Kabuto Mushi
MkII Series III
Available Tonight!

Last week, Onell dropped a big batch of one of my favorite combos, the blue/yellow Glyaxia colorway! Hot on the hells of that release, TheGodBeast has Series III of his Kabuto Mushi MkII figures scheduled for tonight, including some Glyaxia decoed figures.

In addition to those two and some previous releases being made available are four additional colorways, Smoke, Infection (Clear Red), and a pair of loud & awesome Radioactive figures, all $12 per figure and including the Mini Mushi:


Check them out at TGB’s Store tonight at 8:00pm CST!


One thought on “Kabuto Mushi
MkII Series III
Available Tonight!

  1. I’m thinking the reverse Glyaxia and the Pearescent Purple.

    Glyaxia will go well with the recent Armorvor, and purple just looks cool as shit 😛

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