Holy Purple NECA Keaton Video Game Batman, Batman!

Okay, I don’t even know what to say. I think the pic mostly speaks for itself. I’m buying that.

When it first was announed today, I went through three stages :

  • 1st Thought: OMG! THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!?!
  • 2nd Thought: Y’know I dig it, but I kinda hope the cowl fits better on the final version.
  • 3rd Thought: We finally get this close to a proper 1:12 Scale Batman… and it’s frikkin’ purple?!

The third thought there does not in anyway take away from the figure. I stand by my “this is totally awesome” comment. My Keaton love is well known around these parts. I have bought him in various colors from Kenner already. I love what NECA is doing with the NES figures (I didn’t buy the horror guys, cause I don’t care about horror guys, but I loveo Robocop and the Preadtor). I have a love hate relationship with the old Batman NES game. Heck, I’ve had that 8-bit ditty stuck in my head all day since this was announced. I’m so in.

I’m in for two, in fact, because while NECA seems to be strangely able to dip down into 7″ with their wonderful Batman figure (I already have his quarter-scale big brother), they appear to only be able to do so in purple. Multiple comments from NECA on Twitter indicate that we’ll need to be cutting out some black pleather capes and stocking up on black paint if we’d like to see this figure in traditional colors. I imagine there is a very narrow legality that allows them to even do this purple guy.

I plan on buying two, one to keep in purple glory and one to try and repaint into traditional colors. Awesome!

12 thoughts on “Holy Purple NECA Keaton Video Game Batman, Batman!

  1. That’s awesome! As soon as I got the BBTS alert email, I rushed to their site and ordered two, as well. I’m not a customizer, though. I’m a die-hard Keaton Batman fan, too, and I wanted one to open and one to keep minty.

    It’s too bad they probably can’t make one in the movie accurate paint job, but I really look forward to seeing what customizers like yourself are able to do with it.

  2. The fitting of the cowl doesn’t really seem right. It’s either to big/set too high on the neck, or it’s a problem with how it interacts with the cape in neutral poses. Maybe some combination thereof?

    Weird that we’re only getting it in purple, though. I get the legalities, but it seems an awful lot of trouble to go through to create brand new molding for a goofy variant figure. The previous NES-based NECA figures seemed to work only because they were super cheap to make: just slap some gaudy paint on an already existing mold. To create the tooling just to sell to the niche market of people who like the goofy colored figure variants, without having the major support of the normal-colored mainstream-appealing version seems like it might backfire.

  3. For someone trying to give up collecting NECA is making it very difficult. NES figures, Robocop, Predator, Gremlins, Aliens and Rambo…..I honestly don’t know how long it will be before I give up and just say take my money.

  4. Hey at least we got something to work with. Can’t wait to chop and color that baby up!

  5. They have to be doing a black version, too! Why invest in the tooling for such a niche version of a figure. I’m getting it, but I fully expect a standard version soon. With Mattel focusing on 4″ movie versions, perhaps the door is open for NECA to do 1:12 versions?

    1. No. It just doesn’t work that way.

      I’m making the assumption that they have the sales data on their other NES color figures to feel they can sell enough to warrant the tooling. The design work obviously comes from that 1/4 scale figure, with tweeks for scale difference and articulation.

      I understand what you want, it’s just not reality in this particular case.

      Blame Mattel.

  6. I checked out NECA’s Twitter feed, and they said they weren’t allowed to do a movie accurate version. That sucks, but I’m still happy to be getting the NES version. Like Noisy said, they were definitely encouraging those who want one, to customize.

  7. Ordered! Now to figure out the best way to customize it. I’m no rookie, but I’ve never done anything with this much articulation. I fear lots of paint rubbing off at all the joints.

    I’ve heard people talk about using like fabric dyes to color the plastic. Does that actually work? I’m sure that will be the route to take with the cape.

    1. I’ve seen people use water-based RIT dyes, by dunking a figure into near-boiling water and dye, and comes out ok. Not a total coverage thing, but ok. They’ll often do it several times to get it really rick black and even then, not that rich.

  8. Two thoughts came to mind upon seeing this figure:

    1)Will NECA also be making the Joker (if not the rest of the villains) from this game?

    2) Have NECA made or do they intend to make action figures of the characters from the 1994 ALIEN VS. PREDATOR video game? I’d like to see their interpretations of the Predators, Aliens, Dutch (especially his cyborg arm) and Linn.

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