Miguel, MayDay/MC2 Spider-Girl, and a new “basic blue” Spidey confirmed with a new medieval looking HobGoblin BAF. There is some confusion over how many hands Spidey gets, as four hands were shown in front of the figure, one with pizza(?), and a second head that has the mouth exposed.

      OFFICIAL Marvel panel is tomorrow…..

      • Brainlock

        “pulling a ZOLA”, not Zemo. D’OH! King Thor was only in case on Friday night, no sign on Saturday, afaik.

        modern THANOS wave: Movie Fury, Coulson (two heads: with and w/o shades), Maria Hill!!
        Spider-Woman, Hellcat, ??
        (THREE women in one ML wave? gotta be another “running change”, if only for the comic characters. this isn’t She-Ra/Barbie.)

        still a bit of confusion as to which “running changes” are in the Odin/King Thor BAF wave. Seems Wanda/Carol, and some mix of the guys?
        also missing a few Spider-Man slots, yet. Iron Fist will have swappable “kung fu” hands”

        They “tried to fit in” the final Wrecking Crewman, Bulldozer, but it wasn’t feasible in the Thor/Odin wave. Looking at possible BAF?

        random ML: Dormammu, Magik (spiky Now!) cyber-sculpts revealed, no word on where.
        a second GotG wave/5pk is coming, possibly exclusive. comic styled, and tentative line-up, no other details to be confirmed at moment.

        NO X-MEN ML WAVES UNTIL 2016 movie???
        raising even more questions about that rumored (non)embargo on F4 and Fox happening…
        …exept Magik and arguably Wanda…???

        Northstar and Thunderstrike! blue/grey Beast variants (stated “Jim Lee”, but grey seems more George Perez head?), Black Cat, FA Bishop, Sandman (“sand” and green shirt variants), “Big Time” Spidey, Ant-Man II?
        I’m not sure what else was new vs old/unreleased. I saw Valkyrie and a couple others I know have been announced already. LOSING ARTICULATION, but adding in paint apps?

        NO ML SCALE VEHICLES. Jesse Falcon is quoted as saying they looked into it back at TB, but it was too bulky to cost, and the results were embarrassing bad. I’m guessing this is about the alleged TB Quinjet? I know we also floated the idea of “Danger Room”/Mansion bases, too.

        Mashers: Skaar (Hulk), Pyro (I thought it was Josten-Goliath at first), Miles/Spider-man, Juggernaut (missile forearm?), Whiplash (movie?), Logan

        • Please don’t tease me about ML Movie Fury and Coulson. If those are real I may well explode, and then try to figure out how to fill out my Movie Marvel collection in 6 inch size. Of course I could wait, hope for common sense, hope that Hasbro is still doing the ML line when Avengers 2 opens, hope for Hulk and Hawkeye and so on…

          Because releasing figures to tie in to the new season of Agents of SHIELD would be crazy, of course.

          *sigh* It’s a terrible thing to be OCD and too focused on specific lines, characters and all that. ๐Ÿ™‚

          (Agents of SHIELD in 4 inch scale! DO IT. But they won’t)

          • Brainlock

            um, good news and bad news then: Marvelous News is now reporting the 3 TV/movie SHIELD figures are now a 3pk?
            I didn’t see mentioning Carol/Wanda are swapping, but Iron Fist/Hawkeye and Machine Man/Sentry are paired swaps, according to them, as well. then again, they also fail to mention the Now!Thor in that wave.

            Not sure what’s going on with Bulldozer, as they quote again he’s “too big” for a regular wave, possible BAF, but not all the figures are announced for either Avengers or Spidey line yet??

            on bright side, the “full case” idea seems to be moving forward….

            • Well, store exclusive I think I can live with, maybe. At least I wouldn’t be dealing with Hill being the shortpack. I have a hunch Fury would end up being the pegwarmer of the three.

              Oh, Nick Fury gets pistols, but not Black Widow. Sexist pigs.

              thanks, Brain. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • dayraven

                indeed they are sexist pigs… you can’t trust a woman with guns, don’t you know those are cock-analogs? that’s why the gun lobby is the way they are, they see the gun as a big hard schlong.

                • So, there’s more to the fact women can’t ever seem to handle a gun properly is more due to the fear of the mighty phallus and not that they didn’t play war when they were little girls? But the VJ is all powerful! ALL POWERFUL!

                  And who would dare sully their man-cred by manufacturing M4’s in pink and other girly colors?

                  OK, we’d better quit with the wink-wink nudge-nudge here a’for we get our heinies whupped. ๐Ÿ™‚

                  It’s pretty bad that I want to buy a ML Red Skull just so Black Widow can have ONE gun…

  • Okay, guys and gals, my CPU went and fried itself tonight. I added the Matty MOTU panels via my iPhone on Page 2 and some Star Wars links to the Hasbro Section, but I’m off to go back to getting the damn thing to boot up. Hopefully, this won’t bring an end to Armchair Updates. Might need to take up a collection plate for a new comp!! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Carsten

    You’re right, Ninjor seems to be coming with the belt of Jitsu’s staction. I totally missed that. And the alternate head looks a whole lot like that staction’s head to, red eyes and everything. Great idea of the 4H and Mattel. And I was really pleasantly surprised by the snake two pack.

  • Tim H

    Wow! I’m on board with all the new Marvel Legends!
    Excited about the Marvel Infinites (I set out to collect them all–with legends, just the heroines or really well-loved male characters)–but I am a little worried what they mean by less articulation. The upcoming Black Cat (!!!!!!!!) doesn’t look like she has an ab-rotation/crunch/whatever.

    Do any of you guys feel a little bitter about the exclusives or the ultra rares? I collect the Marvel Legends women, but still don’t have Emma Frost (don’t want to pay $60 for her, don’t want to pay $180 for the humdrum set she comes with). And, I bet I will never have the awesome new Medusa, and possibly not new Storm or Jubilee (she a build a figure? she’ll be an $80 ebay item!)

    At least Hasbro is catching on–I finally found Black Widow at retail now that she’s double-packed.

    I’m mixed about the SDCC exclusive 3.75–that gauntlet is a lot of foam to jack up the price for four figures, one being a repaint (Nebula?) and the other being a re-issue (Thanos).

    • Tim H

      I figure I’ll have a 30 second window on Monday to shoot for the exclusives off HasbroToyStore. Dang, man. The retailers offering SDCC Marvel 3.75 are asking around $139, $34 / 3.75 inch figure (see previous post re: Nebula and Thanos….). The Legends are a better deal, but still priced at $35 each… dang, man, these aren’t Hot Toys or Square Enix.

      But… but… I’d do it for you, Medusa! Just give me a few months and enough beers… ever had to chew your arm off after waking the next morning with an Action Figure parcel next to you…?

      Joking, I can’t get myself drunk enough even to splurge on Emma Frost’s set… I pass out first… “Jes one mor drink… mebbe it’ll seem like a good deal…” (passes out).

    • Brainlock

      yes, Jubilee is the BAF for the now hitting X-Men wave. at TRU.
      she’s barely taller than MU sized, where she apparently already had a figure come(-ing?) out?
      and Storm comes with her torso/legs. I think Cyclops and Stryfe have the arms and head?

      As for Emma, yeah, if they hadn’t dropped Rogue and whoever else was originally in the Puck BAF wave, I’m sure a lot more people would have gone for it.

      Hopefully with Wanda, they’ll reuse her for Lorna and MAYBE Enchantress??
      I suggested painting her green on another forum and someone immediately jumped on the “Yes, Lorna variant!” bandwagon when I meant Amora. sigh….

      • Brainlock

        and STILL waiting on single card Moonstone from last year’s T-bolts set and Songbird from the T-bolts wave Jubilee was originally planed to BAF for!

  • clark

    I think I’m going to end up caving and subscribing to MOTUC again. This year was the first time I ever subscribed, and it has been kind of cool to sit back and just have a box delivered. Because I subscribed, I stopped paying attention to the releases, so half the time I wasn’t sure what figures were showing up.
    I’m really glad that Mermista is a club eternia figure, because she is one of the few PoP figures I’ve been waiting for (Angela being the other one). I also may have to grab that NA She-ra, she looks pretty sweet.

    • The biggest selling point of subscribing has always been to have one less action item and the figures automatically show up on your front steps. Half the time I donโ€™t even remember itโ€™s a sale-date. Sure, weโ€™ve all had one or two figures weโ€™ve been less enthusiastic about — but Iโ€™d rather pay extra $$$ on a figure I donโ€™t want than pay scalper prices on eBay. 2014 has been a really great year, IMO — although theyโ€™ve all been great years, itโ€™s so hard to say which one was better!

  • J. Lee

    Enjoyed a lot shown but I need a better money flow many Marvel Legends, MOTUCs and figuarts wanna get. Also shopping the youngins in family. Hogan and Sting, Doink, yeah excitd for a new Doink what?, in wwe figs and still aeaiting the new MUs (whatever called now) in my area. The ab crunch going is sad but not what I get for. Also the marvel kid (also a transfan) starting to get into TMNT. I gotta back buy and hopefully find the original 4 toon turtles (scared if movie)

    Wallet killing me now

  • da man

    This was a ridiculous weekend of reveals and I am not sure how I can afford it all. Those ML figures look amazing!!!!!!!! SON OF COUL!!!!!!!!! Mezco Batman Amazing!!!!!! Loved the MOTUC reveals. I want that Hot toys Prime, but i know I will not be able to afford it. I never transform them out of Robot mode, so I don’t care if he can be transformed anyway at a reasonable price.

  • Luis

    If you need help cropping some images let me know,I be happy to help!

  • Mikey

    sorry to sound dumb but who is Mara?

    • If you mean in relation to MOTUC, she’s one of the New Adventure characters. She had a prototype, but never a production toy. She was supposed to have a twist-waist that allowed her hair braid (with a Morningstar mace-head at the end) to whip around.

      Having never watched the cartoon back when it first aired, this character means nothing to me, but I don’t mind adding another female to the shelves.

  • Mysterious Stranger

    Still getting caught up on all the SDCC news (even though I was there I still missed a lot).

    I’m kinda surprised there’s no mention of the new Pacific Rim Jaegers on your NECA page (and no I am NOT sitting through a Pixel Dan video, that guy bugs me). New Gypsy Danger 2.0 and battle damaged version with swappable accessories including a plasma cannon for each arm, ship and hands to hold it and a new chain-blade in the locked position. Those accessories are likely to be split between GD 2.0 and the battle damaged GD. Tacit Ronin and a couple others were shown in prototype form as well. This is the news I was looking for from NECA. GD 2.0 looks great and the battle damaged version (ripped off arm?! SWEET!) looks even better.


    Hot Toys Marty McFly has appeared at Hobbylink Japan, s’ked for a May ’15 release, roughly $220 USD.


    That’s a pretty awesome figure. I’m assuming the pre-orders are gonna lock up fast.

    Go get it, man!