Weaponeers of Monkaa:
Lave Strike Force Drop!

The gang over at Spy Monkey Creations has their newest set of figures available today and the figures are super hot! Seriously, not only have they got a cool magma deco, but one of the four figures has already sold out as of this writing! Crazy! Go check ’em out:

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3 thoughts on “Weaponeers of Monkaa:
Lave Strike Force Drop!

  1. If you missed the fourth figure that was an all black deco with orange etching (I did!), you can still snag Ehmber & Fyreball to assemble one! (Aren’t interchangeable parts toys grand?).

    1. Yes, this is the last of that stock. They held some back for this release. The orange gohlem is my favorite color they’ve released (even more than bloodlust Umbreus) so I was all over these guys.

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